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Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator: All to Know About Rockpals’ 240Wh Portable Solar Power Station

Here we have Rockpals 250-watt portable generator. This 240Wh machine is one of the middle variants of the much-touted Rockpals solar power station series. Well, we have already checked out its two high-end models earlier on our blog with a detailed look into their features and specs.

They are Rockpals 300W power station and Rockpals 500W power generator, respectively 280Wh and 540Wh power stations. By the way, this series has also got a 178Wh base model, called Rockpals 178Wh power station. That is a 150W portable solar power station.

Looking like Suaoki S270, this Rockpals 250-watt portable generator is handy and ultra-portable with more output and high storage capacity. Of course, coupled with a suitable solar charger, it would certainly come out to be a nice way to power up your electronics in an off-grid or emergency situation.

You could carry it anywhere with no much hassle. And even power up your household AC appliances up to 250 watts comfortably thanks to the included 250W pure sine wave inverter.

Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator

Coming to detailed specs, the Rockpals is a lightweight lithium power pack with a capacity of 64.8Ah @ 3.7V and 20Ah @ 12V. And, as said above, it integrates a 250W continuous pure sine wave inverter with a surge power of 300W. Thus, the included AC sockets let you run two AC appliances up to 250W neatly.

Apart from the AC sockets, it sports two USB ports and four 12V DC outlets. As a whole, the Rockpals 250-watt portable generator is powerful enough to recharge a smartphone around 25 times and a lap around four times. And run a 32-in TV for around 2.5 hours. Follow the button below to check out its latest price.

Certainly, with its cool size and form, the Rockpals 250-watt portable generator is quite easy for carrying in your RV, camper, or trailer. It is as small as 8.86 x 3.94 x 6.3 inches and it weighs just around 6 lbs. Overall, you get an incredible solar power station with a host of portability features.

By the way, you could recharge it in two more ways other the solar. As usual, you could connect it to your wall socket to recharge it in around eight hours. Meanwhile, you could also juice it up from a carport when you are on the go. But it becomes an ideal solar generator only when you use it with a solar charger.

Compatible Solar Charger

Like all such camping power stations, Rockpals 250-watt portable generator works with most of the solar chargers. However, Rockpals offers a series of solar chargers for its power stations. Here we would like to introduce you to the brand’s 30W base folding solar charger. With good solar efficiency, it is a decent and affordable pick to recharge the power station under the sun. Check out its latest price on the link below.

As you see, this is a three-fold solar charger so that you could fold it down to a small and handy unit after use. Thus, you could take it along in your backpack neatly. Thanks to the corner holes, you could also easily fix it to your backpack, bike, or camping tent. Of course, along with Rockpals 250-watt solar power station, it is really a great choice to make your off-grid life powered.

Why Should You Buy

1. Small But Powerful Solar Generator

It is a small and lightweight power station but is capable of delviering higher output. That is certainly the biggest attraction of the Rockpals power station. With a capacity of 240Wh, it could run a range of your essential gadgets and appliances off-the-grid or in an emergency.

2. Built-In Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Like all similar power stations, it features a pure sine wave inverter. That offers you clean electricity so that you could run inductive loads such as microwave oven, motors, and other electronics perfectly. Moreover, pure sine wave technology ensures a silent function of all your household appliances like fans.

3. MPPT Charge Controller Technology 

Rockpals 250-watt portable generator has an MPPT charge controller. As you know, the MPPT technology helps increase solar charging time up to 40% than the power systems without MPPT. Also, it ensures better safety for the battery with a stable flow of solar energy. Overall, connected to a solar charger, the Rockpals power station optimizes the source fully to produce solar energy.

4. Multiple Powering Options

Of course, Rockpals power station has a variety of output sockets. First off, it features a pair of 120V AC sockets with a surge power of 300 watts. This is how you could recharge your laptops, and power up appliances like TVs, fans, lights, and etc.

Meanwhile, it features four 12V DC sockets for charging small appliances like a car vacuum, mini-fridge, CPAP, and etc. Finally, it equips two 5V USB ports to recharge all your USB-based devices. Moreover, the bundle packs up a car charger, 110V wall adapter, and a cigarette lighter adapter.

5. Handy, Lightweight, and Highly Portable

Above all, this is a very handy and lightweight solution for outdoor uses. You could carry it anywhere by holding on its built-in handle easily. Also, its small size helps you store it in a small space. It would take up only a little room anywhere. Plus, its stylish and colorful design makes it a piece of conversation.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

This is never a huge powerhouse, but a small power station with an ideal output for small appliances. You couldn’t run big household appliances on the Rockpals 250-watt portable generator. It is also not a good choice for power backup in your home or apartment except for an emergency. Further, by using it with a 30-watt solar charger, it would take a bit longer to get it fully charged under the sun. You should find a more powerful solar charger to quickly charger it from the sunlight.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Rockpals 250-watt portable generator. You get a very decent power station with a good output to charge your smaller appliances and gadgets in an off-grid situation. Of course, you have a wide range of similar products out there, but this one stands out with its higher output. Hence, it comes out to be an ideal choice for all types of off-grid power users.

Rockpals 250-watt portable generator is certainly doing fine in customer responses. It has received a lot of serious takers on Amazon and other retail sites. Most of the customers have shared positive notes about the product as a testimony of its quality. Share your thoughts about the device in the comments below.

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