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ShadeCraft Suntable: Hi-Tech Solar Table with Wireless Charging and Bluetooth Speakers

ShadeCraft Suntable is another incredible product from ShadeCraft. It is a hi-tech portable solar table. Well, it remarkably integrates wireless charging and Bluetooth speakers. ShadeCraft is a California start-up that works to improve human life outdoors through innovative robotic products.

Suntable joins ShadeCraft’s award-winning solar umbrellas; Sunflower and Blossom. Like solar umbrellas, Suntable is also a portable solution for outdoor life. Of course, you can carry it and place anywhere under sunlight and keep charging your devices and listen to your favorite music.

Suntable is indeed a perfect choice for your hangouts. You can quickly assemble and place it outside in the sun. It starts generating and storing power inside its built-in batteries. You have wireless and USB charging options to juice up your gadgets. The speakers further add to the party mood with your favorite music.


Anyway, ShadeCraft is currently seeking crowd support for the product. The campaign is live on Kickstarter and it has collected around $57500 so far from nearly 120 contributors, out of its goal of 120,00. That is, the product has grabbed much attention. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers by Aug. 2020.

ShadeCraft Suntable Specs and Features

Suntable is an outstanding outdoor companion. As its key features, it equips an induction-based wireless charging technology and JBL’s quality music system. That is capable of offering you a 360-degree musical experience. That said, you no longer need to carry separate Bluetooth speakers outdoors.

The brand has cleverly located the induction charger under the table to protect your devices from the sun’s heat. If you don’t have a phone without wireless charging, no worries, ShadeCraft Suntable also integrates the USB charging facility. You can just plug in your device to its USB port.

Well, to power up all the systems, you have it built with small solar cells on the top. It takes around four hours to fully recharge its built-in battery with both solar and wall socket options. Once fully charged, you have quite enough power inside to support all your essential outdoor power needs.

The solar panel on the top has a diameter of 12 inches. And it features a polycarbonate cover that doesn’t yellow with ultra-violet exposure. The overall size of the device is 261/2″H x 15″W and it weighs 19 lbs.

Source and Images: ShadeCraft

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