Rockpals 300W Portable Generator Review: Everything to Know About Rockpals 280Wh Solar Backup Battery Pack UPS

Here we have Rockpals 300W portable generator. This is a mid-variant of a line of the solar-based battery backup solutions from Rockpals. Designed like a Goal Zero Yeti, it is absolutely one of the top-seller of the kind out there. We would like to have a detailed look at the Rockpals solar power station.

Well, as said above, it is a stylish and handy Goal Zero-like power station with a solar charging option. We have already come across a 250W Rockpals solar generator early on our blog. It is a rather powerful model that also keeps a boxy-design, making it an ideal pick for all your outdoor and emergency applications.

As you see, Rockpals offers a range of such solar power stations –  better say solar backup power solutions – starting from a 100-watt unit. You get this model also in a more powerful 500W option. Obviously, all the models certainly tout lightweight and compact design.

The Rockpals 300W portable generator is indeed a decently powerful model of the line. It could recharge a phone around 25 times and a lap around five times. Meanwhile, you could use it to run a 32-in TV for four hours. By the way, being such a light and handy device, you could easily carry it in your RV, and trailer.

Rockpals 300W Portable Generator

Specs-wise, the Rockpals 300W portable generator is a 300-watt power station with a storage capacity of 280 watt-hours and a battery of 75Ah at 3.7V. The integrated 300W pure sine wave power inverter could peak at 600 watts. It offers a stable and safe flow of energy to your appliances.

That said, you could surely rely on it to comfortably run your household appliances up to 300 watts in an emergency. Of course, coupled with a reliable solar charger, you could enjoy unlimited off-grid power on the system. Follow the link below to check out the latest price of the Rockpals solar power station.

Coming to the charging options, the Rockpals power station has a single unit of AC socket. Plus, it has got five DC outlets and two units of USB 2.1A and Quick Charge 3.0 ports each. Overall, you get the power station with enough charging outlets to power up most of the gizmos and appliances.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the size, the boxy device features 6.5 x 3.1 x 6.9 inches. In addition, it is just 7.5 lbs in weight so you could easily take it anywhere. That is how it comes out to be one of the popular ultra-portable solar power stations on the market.

Compatible Solar Charger

We have a variety of suitable solar chargers for Rockpals 300W portable generator on the market. Well, you could use any third-party solar charger to recharge the Rockpals power stations. However, Rockpals itself offers you a number of options in different price and output ranges.

Certainly, it is always good to go for a unit of the foldable solar charger with a portable power station.  So, you could easily carry it anywhere and enjoy access to unlimited solar power to recharge the machine. The traditional metal and glass panels wouldn’t be good choices for portable use.

Anyway, here we have a 60W variant of Rockpals solar charger. It is a four-fold high-efficiency solar panel with a highly portable design. Follow the link below to check out its latest price.

As you see, it is an ultra-portable solar charger. It comes up with a kit of different connectors so you could use it to recharge a variety of power stations including the models from other brands like Suaoki, Jackery, Goal Zero, Webetop, and more. At the same time, it features a 3-USB smart charging technology.

Hence, you could recharge your phones and other USB devices right under the sun. The solar panels, in the meantime, are designed with high-efficiency solar cells that could convert up to 21.5 – 23.5% of the power. It is also a waterproof and highly durable solar charger, letting you carry it anywhere into the wilderness.

Why Should You Buy

1. Lightweight and Ultra-Portable

The Rockpals 300W portable generator is indeed one of the ultra-portable power stations of its kind out there. Thanks to its handy, lightweight, and compact design, you could carry it anywhere easily. Though copying the design of the Goal Zero Yeti series, what you get is a really awesome portable power station with solar charging capability and a number of other attractive features.

2. Decently Powerful Solar Power Station

The Rockpals is a decently powerful model of its kind. It has got a capacity of 280Wh with a good lithium-ion battery inside. As said above, it could power a 32-inch TV for four hours, a CPAP machine for 4 hours, and a mini-fridge for 5 hours. Well, thanks to the integrated pure sine wave inverter, it could ensure the flow of clean energy to run most of your AC appliances.

3. Variety of Powering Options

You get the Rockpals solar power generator with a host of charging options although it has got only one AC socket. That is a unit of 120V US-standard outlet for your AC appliances. Coming to the DC ports, you have it with four 12V regular units and one 24V socket. Meanwhile, it has got as many as four USB ports with two featuring Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

The Rockpals 300W portable generator is not a heavy-duty machine, but a basic 300W one. Also, it has got only a single AC socket. So, if you are looking to buy a high-powered solar power generator for your off-grid needs, it is never an ideal solution. By the way, design-wise, it doesn’t have a unique profile as well. It just copies the design of Goal Zero Yeti, even though it is a compact and lightweight device.

Highlighted Features

  • 280Wh Powerful and Silent Solar Power Station.
  • 75000mAh 3.7V/12V 18750mAh Lithium Battery Inside.
  • 300W AC Inverter with 600W Surge Power.
  • Versatile Powering Options with Multiple DC and USB Outlets.
  • Larger and Information Display to Show Various Data.
  • Handy and Compact Size of 6.5 x 3.1 x 6.9 Inches.
  • Lightweight Design with a Weight of 7.5 Lbs.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Rockpals 300W portable generator. It is yet another brilliant portable power station with solar charging option. So, buy a unit of the Rockpals power station along with a reliable solar panel to make it work perfectly in an off-grid and emergency situation. Thus, you get enough power to run most of your electronics from solar energy. Share your thoughts about the Rockpals device in comments.

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