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Renogy Phoenix Portable Generators: Everything to Know About Phoenix Elite, Phoenix 200, and Phoenix 300

Renogy is a famous vendor of off-grid power systems. Its collection of products notably includes portable solar panels. However, the American brand has also made its presence in the portable power station market. With a handful of Renogy Phoenix portable generators, the brand is indeed a reliable vendor of compact solar power systems.

Renogy has actually been selling the Phoenix all-in-one solar generator and Lycan Powerbox for a long time.

Recently, the company has added two lite Phoenix variants to its fold.

However, even being a long player in the off-grid solar power industry, the brand has not yet come with highly competitive power stations to challenge the dominance of the brands like Goal Zero, Bluetti, and Jackery.

Renogy Phoenix Portable Generators

Under the branding of Phoenix, Renogy has three models of solar power stations. They are Phoenix Elite all-in-one power station, Phoenix 200, and Phoenix 300. Besides them, the brand also has a large Lycan Powerbox.

Overall, along with its amazing collection of solar panels and other accessories, the brand has a nice choice of solar-based power stations. We would like to check out each model of the brand in our article and compare them with against their nearest rivals.

1. Renogy Phoenix Elite Solar Generator (All-In-One)

Renogy Phoenix Elite is basically a 300Wh power station with a 150W impressive power inverter. The compact and lightweight design and strong build make it an excellent solution for off-grid and outdoor life.

What makes Elite special is its all-in-one design. That is, you get the machine equipped with two built-in mono solar panels of 10W each on its interior lids. So, you can just keep it open in the sunlight in order to recharge its internal battery in the wild.

Phoenix Elite also supports an external solar output of up to 100 watts for rather faster charging under the sun.

Obviously, it has got a briefcase design. That is what makes it a highly portable solution with a heavy-duty carrying handle, strong latches, and hinges. With multiple charging options, including a 150W AC socket, it can run a range of your electrical devices.



Apart from the solar sources, it can also be charged from a wall socket or a carport like any other solar power station.

Under the hood, Phoenix Elite has a 17.1Ah Li-ion (NMC) replaceable battery and an advanced MPPT solar charge controller for better performance in solar charging.

Coming to charging outlets, apart from the AC socket, it highlights a pair of 12V DC ports, four 5V USB ports, and a 12V cigarette lighter charger. There is also a multi-mode 3W LED lamp on the camper-friendly solar generator and a pretty bigger LCD screen to display the real-time performance data.

Notable Features

  • Lightweight and Compact All-In-One Solar Generator. 
  • 300Wh Battery and 150W Inverter with One AC Socket. 
  • Two Inbuilt Mono Solar Panels of 10 Watts Each.
  • Solar Charging Capacity Expandable up to 100 Watts. 
  • Replaceable 17.1Ah Li-ion (NMC) Battery Under the Hood. 
  • Multiple USB Ports, DC Sockets, and a 12V Carport.

Compatible Solar Charger

For additional solar power, you can use any solar panel up to 100 watts with Phoenix Elite. Renogy offers a wide range of folding and regular solar panels. Here, we have the brand’s famous 100W suitcase solar panel, which is a regular metal-and-glass unit.

It is a highly efficient mono suitcase solar charger. That is, you can fold it down like a suitcase after use and easily store it in your RV, campervan, or boat. Its strong kickstands help you locate it anywhere neatly and have access to unlimited solar power.



It is an outstanding solar panel with excellent performance even in low-light conditions. Made with adjustable corrosion-resistant aluminum and quality glass, it can offer you a long life. It has got a sturdy carrying handle and latches.

The 100-watt solar panel can offer an ideal output of 500 watt-hours a day, depending on the sunlight in your place. Renogy also has several other options of solar panels up to 100 watts, including fabric-based and semi-flexible solar panels, which are rather suitable for a variety of portable applications.

2. Renogy Phoenix 200 Power Station

Next, on our list of the Renogy Phoenix portable generators, we have Phoenix 200. This is a 189Wh lite and compact power station with a handy profile. Featuring different output ports, it can power up a variety of your small appliances and devices.

