Solar Backpacks Buying Guide

To buy a solar backpack looks to be a fine way if you look forward for harnessing solar energy for your gizmos on move. Compared to other options like solar generators, solar backpack is indeed an inexpensive option for you to charge your handhelds on go.

Solar backpacks cost you nothing except the initial product price. They require no diesel or gasoline to produce energy. Moreover, like all portable solar devices, solar backpacks don’t cost you for repairing as well.

Another awesome benefit is that a solar backpack hardly puts extra burden on commuters. They are just like regular backpacks. The only difference is they sport a solar panel on the backside and some models also carry a power bank inside.

Out in the market, there a big collection of solar backpacks. You will be in trouble in picking up one. Here we are up to help you. Get through our solar backpacks buying guide. It will give you a clear idea on the the best solar backpack to invest your hard-earned cash in.

solar backpacks eceen solar backpack
Eceen 7W Solar Backpack

5 Things to Consider While Buying Solar Backpacks

Solar backpack is meant for outdoor use only. Hence, it should be lightweight, durable and compatible for all rough outdoor and weather conditions. Below are some important factors you should consider while buying a solar panel mounted backpack.

1) Lightweight, Portable and Durable

Primarily made for off-the-grid use, it should be lightweight and durable. A backpack is meant for carrying your stuffs for a travel or camping. It is the point where a solar backpack basically differs from a solar generator.

In terms of durability, solar backpack must be built with high-wear materials to make sure that it can withstand rough outdoor conditions. Also make sure it can resist water, dust and shock.

2) Integrated Power Bank

Some models of solar powered backpacks come with integrated power banks. A plug and play solar backpack can only fire up your devices when sun is in the sky.

If you get a backpack with a built-in power bank you can collect energy in the daytime and keep it for later use. Solar power bank may add some weight to the backpack, however.

3) Sockets and Pockets

While making into the wild, you will have a lot of things to carry in your backpack. A typical solar backpack for camping, therefore, must contain enough pockets and sockets.

Make sure your backpack has appropriate pockets for drinking water bottle, first AID kit and etc… As well, there must be enough sockets inside the bag for your handsets and cameras to rest while they are being charged from the solar unit.

4) Padded Laptop Sleeve

Not all solar backpacks on market are designed with padded laptop sleeves. Some of them are just for carrying your stuffs as well as the gadgets that are for charging.

If you are a business person, it must be a luck to get a solar backpack with a socket for laptop. But solar backpack with laptop carrying option is a rather pricier as long as it packs up more powerful solar panel and a heavy battery.

5) Detachable Solar Socket

Solar panel on a solar backpack is usually attached to its backside. Indeed, it ensures profuse access to sunshine. It helps the device acquire more power when you walk around. But on the flip side, you will have to put your backpack out in sun if you require power when not on move.

The simple solution for this issue is to find a solar backpack with detachable solar socket and expandable cables. It will give you an opportunity to place the solar socket on the rooftop of your tent or vehicle while you are taking a nap inside. It keeps your stuffs in the bag safe.

Sum Up

Solar backpacks are usually blamed for lack of efficiency. The idea of a solar enabled backpack is really nice. But some models on market are not up to the mark in terms of solar energy conversion.

Solar backpack is not ideal for people, who live in areas with limited sunlight. However, some advanced models are advertised as capable to fire up your devices even under cloudy sky.

Do you have anything to tell about this buying guide? Make them in the comments section.

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