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Paxcess Portable Solar Generator: All to Know About Paxcess 100W Solar Power Station

We have many brands that offer small and handy portable solar power stations. We have already covered some popular models like Jackery Explorer 160 and Rockpals 250W portable generator on our blog before. Here we have yet another cool entry-level device, the Paxcess portable solar generator.

As you see in the title, it is a 100W portable solar power station with 155Wh storage capacity. Of course, it is a machine with the solar charging option, making it a great pick for campers and emergency preppers.

Well, the Paxcess sports a battery, an inverter, and multiple charging ports. That is how it turns out to be a complete off-grid camper-friendly power station. Apart from a solar panel, you could charge it from a wall socket or a carport as well. Here we have a complete take on the Paxcess power generator below.

Paxcess Portable Solar Generator

Coming to specs, the Paxcess portable solar generator highlights all the essential features. First off, it packs up a powerful 40,800mAh lithium battery that could offer an output of 150Wh. Plus, it integrates a 100W pure sine wave inverter that could peak at 150 watts.

Therefore, you could use the device to easily run your AC appliances up to 100 watts. At the same time, the Paxcess is an ideal way to charge all your small electronics like phones, tabs, laptops, and cameras, thanks to the included DC and USB charging ports. Use the button below to order a unit of the machine.

Fine, the Paxcess portable solar generator sports multiple output ports, as said above. Basically, you have it with dual AC sockets to support your emergency household or outdoor AC appliances. Meanwhile, on the other side, it has got a pair of USB ports, three 12V DC ports, and a cigarette lighter charger.

Overall, the Paxcess solar generator is rich with a sufficient number of charging options. This is also a very handy, compact, lightweight machine with a size of just 6.5 x 6.9 x 3.1 inches and a weight of 3.3 lbs.  The durable built-in carrying handle is another attraction to make it one of the nice solar power stations.

Compatible Solar Charger

Of course, you can use any solar charger with the Paxcess portable solar generator. However, the company itself offers a 50-watt folding solar charger that you need to buy separately. Well, a foldable solar charger would be a nice idea as it would be rather easier for carrying along on your trips.

This Paxcess charger is a three-fold 50W unit. Made with the highly efficient mono solar cells, it is capable of producing enough power to recharge the Paxcess and other power stations. Well, it actually comes with a number of adapters suitable for power stations from other brands like Goal Zero, Rockpals, and Suaoki.

Like all similar solar chargers, the Paxcess could recharge your USB gadgets right under the sun. For that, it has got three USB ports with smart IC chips, making them safe and secure for USB charging. That said, you could easily attach it to your backpack, bike, or camping tent and keep your gizmos charged on the go.

Why Should You Buy

1. Brilliant Camping Companion

To begin with, the Paxcess portable generator is a well-built solution for camping needs. As put it above, it is basically a portable power station with a built-in solar charge regulator. That means you could securely recharge its onboard battery from the sun and use it to power up your gadgets.

Furthermore, the Paxcess becomes an ideal camping gear since it sports an ultra-bright LED light bar that doubles as both an illumination and warning lights to help you stay safe in the wilderness.

2. Lightweight and Easy-to-Use Power Station

The Paxcess portable solar generator is not something heavy or hefty in size. With just 6.5 x 6.9 x 3.1 in and a low-weight profile, you could take it anywhere hassle-free. Moreover, you have got it with a large plastic handle that makes it rather comfortable to carry. Overall, what you get is a very compact and handy power station that is also largely durable to stay longer in tough outdoor conditions.

3. Secure and Safe for Camping and Emergency Use

Being a camping or emergency power station, it works well with a solar charger. That is, you need to buy a solar charger at a separate price. Moreover, it also has the option to charge from a wall socket or a carport. By the way, the Paxcess portable solar generator integrates advanced technologies to prevent any kind of damage from overcharging, discharging, and other voltage issues.

Solar Generator Inverter Review

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

The Paxcess portable solar generator is a smaller and entry-level device. It is not meant for someone who looks for large-scale off-grid power out in the wild. Also, being a smaller device, this is not a highly reliable solution for emergency power needs. Meanwhile, for individual campers and hikers, this is a cool way to get unlimited off-grid power on the move.

Final Thoughts

Paxcess solar generator inverter is, in fact, a perfect companion for campers and hikers. It is a cool pick for all outdoorsmen to charge their collection of gadgets on the go. Of course, you should buy a solar panel, in addition, to make it a full solar generator. But when you have one, it works quite finely. You can easily take it anywhere with no much burden. And make use of solar energy to juice up your gadgets in style.

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