Solar generators for home are cool options you could go for alternative energy in your living spaces or work sites. In addition to power, they ensure you more portability and comfort. Are you living in a rented property? Or in a place where natural calamities often hit your lives? Then, it makes no much sense to install traditional roof-top solar systems. It is because you can’t easily move them in case of an emergency or home shifting. What about trying out heavy-duty solar generators for home, then?

Solar Generators for Home and Emergency

3 Heavy-duty Solar Generators for Home

Below we have a list of three amazing machines that could power up your spaces all the time around. And as put it above, you could take them anywhere in case of home shifting or emergency. Still, it is a fact heavy-duty home-friendly solar generators are not as popular as their portable, camping-friendly alternatives. Moreover, no famous brands make such heavy-duty machines. Mostly small-time companies are dedicated to produce those machines. Though we suggest the machines for home use, they are perfect for campers as well.

1. Tactical Self-Contained Solar Generator – SG1A

People always ask me about the best solar generators for home use. This device from Technology Consulting Concepts, though designed as a perfect camping gear, looks to be a nice pick for home needs. SG1A is actually one of basic models in the generator series from the company, but it stands out with highly rugged case and waterproof capabilities. Coming to specs, it is not a big powerhouse, anyway. It is a basic machine with 1000W pure sine inverter, three units of 20W solar panels, 34M 50A batteries, and other advanced accessories.

Key Attractions

  1. Hardened and rugged Pelican Storm IM2975 case. Watertight and telescope handle for easy moving.
  2. Xantrex 1000-watt pure sine wave inverter with surge power of 2000 watts. It is the heart of the system and can power up variety of your electronics.
  3. Optima 34M 50A batteries. Sufficient to store enough power to run your handhelds and other essential appliances in the wild.
  4. 20-watt InstaPark solar panels. It bundles three units of 20W solar panels, thus totaling an output of 60-watts. You could store the panels in an inside compartment in the Pelican case for easy moving.
  5. Net Meter Solar 30A solar charge controller. That is powerful enough to charge your batteries and you can turn on and off the car socket and USB loads.

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It is amazingly hassle-free to set up the solar generator. You just need to pull out the panels and place them in sunlight and connect with the 15-inch anti-kinking cables. That takes only a matter of time. Instantly, it starts to harvest solar energy. If needed you could charge your devices with USB load or charge the batteries for storing solar energy for latter use. Surely, you could run almost all your camping gear and other essential appliances. See, it could run a fridge for around 3 days if you don’t open it regularly, says its maker.

2. Lithium Self-Contained Solar Generator – SG1L

It is a new lithium solar boost kit that again comes self-contained. As per its maker, it is a new product that came into reality in response to popular demand for a lithium variant of SG1A. That is why, it is exactly like the above model, but differs with a more lightweight and efficient lithium battery. It is also easy to run and power up your household, camping tent, RV, or boat. Just pull out the panels and connect to the controller. Sooner it starts to produce solar energy, and you could push the inverter power button to go with solar power.

Key Attractions

  1. Fully self-contained. It comes in a rugged Pelican OD green case that is watertight too. Hence, you could safeguard the solar generator anywhere in the wild.
  2. Lithium battery. It replaces the former model’s hefty traditional battery with a lightweight lithium unit. That is a SmartBattery SB100 Lithium battery with 100Ah capacity.
  3. Xantrex 2000W pure sine wave inverter. That could provide surge power of 3000 watts.
  4. Five units of 20-watt solar panels to total at 100 watts in output.
  5. 30A Net Meter Solar charge controller with USB Load and car socket turn-on and off facility.

Indeed, it is one of coolest solar generators for home especially when you live in an off-grid area. However, its portability factor is amazing, making it perfect for campers, RVers, and boaters as well. With a lithium battery, which weighs just half of the traditional battery, it becomes a superb pick for outdoor users. It has attracted a lot of serious takers from campers, preppers, military, and off-grid residences. With 2000W continuous output, absolutely you could operate a host of appliances with this solar generator.

3. Nature Power 1800W Portable Solar Generator Kit

This PowerPak solar kit from Nature Power is a versatile off-grid power solution. It packs everything needed to set up a complete off-grid solar system anywhere. Whether it is home, camp tent, work site, or RV, you could just rely on this kit to power up a wide range of your electronics. Specs wise, it offers an output of 1800 watts at peak as its name suggests. Inside the main unit, it has an 80Ah battery, and this kit in particular bundles an auxiliary battery pack with an additional 80Ah battery. We have more info about the PowerPack kit below.

Key Attractions

  1. 1800W surge power. It integrates an 1800W pure sine wave inverter that provides 1440W continuous power and you could utilize it through its six AC sockets, USB, and DC ports.
  2. Auxiliary battery pack. This kit includes an auxiliary battery pack that contains an 80Ah battery, which adds to its built-in 80Ah battery to take the total capacity to 160Ah.
  3. Battery maintainer. The kit also features a pair of 1.5W solar panels to maintain the batteries in case you don’t use the system for a long period. It would ensure long shelf life for the batteries.
  4. Built-in wind turbine support. It comes pre-wired to accept input from a wind turbine up to 400 watts.

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It is indeed a brilliant solar generator kit that you could use to reliably boost your off-grid life. Packing a pair of 90W mono solar panels and high capacity battery packs, you could harvest and store a good amount of green energy for later use. It is well-designed for hassle-free moving and applications in various situations including emergency. Absolutely, being one of top solar generators for home use, it is well-equipped for you to rely on to power up entire your home.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of solar generators for home. We picked three leading items from top retail sites. Of course, you could find more amazing models out there. However, to be frank, there are not many takers for this kind of heavy-duty solar generators.

Most people tend to set up traditional solar power systems in their homes or work sites. But if you don’t want huge power in your home, you could better try a portable-friendly solar system so you could take it anywhere in case of an emergency. That is the main benefit of this series of solar generators for home. Share your thoughts about the machines in comments below. SwanPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar PowerSolar Generators for HomeSolar generators for home are cool options you could go for alternative energy in your living spaces or work sites. In addition to power, they ensure you more portability and comfort. Are you living in a rented property? Or in a place where natural calamities often hit your lives? Then,...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks