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Renogy Suitcase Solar Panels: Best Renogy Solar Panels Vs Goal Zero Vs Zamp Power

Renogy is a major player in the portable solar power market. The American firm offers a wide range of portable solar panels that notably include ultra-portable suitcase solar panels. Well, when it comes to the Renogy solar suitcase solar panels, the brand has a variety of options with different features and specialties. Here is our list of the best suitcase-like solar panels from Renogy.

A suitcase solar panel is like any regular solar panel but in a foldable design. That is, once folded, it will resemble a suitcase and you will get it with a carry handle so its transportation from one place to another is a breeze.

Thus, it turns out to be an ideal choice for campers, RVers, and other outdoor enthusiasts for off-grid power.

You can easily store a solar suitcase in your vehicle trunk or anywhere else. Once you need it, just spread it out to get a powerful and larger solar panel. Renogy is indeed a leader in the market with a variety of impressive suitcase solar panels.

Renogy Suitcase Solar Panels

Of course, Renogy avails its folding, suitcase solar panels in different models.

Available in both fabric and the classic glass-and-metal options, you can indeed find an apt model from the USA brand. You have its models in various power options, sizes, and capacities and so you won’t get disappointed in finding an ideal and suitable solar panel from Renogy.

Suitcase solar panels are the best choice for all types of outdoor enthusiasts. Apart from their capability to back up your 12V/24V batteries, they are also fine for juicing up your power stations and other off-grid power systems.

As you know, Renogy itself offers a handful of impressive solar-based power stations and so you also get some attractive bundles for portable power from the brand.

1. Renogy 100-Watt Eclipse Solar Suitcase

We would like to start the list with a Renogy Eclipse solar panel. This is a 100W classic solar panel in a foldable design.

Built with high-efficiency mono solar cells, it can recharge your 12V backups at a higher conversion rate. This is basically a pair of 50W mono solar panels hinged together to become a high-powered foldable solar suitcase.

Along with it comes a 15-inch set of cables with MC4 adapters. Also, the package features a protective case to help you carry the solar panel anywhere hassle-free. Check out the product on the Renogy website below.



This Renogy Eclipse solar suitcase weighs just 20 lbs. Thanks to its solid and easy-to-use handle, you can take it anywhere quite conveniently. By the way, its built-in adjustable kickstands help you quickly set it up on any surface.

Renogy offers the solar suitcase with and without a charge controller.

The included charge controller is a 20Amp 4-stage waterproof unit that can ideally safeguard your batteries and other appliances from overcharge, short circuits, and other voltage issues. As a negative-ground charge controller, it can turn out to be a perfect choice for your RVs, campers, and trailers.

Key Features

  • 100W Compact Solar Panel Suitcase.
  • Amazing Performance In Low-Light Conditions. 
  • Made of Highly Efficient Mono Solar Cells.
  • Adjustable, Corrosion-Resistant Metal Stand. 
  • Available With and Without a Charge Controller.
  • 20A Built-in 5-Stage Solar Charge Controller.  

2. Renogy 200-Watt Eclipse Solar Suitcase

Here comes up the 200-watt variant of the Renogy Eclipse solar panel suitcase. As you see, it is made of two units of the brand’s famous 100W mono solar panels that can guarantee you a higher conversion rate in low-light conditions.

This solar suitcase packs up battery cables with clips, making it a ready-to-use solution for powering up your 12V batteries. Like its younger sibling, Renogy also offers it with and without a charge controller. Check out the below link to buy it with a controller.


The Renogy 200W solar suitcase highlights an adjustable and corrosion-resistant aluminum kickstand and a solid carrying handle for hassle-free transportation in your RV, campervan, and more.

The included charge controller is a 20Amp waterproof negative-ground unit so that it can be an ideal pick for use in your vehicles. An LED bar on the charge controller will show you complete battery status and other information.

Further, the charge controller features battery voltage and temperature sensors to let you have an accurate tracking experience. With 200W output and a highly portable design, it is actually Renogy’s arch-rival to Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase.

