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Solar Generator Vs Gas Generator: Reasons Why You Should Go for a Solar Generator

A comparison of solar generator vs gas generator is actually no fair. They are two different products. Solar generator, though a misnomer, is typically a set-up that has a backup facility and a solar panel to recharge it from the sun. Meanwhile, a gas generator is a small engine that cranks out electricity by burning fuel.

There is not a specific form for a solar generator. Even a solar panel that can charge a 12-volt battery under the sunlight is a kind of solar generator. It simply converts the sun’s energy into electricity. You can set up a back-up system, whether a solar power station or even an RV battery, to collect and store it.

Pitting a solar generator against a gas generator is exactly like putting a tortoise to a race with the hare. In addition to producing an electrical current, they share nothing in common. It is all about the way you think about a solar generator that makes it worthy. Many people think solar is the only way to go for the planet.

On the other side of the spectrum, gas generator fans can never imagine giving it up. They will still go with their gas generator on their trips and outings, whatever noisy and smoky they are. But going solar, you get a really peaceful power source, but the availability of the power seriously depends on the sun, though.

Solar Generator Vs Gas Generator

It looks solar generators are becoming serious contenders to gas generators, especially in the camping and outing markets. More companies are coming with innovative solar-based generators that can challenge the dominance of gasoline generators among the campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and preppers.

Are you looking at buying a reliable portable backup power solution? Well, we have some key reasons why you should go for a solar generator instead of a gas one if you live in a place with access to the sunlight.

Of course, gas generators have been there in use for a long time. They have been incredible solutions to let you cope with the portable power needs in an emergency or an outdoor event. But solar power generators are, in fact, newer replacements to the traditional gas generators.

lion energy safari lt 500 portable solar generator

What is a Solar Generator

A solar generator is a simple system with no moving parts. It just converts heat from the sun into power. In other words, to operate and generate power, it consumes nothing but sunlight, which is otherwise wasted usually. It is when a gas generator burns fuel to convert the chemical energy into an electric current.

In the process, a gas generator emits noise, fume, and heat. Meanwhile, a solar power system – whatever you call it – works with no noise and fume, and thus it causes no damage to nature. However, the viability of a solar power generator for emergency power is widely debated as it works only under an optimal sun.

A solar generator, though an incredible concept, is not ideal for all situations, especially for people who live in places with less sunlight. Of course, there are many more downsizes for a solar generator if you consider it as a portable power back-up solution. See, for example, a solar generator wouldn’t be able to generate as much amount of electricity as a gas generator in the wild.

Absolutely, solar power is completely dependent on several factors, like the capacity of the solar panel you could carry on your trips. Also, the intensity of sunlight is another thing. Likewise, you don’t have as many models of full-fledged portable solar generators on the market as there are their gas alternatives.

Why a Solar Generator

Why a solar generator, then? The answer is simple. A solar generator is not for everyone. If you are into an outing to enjoy the great nature in a pristine way, you might preferably carry an eco-friendly option.

Further, it is a period of time people, especially outdoor enthusiasts, mostly prefer to avoid any device that works on the traditional sources of energy and go for green alternatives wherever possible.

Moreover, today you are lucky enough to have a range of great solar generators out there. You have them available in the form of all-in-one solar generators, solar power stations, solar kits, solar power banks, and more. Hence, it is not a tough job to obtain a model that suits your requirements.

After the image break, you have the four reasons why you should buy a solar generator below.

Lion Energy

1. No Threat to the Environment

Environmental pollution is indeed a curse of modern times. As put it above, a gasoline generator exudes heat, noise, and fume as direct pollutants. Meanwhile, a solar generator does no damage to nature as it runs quietly with no exhaust of greenhouse gases.

So, if you are a loyal lover of nature, a solar generator is unquestionably a fine choice for you to rely on for portable power needs. It simply reduces your carbon footprint significantly.

You may be making a hiking or camping trip to stay more closely with nature. So, it is crazy to take a lethal gas generator along. The simple solution to the dilemma is to get a cool solar generator vs gas generator. Thus, you can enjoy nature with the satisfaction that your visit inflicts no damage on it.

