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Renogy Solar Suitcase Reviews: All to Know About Renogy Eclipse Solar Suitcases

Renogy is a key player in the portable solar market of the USA. It offers a huge collection of portable solar panels, including highly portable suitcase solar panels. Well, when it comes to solar suitcases, the brand offers multiple series with varying features. Here is our take on all the Renogy solar suitcase variants.

Renogy has most of its solar suitcases under its famous Eclipse branding. They include two line-ups of the solar suitcase – one is metal and the other one is fabric-based. Indeed, both series have multiple variants based on their capacity. Besides these two, there is also a single metal-based solar suitcase.

What is a Solar Suitcase

The solar suitcase is, in fact, a jargon given to the portable solar panels that are hinged together for better portability. It has nothing to do with a real-world suitcase, other than resembling its form. Once paired, two solar panels clearly look like a suitcase, which you can carry comfortably from once place to the other.

To make it further portable, a solar suitcase generally equips a handle. Likewise, to place it somewhere in the right position, it has got kickstands. Also, some models come up with the required carrying cases to enhance portability. Overall, they turn out to be amazingly ideal for off-grid and emergency needs.

Solar suitcases may not come alone. Most of the time, they have solar charge controllers and the required cables as accompaniments. However, most of the models are also available without the controllers, which will be helpful for someone, who is planning to buy it to just add up to an existing solar power system.

Apart from Renogy, many other leading players like Goal Zero, Eco-Worthy, AcoPower, and Suaoki also offer outstanding solar panel suitcases. Thus, there has evolved a highly competitive market for solar suitcases today. Certainly, all those brands have a variety of models for you to choose from.


Renogy Solar Suitcase – All to Know About

As said above, we have multiple series of the Renogy’s popular solar suitcase panels on the market. The first two are its much-touted Eclipse solar panels, which come in both metal and fabric variants. Each of the variants has multiple power options and is available with and without charge controllers.

Meanwhile, the final one is a single-piece model. That is a regular 100W high-efficiency solar panel in the form of a suitcase. We would like to check out all variants of the Renogy solar briefcases below. So, you will get a clear idea of the best model to buy for your off-grid power requirements.

1. Renogy Eclipse Mono Solar Suitcases

We would like to start with Renogy’s glass-and-metal Eclipse panels. Though the series has three models, only two are available in suitcase form. The 50W base model is a single panel, but it also has a kickstand and a higher solar efficiency. The models in the suitcase form are the 100W and 200W variants.

The Renogy Eclipse series is famous for its better low-light performance. Clearly, each of the solar panels is capable of delivering quite enough power even under a cloudy sky.

The Renogy suitcase solar panels are ready-to-use solutions. They bundle battery cables with alligator clips to charge 12V batteries. They sport strong and durable carrying handles for a better moving experience.

1. Renogy 100-Watt Eclipse Solar Suitcase

As its title says, it is a 100W Renogy solar suitcase. Made of high-efficiency solar cells, it can recharge your 12V backups at a higher conversion rate. It is basically a pair of 50-watt mono solar panels hinged together to become an incredible foldable solar suitcase.

Along with it comes a 15-in set of cables with MC4 adapters. Plus, the package provides a protective case to let you carry the panel anywhere hassle-free. Use the button below to check out its latest price.

This Renogy Eclipse solar suitcase weighs at around 20 lbs. Thanks to its solid and easy-to-use handle, you can take it anywhere conveniently. By the way, its built-in adjustable kickstands make you quickly set it up on any surface. Renogy also offers the same solar suitcase with a charge controller.

Well, the included charge controller is a 20A 4-stage waterproof unit that can safeguard your batteries and appliances from overcharge, short circuit, and other voltage issues. As a negative-ground charge controller, it can turn out to be a perfect choice for your RVs, campers, and trailers.

Key Features

  • 100-Watt Compact Solar Suitcase.
  • Great Performance in Low-Light Conditions. 
  • Made of Highly Efficient Mono Solar Cells.
  • Adjustable, Corrosion-Resistant Metal Stand. 
  • Available in With and Without Charge Controller.
  • 20A Built-in 5-Stage Solar Charge Controller. 