Key Features

  • 200W Compact Solar Panel Suitcase.
  • Ideal Performance in Low-Light Situations. 
  • Highly Efficient Mono Solar Cells for Higher Output. 
  • Corrosion-Resistant Adjustable Aluminium Kickstand. 
  • Available With and Without a Charge Controller.
  • 20A Waterproof Solar Charge Regulator.

3. Renogy Solar 50W Eclipse Folding Charger

Renogy Eclipse solar suitcases also appear in the fabric-based foldable models. Here, on our list of the best Renogy suitcase solar panels, we have the 50W base variant of the fabric Renogy Eclipse series.

The solar suitcase features highly efficient mono solar cells and it comes with a 10A PWM charge controller. As a plug-and-play system, it is a nice option for powering up your 12V and 24V battery packs, power stations, and other high-power devices.

Renogy has exclusively crafted this fabric solar suitcase for off-grid power needs. You can simply carry it anywhere on your trips and use it to power the backup systems in your RVs, campervans, boats, cabins, and more. Check it out the link below.



The solar charger is made by stitching the highly efficient mono solar cells to a durable polymer material. The outcome is that you get a long-lasting and highly durable solar charger, which is foldable to a suitcase form.

The included charge controller is a fully adjustable 10A unit that sports an LCD display and USB output, which will let you recharge your USB devices just under the sun. When it comes to the 12V charging, the solar suitcase supports all types of battery packs like Gel, AGM, sealed, and more.

Key Features

  • 50W Fabric-Based Folding Solar Suitcase.
  • Made of High-Efficiency Mono Solar Cells.
  • Compatible with 12V Batteries like gel, AGM, etc.
  • Long-Lasting and Highly Durable for Rough Outdoors.
  • Available with and Without Solar Charge Controller.
  • Fully Adjustable 10Amp Solar Charge Controller.

4. Renogy 100W Solar Suitcase

Next, we have Renogy’s classic 100W mono solar panel suitcase on our list of the best Renogy suitcase solar panels.

Though having a common design, this is a highly efficient mono solar panel with an amazing conversion rate. It can generate an output of up to 500WHr per day depending on the intensity of the sunlight in your locality.

It is a highly durable and solid solar suitcase that comes with adjustable corrosion-resistant metal kickstands. So, you can place on any turf out in the wild and have an access to unlimited off-grid power. Meanwhile, once folded, you get a very handy suitcase-style solar panel with a carrying handle, strong latches, and hinges.



The included charge controller is a built-in 20A 5-stage unit. It features an LCD display to show you the system info. The controller can perfectly protect your battery packs and devices from overcharge, discharge, short circuits, and other voltage issues.

It is evidently a negative-ground controller, which makes the solar system ideal for your RVs, trailers, and campervans. Well, the solar panel suitcase is compatible with different types of batteries like sealed, gel, lithium, and flooded.

The 1P67-rated solar panel has a size of 35.6 x 25.9 x 3.1 in and it weighs 35.9 lbs. As you see, this is actually Renogy’s reply to Goal Zero’s famous Boulder 100 Briefcase. Other brands like Zamp and Rich Solar also offer similar solar panels.

Key Features

  • 100W Classic Solar Panel Suitcase.
  • Highly Efficient Mono Solar Panel with Higher Conversion.
  • Adjustable, Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Kickstands.
  • Heavy-Duty Carry Handle, Latches, and Hinges.
  • 20A Inbuilt Negative Ground Charge Controller.
  • Ideal for RVs, Campervans, Boats, and Trailers.

5. Renogy 200W Solar Suitcase

This is the 200W variant of Renogy’s classic solar panel suitcase. Made of two units of the brand’s 100W mono solar panels, you get the solar suitcase with a corrosion-resistant aluminum kickstand, a heavy-duty kickstand, latches, and a carrying handle.

With a higher conversion rate, it can produce quite enough energy to power up the backup systems in your RVs, campervans, and more. The solar panel is fine for charging all types of batteries like gel, lithium, sealed, and more.



Like all similar Renogy suitcase solar panels, it is also available with and without a charge controller. The controller built-in is a 20A unit with an LCD display so that you can monitor the system information and other details easily.