Specs-wise, Phoenix 200 integrates a 189Wh, 17500mAh@10.8V li-ion battery pack. There is a 150-watt power inverter under the hood with a peak power of 200 watts and it equips dual AC sockets.

When it comes to other charging options, it sports three USB-A 5V/2.4A (max) ports, one DC outlet of 9.6-12.6V/5A (max), a USB-C port of 5V/3A (max), and a CIG outlet of 9.6-12.6V/10A (max). Check out the product at the Renogy website below.



You can charge it in multiple ways. For charging from a solar panel, it has got a DC input of 12-25V, 30W (max). It also supports charging from a wall socket or a carport.

The brand itself offers different solar chargers under 30 watts you can choose from to charge it under the sun.

As a camper-friendly and emergency power station, it features dual 1.6W built-in LED lights on the two sides of its handle. That is how you can use it to light up your camping trails and tents and tackle rough outdoor situations.

The Phoenix power station has a size of 7.1 x 6.1 x 5.6 in and it is as light as 4.6 lbs, making it easily transportable on your trips and travels. The package includes a CIG to 5.5mm DC adapter cable and an AC/DC adapter.

Notable Features

  • 189Wh Compact and Lite Solar Power Station.
  • 10.8V, 17500mAh/189Wh Lithium-ion Battery.
  • 150W Inverter with 200W Surge and Dual Outlets.
  • Multiple USB and DC Sockets, and LED Flashlight. 
  • Handy and Compact Size and an Elegant Design.

3. Renogy Phoenix 300

The next item on our list of the Renogy Phoenix portable generators is Phoenix 300. As its name implies, it is the next variant to Phoenix 200. You get Phoenix 300 with a 337Wh lithium-ion battery, a 200W power inverter, and dual AC sockets.

The highly compact and handy power station is capable of powering up your phones, tablets, laptops, drones, CPAPs, speakers, and more. You have it equipped with multiple charging options, including dual AC sockets.



The Renogy device features a Type-C 60W quick charge port, an 18W USB-A outlet, two USB-A 5V/2.4A sockets, a CIG 11-17V/10A Port, a D-Tap11-17V/10A port, and more. So, it can support almost all your essential devices and gadgets.

It is also a durable and safe portable power solution. Featuring a life cycle of over 1000 times, a Battery Management System, and other safety measures, you get one of the coolest compact power stations out there.

Like all such power stations, you can recharge it in multiple ways. Besides a solar panel, you can also charge it from a carport and a wall outlet. For solar charging, you have it with a DC port of 12-25V input and there is also the 60W PD port for charging.

Notable Features

  • 337Wh Compact Solar Power Station.
  • 14.4V 23400mAh/337Wh Battery Pack.
  • 200W Inverter with Dual AC Outlets.
  • USB-C, USB, and DC Sockets and LED Flashlight. 
  • Compact and Handy for Easy Off-Grid Power.

Compatible Solar Chargers

The most suitable solar charger for Phoenix 200 and is Phoenix 300 Renogy’s E.Flex 50 solar panel. As its name implies, it is a 50W two-fold mono solar charger. Made of highly efficient mono solar cells, it can offer a higher conversion rate.

It comes with a DC socket and multiple USB outlets, including USB-A and USB-C ports. You can charge Phoenix 200 using its DC socket. The built-in USB ports tout iSolar smart chips and auto-optimization to ensure you a safe and easy charging experience.

Renogy E.FLEX 50 Portable Solar Panel


The solar panel is made of highly durable and waterproof materials.

They include industrial-grade PET polymer and rugged polyester. So, what you get is an extremely outdoor-friendly product.

Thanks to its ultra-thin profile and light design, you can take it anywhere on your trips and travels easily. Once folded down, you get a suitcase-style form so that its moving from one place to another is a breeze.

The solar charger has a size of 19.9 x 16.1 x 0.8 in once folded, and once opened up, it stretches up to 32.5 x 19.9 x 0.2 in. It has an overall weight of 5.25 lbs. The built-in kickstands help you place it anywhere neatly.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Renogy Phoenix portable generators. We have included all the leading solar power stations of the brand here. So, you can find the best model as per your needs and budget. Though not much popular in the portable solar power market, the Renogy products are indeed some of the coolest options for outdoor enthusiasts and preppers to go with.

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