2. Renogy 200-Watt Eclipse Solar Suitcase

Here comes the 200W variant of the Renogy solar panel suitcase. As you see, it is built with two units of the brand’s 100-watt Eclipse solar panels. It is exactly the same mono solar panel with an amazing low-light performance and efficiency but is apparently capable of delivering a higher output.

This solar suitcase also packs up battery cables with alligator clamps to make it ready-to-use for charging your 12V battery packs. Likewise, it also highlights an adjustable and corrosion-resistant aluminum stand as well as a durable carrying handle for hassle-free transportation.  

Similar to its 100W variant, Renogy avails this in a bundle with a 20Amp waterproof solar charge controller. The solar suitcase is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. You can set up the solar panel in your RV, camper, trailer, and boat for unlimited off-grid power.

Well, an LED bar on the charge controller offers you complete battery status info. Further, it highlights battery voltage and temperature sensors to make the monitoring rather easier. Overall, what you get is a massive solar suitcase in replacement to Goal Zero’s Boulder 200 Briefcase.

Key Features

  • 200-Watt Compact Solar Suitcase.
  • Ideal Performance in Low-Light Situations. 
  • Highly Efficient Mono Solar Cells for High Output. 
  • Corrosion-Resistant Adjustable Aluminium Stands. 
  • Available in With and Without Charge Controller.
  • 20A Waterproof Solar Charge Regulator. 

2. Renogy Eclipse Fabric Solar Suitcase

Next, we have Renogy’s lightweight, fabric-based Eclipse solar suitcases. These are available in two cute models of 50 watts and 100 watts. What makes this series unique from the above series is obviously its fabric profile. Still, the solar chargers are made of highly efficient mono solar cells.

Hence, it will certainly be easy for you to handle the Renogy solar suitcases. They will take up only small rooms for storage, and their lightweight profile enhances the portability. Also, compared to the glass and metal alternatives, the fabric panels are durable and long-lasting, too.

Let us explore both the variants of the series in detail below.

1. Renogy Solar 50W Eclipse Suitcase

This is the base variant of the series. Well, the solar suitcase combines highly efficient mono solar cells and a 10A PWM charge controller. Of course, the solar suitcase is a perfect plug-and-play system, which you can ideally use to juice up your 12V and 24V battery packs.

Of course, Renogy has exclusively crafted this fabric solar suitcase for mobile off-grid power needs. You can simply carry it anywhere and use to power up your batteries whether in an RV, camper, boat, cabin, home, or more. Check out the link below for its latest price.

The solar charger is made by stitching the highly efficient mono solar cells to a durable polymer material. The result is that you get a long-lasting and enduring solar charger, which is foldable to a suitcase form.

The included charge controller is a fully adjustable 10Amp unit that sports an LCD display and USB output, which will let you recharge your USB devices just under the sun. When it comes to the 12V charging, the solar suitcase supports all types of battery packs, including Gel, AGM, and more.

Key Features

  • 50-Watt Fabric-Based Solar Suitcase.
  • Made of High-Efficiency Mono Solar Cells.
  • Compatible with 12V Batteries like gel, AGM, etc.
  • Long-Lasting and Highly Durable for Rough Outdoors.
  • Available with and Without Solar Charge Controller.
  • Fully Adjustable 10Amp Solar Charge Controller.

2. Renogy Solar 100W Eclipse Suitcase

It is the top-end model of this line of the Renogy solar suitcase panels. As you see, it is a 100W ultra-thin and portable solar panel suitcase. Like its base model, you can also use it to power up your 12V off-grid battery packs in RVs, trailers, cabins, and camping tents.

It is made of high-efficiency solar cells and strong polyester. So, what you get is a long-lasting foldable solar charger with the Renogy product. The lightweight solar panel comes with a bag to carry it anywhere easily. It also features a fabric carrying handle. Check out the link below to see its latest price.