2. Cost-Effective in the Long Run 

In terms of efficiency, it seems solar generator has a clear edge over a fuel generator if you have sufficient sunlight all day long. Solar power is very cheaper, though the initial investment is higher. Meanwhile, you need the pricey oil in a large amount for a gas generator. But as an advantage, it is capable of delivering a higher output in a short time.

Obviously, a solar generator works anywhere there is the sun in the sky. Sunlight is totally free-of-cost. So, it is a cool way to juice up and run your electronics out in the wild or an emergency. You do not need to carry extra fuel and not get worried about the run-out of fuel stock.

3. Highly Reliable Power Source

Certainly, solar energy is available right anywhere there is the sun in the sky. Hence, it becomes one of the most reliable sources of green energy for both the regular and portable applications. Well, you can make a solar power system into the wild and juice up your devices and run appliances with no limits.

A gas generator and pre-charged power bank never look like a reliable source of portable power. They may run out of juice anytime during your trip or an emergency, making you in real trouble. It is when you can go for a powerful solar generator Vs gas generator and achieve a more reliable source for power.

4. Perfect for Outdoor Applications

Apparently, a solar generator is an ideal power source for outdoor applications. For a solar generator, you need to carry extra gas or fuel on your trips. That is not a right choice for a camper or hiker and is also not a safe practice to carry in your RVs, campervans, and trailers. Solar power resolves this difficulty nicely.

Apart from big solar generators, you get a wide range of small solar power banks, solar chargers, and solar kits that are ideal for campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Here you just need to connect your devices or power banks to a solar system to make use of solar energy for portable power. That is why we recommend a solar generator vs gas generator if you are looking for a portable power solution.

Sample Solar Generator

There are a variety of solar generators on the market. If you are a fan of a ready-to-use system, it is better to get a well-engineered solar power station with a suitable solar panel. Brands like Goal Zero, Jackery, and Lion Energy offer them in different models, based on various factors, including the capacity and size.

Meanwhile, some brands like Renogy and PepperMint Energy sell a few all-in-one solar generators also. As their names suggest, they integrate both the solar panel and the back-up components in a single case. You can also try out setting up a DIY solar generator with a ready-to-use solar panel kit.

Anyway, here I would like to introduce you to a sample product. That is a full-fledged solar power station from Lion Energy. That means you need to buy it along with a solar panel to make it as a solar generator. The brand itself offers it in a bundle. Check out that below and stay for more details after the break.Lion Energy Off-Grid Camping Kit

Buy from LionEnergy

Called Lion Energy Safari LT 500, it is a 500-watt portable solar power station with a handy and compact profile. Specs-wise, it is a 450Wh power station with a lithium-ion battery inside. The inverter included is a 500W unit. That said, you can use it to run AC appliances up to 500 watts ideally.

To power your appliances and gadgets on it, Lion Safari LT 500 is equipped with multiple charging ports. They include dual full-size AC sockets that output 500 watts each. Further, you have it built with four USB ports, one 12V 10Amp carport, and a 10Amp one as well.

Compatible Solar Charger

Yes, Safari LT 500 becomes a solar generator only when you use it with a solar panel. In the case of this product, the brand itself offers a solar charger. Most brands have suitable panels for their power stations. Or you can buy from third-party vendors. With suitable adapters, all panels go with all power stations.

With the brand’s famous 100W folding solar panel, you can recharge the machine in around five to seven hours. In the meantime, it also supports charging from a wall outlet, which takes nine hours. Anyway, instead of a gas or fuel can, you need to carry a powerful solar panel with the Safari power station.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on solar generator vs gas generator. Initially, it is, in fact, a bit expensive to go solar for portable or emergency power. But a gas generator will cost you extra with fuel and maintenance. There are a lot of advanced solar power stations and other solar systems on the market.

As said above, there is not any structured form for a solar generator. Of course, brands like Goal Zero, Lion Energy, Jackery, and Suaoki have developed many stylish and portable models.

But even a solar panel with a 12V battery charging cable is simply a solar power solution or generator. You can plug it into a battery or power station or connect it to an RV or camper battery. These solar systems, apart from their high reliability in the wild, help reduce a significant amount of your carbon footprint.

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  1. Be Prepared Solar Generators have the best bang for the buck! After looking at the other companies out there it was obvious which solar generator I was going with. I bought the portable 5000 watt 200ah system in March 2014. So far, I have used it twice for blackouts and once for camping. Awesome solar generator!


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