Being a negative-ground controller, the solar panel is certainly a fine choice for the off-grid power needs in your outing vehicles. The IP67-rated solar panel features a size of 35.6 x 25.9 x 3.1 in and it weighs just 35.9 lbs.

Key Features

  • 200W Powerful Solar Panel Suitcase.
  • Highly Efficient Mono Solar Panel with Better Conversion.
  • Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Kickstands.
  • Strong and Sturdy Carry Handle, Latches, and Hinges.
  • 20A Built-in Negative Ground Solar Charge Controller.
  • Perfect for RVs, Trailers, Campervans, and Boats.

6. Renogy E.Flex 50 Portable Solar Panel

Here is another cool suitcase solar charger from Renogy. Renogy E-Flex 50 is a 50-watt two-fold solar charger that you can fold down like a briefcase after use and enjoy access to portable power.

Built with highly efficient mono solar cells, it can deliver you enough power to charge your laptops and other small devices. The included junction box features multiple output ports so that you can use it just as a plug-and-play solar power source.


As you see, the solar charger highlights a rugged and waterproof profile. Built with the industrial-grade polymer and polyester canvas, you can use it in rough outdoor conditions with no worry. It has got a strong kickstand.

Once folded, you get a small and lightweight briefcase-style device that you can carry easily on its handle. The overall size of the solar charger once unfolded is 32.5 x 19.9 x 0.2 in, and once folded it is 19.9 x 16.1 x 0.8 in and it weighs 5.25 lbs.

Key Features

  • 50-Watt Folding Solar Charger in Suitcase-Form. 
  • Made of Highly-Efficient Mono Silicon Solar Cells. 
  • Universal Compatibility with DC, USB, and USB-C Ports. 
  • Durable Build with a Waterproof and Rugged Profile.

Renogy Vs Zamp Solar

Zamp Solar is one of the biggest competitors to Renogy when it comes to suitcase solar panels.

Zamp offers a range of briefcase-style solar panels, which range from 45W to 230W. All the models are the traditional glass-and-metal solar panels, not fabric ones, though.

The solar panels are capable of charing your 12V batteries, power stations, and more. With solid kickstands and durable profiles, you can use them anywhere in your RVs, campervans, boats, and more.


As Zamp avails the solar panels in multiple power options, you can surely find the best one for your needs. The suitcase panels feature heavy-duty handles, latches, and hinges.

Featuring highly efficient mono solar cells, they can ensure a higher conversion rate to charge your backup power systems at a faster pace, for sure.

The most popular of the Zamp Solar panels is its 140-watt unit, which has a size of 32.4 x 21.5 x 3.1 in and a weight of ‎40.2 lbs. Check out the product on the link above.

Renogy Vs Goal Zero

Goal Zero is another strong competitor to Renogy in the portable solar panel industry.

The famous American brand mainly offers two series of portable solar panels; Boulder and Nomad. Boulder is a line of classical metal-and-glass solar panels, which include the models like Boulder 100 Briefcase and Boulder 200 Briefcase, respectively 100W and 200W suitcase-style solar panels.

It is when Nomad is a line of fabric-based, folding panels. They are also available in multiple options with practical and foldable designs. Once folded, they are more lightweight and easier for carrying on your trips. Check out Boulder 100 Briefcase below.



Since Goal Zero has designed the solar panels for its power stations, they don’t come up with solar charge controllers and other accessories. But you can still use them for various off-grid power solutions and third-party solar power systems.

The outstanding thing with the Goal Zero solar panels is their premium quality. Goal Zero has crafted them with lightweight mono solar cells and in a very effective and practical briefcase design.

The Boulder solar panels feature rigid, anodized aluminum as well as tempered glass for durability. Meanwhile, the Nomad solar panels highlight quality fabric and other materials for a longer lifespan.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Renogy suitcase solar panels. As you see, many other brands offer suitcase-style solar panels. The key benefits of such a design are indeed increased portability and amazing storability. Therefore, campers, RVers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will be excited to get a solar panel in suitcase form.

Anyway, the Renogy line-up of solar suitcases is certainly some of the top-sellers of the kind on the market. All its models are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts in the USA and Canada. Share your thoughts about the products in the comments below.

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