Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times for you to buy solar backpacks for lower prices. Like all other products on market, you get awesome deals for solar backpacks, solar chargers, and solar generators as well. Many makers might come up with cool solar backpack deals this year too. Here we make a run through some cool solar backpack deals to let you find the best solar backpack to buy during this shopping season.

Solar Backpack Deals

Solar Backpack Deals – Best Black Friday Deals

A solar backpack is simply a travelling backpack with an integrated solar panel on the back. Some models also have removable panels. Most models also feature power banks or battery packs to store the energy collected by the solar cells. As you see, the purpose of a solar backpack is to keep your handsets, GPS, and other gizmos charged as you spend time outside. Below comes our list of the best solar backpack deals for Black Friday.

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1. Eceen Solar Powered Hiking Daypack

It is one of the top-selling solar backpacks in United States. Coming from Eceen, a key maker of solar bags, it is absolutely a nice backpack made of cotton polyester denim fabric. The solar panel included is a 3.5W unit that you can detach from the bag. Simply, you could keep your devices charged as you move along in the wild. And when you take rest, you could remove and keep the panel outside for charging the 2000mAh power bank.

The included battery pack sports a 1-watt LED light. Sure, that would make your ways in the wild bright during night. It offers three modes for lighting; high, low, and SOS beacon. Thus, this Eceen solar backpack is certainly one of the best of its kind for camping and survival situations. It is available in a series of colors including blue, green, and red. Coming to customer reviews, it is surely a leader with nice feedback.

2. Powerfly ECO Solar Powered Backpack

Looking for the best solar backpack deals? Surely, you will love this model from Powerfly. It is a stylish outdoor backpack with a 7W detachable solar panel. As you see in the picture, it comes with a power bank that has a capacity of 10000mAh. Simply, you can charge any USB device with this brilliant solar bag. Making it more nice for portable use, it touts a 2L hydration pack so you could store essential drinking water for your trips.

Interestingly, this Powerfly solar bag offers 20L room, which is indeed enough for travelers to keep their basic things. Apart from camping or hiking trips, you could take it to office or anywhere to carry your laptop or other gadgets. Its USB port works nicely with all variety of devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, Go Pro, and etc. So you can make your outings with no worry of getting your gadgets run out of juice.

3. Voltaic Systems Converter Solar Backpack

It is again a 20-liter backpack with relatively less powerful power pack and solar panel. Clearly, the built-in solar cell is a 5-watt SunPower unit. It could charge the included 4000mAh battery pack in as many as 3 hours under bright sun. Yes, the fast-charging solar cell, according to Voltaic Systems, ensures high efficiency conversion rate up to 22%. It means you get a very roomy backpack with decent solar and storage capacity to charge your devices on the go.

The backpack features a fully padded laptop sleeve that could support machines up to 15 inches. Don’t worry it also bears tablets so that you could make your way ahead into the wild with your basic electronics. Further, it highlights enough pockets and compartments to let you keep your handsets while on the go. Overall, what you get with the Voltaic Converter 5 is a prefect solar backpack to make your outdoor life rather lovely.

4. Ivation Solar Backpack 7 Watts

This could be one of the cheapest solar backpack deals for you this festival season. However, the solar bag you get is up with a 7-watt solar panel and 10,000mAh power bank. The bag as you see in the image below is really a stylish piece that you could be proud of to carry around. The 1.8L included hydration pack with sipping pipe makes it rather practical for outdoor, camping, and hiking uses, by the way. You could just carry the cute bag with all your travel belongings and move along with no worry about anything at all.

Indeed, it is one of the top-selling solar backpacks for an affordable price. You could connect two handsets at a time to the power bank. And as it runs out of juice you could top it up from sunlight. Also, as you fully charge the power bank from sun, you get the capacity to charge multiple devices after sunset. What’s more, like all similar bags, it also touts enough pockets and compartments for you to keep your gadgets safe and secure.

5. Eceen 10-watt Canvas Solar Bag

It is a large 36L solar backpack from Eceen, top Chinese maker of solar backpacks. With this bag, you could take all your essential electronics in your camping and hiking trips. You could charge them via the included solar panel, a 10W SunPower solar cell. Plus, it packs a waterproof 10000mAh power bank with sleek lithium polymber battery inside. That certainly makes it lightweight for all types of customers out there. You could surely enjoy your next outing with the Eceen backpack as it offers both power and space for you.

As its name suggests, this bag is made of canvas. However, it is very strong and durable. The stylish look of the backpack also makes it worth buying. For its price, I am sure you won’t find many solar backpacks with such features and qualities. Try your luck with this solar backpack for your next outing. You get it in different colors. You will surely be getting cool solar backpack deals for this device during this shopping season.

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6. Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack

It is the final pick in our list today. Surely, you could find cool solar backpack deals for this one as well during this fall shopping season. Would you want to have a look at all its features? Certainly, it is one of top sellers with its large room and high capacity. In clear words, this Voltaic solar bag offers you 19,800mAh power pack that could deliver 73 watt hours. Coming to solar, as you see, it touts an array of three panels, totaling an output of 10 watts. Indeed, that is enough to top up the included battery pack as you roam around in wild.

The compact, and durable power pack features multiple output ports. See, you get it with a 5V/2A USB, and 12V, 16V, and 19V DC ports respectively offering an out of 4A, 3.5A, and 3A. Apart from the included solar, you could also charge it from car or wall socket. That said, what you get is really a very spacious camping bag with decent solar output to charge variety of your devices.

Final Thoughts

Hope you  have enjoyed our list of solar bags with possible solar backpack deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Absolutely, year-end will be the time you choose to buy a line of fresh things. That is why, we have come up with this detailed list on best solar backpack deals that you would love to have a look at before making into the shopping spree this year. Stay tuned with us for more such lists and articles. SwanGreen EnergyPortable Solar PowerSolar Backpackssolar backpack dealsBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are great times for you to buy solar backpacks for lower prices. Like all other products on market, you get awesome deals for solar backpacks, solar chargers, and solar generators as well. Many makers might come up with cool solar backpack deals this year...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks