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Runhood Modular Portable Power Stations: World’s First DIY Modular Solar Power Stations

We are familiar with a variety of new-gen modular solar power stations. The brands like Bluetti and EcoFlow are the big names in the segment of expandable power stations. Here, we have an innovative concept of DIY modular solar power stations from a start-up called, Runhood.

The Runhood modular portable power stations appear in a handful of interface and battery modules that are swappable. You can combine the modules to build your own DIY solar power stations as per your power and portability requirements.

A 324Wh lithium battery bar called EB324 is the central part of the Runhood DIY portable power stations. Along with it, the brand avails three interface or power modules branded as HE600, UE256, and AC80 with different inverter and charging outlets.

Runhood is to unveil the product on Indiegogo by the middle of May 2022. The project has already shown up in the upcoming projects of the crowdfunding platform, and we have our take on the cool power station here.

Runhood Modular Portable Power Stations At a Glance 

Runhood Modular DIY Portable Solar Power Stations


  • DIY Modular Power Station with Four Modules.
  • 324Wh Li-ion NMC Battery Bar.
  • 600W Power Station with Dual AC Sockets, USB, and DC Ports.
  • 256W Mini Power Station with Single AC, USB, and DC Sockets.
  • 80W Mini Power Station With Multiple USB Ports.

Runhood Modular Portable Power Stations

The Runhood modular power station is, of course, an innovatively designed product. It gives you the freedom to build a variety of modular power stations if you buy a single bundle of the four modules.

As said above, the included 324Wh battery bar is the central part of the product. You can attach it to all other four modules, which are basically inverter boxes with charging outlets, MPPT controllers, and other components.

The 600W interface module can accept up to two units of the battery bars in its given slots. Interestingly, you can swap a drained battery unit with a fully charged one even if it works with no interruption to the connected load.

Meanwhile, you can connect each of the mini power station modules to the same battery bar to run your small appliances and juice up your handsets. You can also charge it from a solar panel with the included ports.

That means you don’t need to carry the bigger power station anywhere you go ahead. You can use the smaller power stations and set up an off-grid power system anywhere with not any hassle.

The brand is to sell the modules in a variety of combinations, giving you the right option to build a DIY modular power station. We will update the article when the product is up for pre-ordering.

Watch the Runhood Promotion Video Below. 

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