This Renogy solar suitcase comes with and without a solar charge controller like its younger variant. The model with controller packs a unit of 10A controller with LCD display and USB port. The controller indeed offers you the option for fully adjustable parameter settings.

By the way, if you want it to expand your DIY solar power solution or charge your solar power stations, you can buy it without the controller. That will be a rather affordable choice, too. The included MC4 cable will help you connect it to a portable power station or other systems for charging anywhere.

Key Features

  • 100-Watt Fabric-Based Solar Suitcase.
  • Highly Efficient Monocrystalline Solar Cells.
  • Compatible with 12V Batteries like gel, AGM, etc.
  • Available with and Without Solar Charge Controller.
  • Fully Adjustable 10Amp Solar Charge Controller.
  • Long-Lasting and Highly Durable for Rough Outdoors.

3. Renogy 100W Solar Suitcase

Finally, we have Renoyg’s standard 100W mono solar suitcase. It is actually a very common design that many other brands also offer. Renogy sells this solar charger with and without a charge controller. It can give you an output of 500Whr per day, depending on the sunlight in your locality.

It is a strong and durable Renogy solar suitcase as it equips adjustable corrosion-resistant metal stands, letting you smoothly place it somewhere to grab as much as sunlight. At the same time, to ensure a strong suitcase form, it has got a heavy-duty carrying handle and latches.

The included solar panel is made with highly efficient mono solar cells that can guarantee you a better conversion rate, for sure. Use the button below to check out its recent price.

The included charge controller is a built-in 20A 5-stage unit. It features an LCD display to show operating information and data. The controller is perfect in protecting your battery packs from overcharge, discharge, short circuit, and other voltage related issues.

Further, the controller is a negative-grounded one, making the overall solar solution compatible with your RVs, trailers, campers, and more. Well, the solar panel suitcase is indeed capable of charging different types of batteries. They include sealed, gel, lithium, and flooded units.

Renogy Vs Zamp Solar

Zamp Solar seems to be the biggest challenger of Renogy in the case of suitcase solar panels. Zamp Solar shows off an incredible variety of solar panels in the briefcase style, ranging from 90 watts to 230 watts. All its models are the traditional glass and metal solar panels, not fabric ones, however.

Specs-wise, the Zamp Solar products are exactly the same as the Renogy solar panels, for sure. As per the brand, its products are handcrafted in the USA and are apparently installation-free solutions. You can use them to charge most of the 12V battery packs, including lithium. Check out Zamp Solar products below.  

Moreover, they are compatible with the brand’s Ready RV ports. The packs also feature SAE plug as well as alligator clips to connect them to a variety of your storage systems. Overall, if you are looking for another brand other than Renogy, Zamp Solar is there as a big competitor.

Renogy vs Goal Zero

You might all be familiar with Goal Zero. It is a leading brand with several portable solar power systems and solar chargers. Goal Zero is indeed another strong rival to Renogy when it comes to the suitcase-style solar chargers. The American brand offers two suitcase solar panels under its famous Boulder series.

Goal Zero Boulder is actually a portable solar panel series of the traditional metal and glass design. There are multiple models in the line-up, starting from 50W to 200W. Two of the models called, Boulder 100 Briefcase and Boulder 200 Briefcase are the opponents to Renogy’s similarly powerful models.

However, Goal Zero doesn’t bundle its Boulder panels with charge controllers. They are actually designed exclusively for charging its Yeti and other power stations. But with the required adapters and cables, you can use them for other applications and third-party systems, as well.

The outstanding thing with the Boulder solar panels is their premium quality. Goal Zero has made them with lightweight mono solar cells with a very effective briefcase folding. The solar panels feature rigid, anodized aluminum as well as tempered glass for durability.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Renogy suitcase solar panels. As you see, many other brands sell suitcase-style solar panels. The key benefits of such a design are indeed increased portability and easier storability. Hence, campers, RVers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will be excited to get one in the suitcase form.

Anyway, the Renogy line-up of solar suitcases is certainly some of the top-sellers of the kind on the market. All its models are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts in the USA and Canada. Share your thoughts about the products in the comments below. If you are an existing user, share your experience, as well.

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