Solar energy is an extensive portable power solution. Here we have a list of solar home lighting kits that let you light up your home, camping tents, and cabins. Out in the wild, you will need not only a solar mobile charger, but a solar light solution also. Of course, most of solar generators and chargers sport output ports compatible for lights. However, these home solar light kits are exclusive picks you should include in your survival kits.

Solar Home Lighting Kits

Solar Home Lighting Kits: 7 Top Solar Light Kits

We have compiled a list of seven solar home lighting kits, which you need to put together to make into fully-functioning solar lights. Well, you can use solar lights to ensure light in different situations; home, garden, camping tents, remote cabins etc. Moreover, solar lights double as great additions to your emergency kits. That said, even after a calamity-hit blackout, you can ensure lighting in your living spaces.

A solar light kit typically includes three things; solar panel, storage, and lights. Of course, all picks in our list of solar home lighting kits have these components. Some models also contain mounting brackets and other accessories including wires and cables. Whatever, a solar light kit, if used cleverly, is ideal for lighting up your spaces during blackout or off-grid life from sun energy. Have a look at our list of soar lights after the break.

1. MicroSolar 2-Lamp Solar Home Light Kit

Here is a small solar lighting kit from MicroSolar. It comes up with a small 5-watt solar panel along with angle-adjustable stands. So you can position the panel in a way it uses the most out of the sunlight on a day. The kit highlights a pair of 2W LED lights with 16.4-feet cable. 

You can easily hang the lights on the roof of your home, camping tent, or anywhere you want the lighting. It is also more than a solar light as it packs a tiny power bank that has mobile charger facility.  Check the link to buy a unit of the solar light kit.

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The battery inside the box is a lithium 3.7V 4Ah unit. Well, the power unit features a USB port so that you can charge your cellphone and other USB devices on the go. Overall, what you get is a complete off-grid solar kit that gives you both light and power in the wild.

2. B-right 4W Solar Panel Lighting Kit

This B-right kit is a small 4W solar lighting solution for home, camping, hiking or fishing. It is up with three 1W E27 LED lights, solar panel, and storage facility. The bundled solar panel, as you know, is a 4W unit, which is enough to charge its built-in 5000mAh battery in some hours.

A fully charged system can light all three lamps for around 6 hours. The solar light kit also features a 5V 1A USB port to charge your cellphone from it. Well, different from above models, this B-right kit is a basic, affordable unit.

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However, with three LED lights, you can neatly light up your camping tent or fishing location. By the way, along with the main components, the kit also includes a 16ft cable for root mounting and 9.8ft cable for LED light. Its price goes just around $60. That means, you get a cool solar light kit for an amazingly affordable price.

3. MicroSolar 25W 4-Lamp Home Lighting System

This MicroSolar solar light kit is very popular and highly recommended for camping. As you see, it is a rich kit that includes a solar panel, a home power system, and multiple lights. Clearly, you get a unit of 25W aluminum solar panel with adjustable brackets so that you can place it in different angles to grab as much as sunlight.

Second, you get a home power system that packs a 14.8V 4Ah battery inside and a pair of USB ports to charge your phone and other gadgets. Finally, the bundle packs four natural white LED lamps with a pair of 6-watt units and as many 3-watt units. Overall, it touts a multi USB cable with adapters for different gadgets.

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That said, it not just a solar light. You can use the USB ports on the including power bank to charge a variety of your USB devices on the move. Indeed, that would be a great advantage for a camper and hiker. Check out the link above to buy a unit of MicroSolar 25W home lighting kit.

4. D.Light D20 Home Solar Power System

It is another popular home solar light kit. The D.Light D20, designed for off-grid life in developing countries, packs everything required to set up a personal power grid. With a solar, you can power the system from sun and use it right anywhere.d.light d20 home solar power system

Coming to the bundle, you get a unit of sturdy solar panel, a pair of LED lights with multiple light settings, a pair of wall switches, a portable LED lantern and, finally, a battery pack.

Great thing with the D-Light solar home light system is its sturdy and rugged design. Each item in the bundle is strongly built, waterproof and durable. Well, the kit is indeed ideal to light up your home, cabin, camping tent and sheds with a flip on switch. The included power pack sports USB ports to charge your gadgets from it.

5. HKYH 30W Solar Panel Lighting Kit

Here comes the third pick in our list of solar home lighting kits. The HKYH kit packs up four LED lamps with two 2W and as many 3W light variants. That gives you a chance to light up a whole household. Thus, it becomes an ideal lighting kit for off-grid power needs.

The included battery is a 7.4V 13Ah unit that comes inside a strong and handy case. Well, it has got a carrying handle, making it perfect for all your outdoor and camping needs. The included solar panel is a 30W unit that is powerful enough to charge the power bank. Buy a unit of the solar light kit using the link below.

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Good thing is that the solar panel is a folding unit. That said, it is a highly portable light kit, which you can take anywhere with no much burden to your backpack. Plus, the kit also bundles several mobile charger adapters and cords. So you can charge a range of your camping gear and gadgets from the power pack.

6. Goal Zero Lighthouse Camping Lights

Goal Zero sells a variety of solar chargeable lights for camping and home needs. Lighthouse 400 is the leading model that offers 400-lumen as its name suggests. You can carry Lighthouse 400 anywhere easily thanks to its highly handy and portable design. Sure, you can use a Goal Zero solar panel to charge it from sun outdoors.

Inside Lighthouse 400 has a powerful 4,400mAh battery and further it touts a 1.5A USB port. So you can charge your USB devices from its backup in case of an emergency. By the way, it provides 360 degree of bright LED light, making it a cool pick for both home and camping needs.

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In fact, it is not one of the typical solar home lighting kits, but with a solar panel it certainly becomes an ideal solution for all your off-grid power needs. As said above, Goal Zero Lighthouse comes in variety of options like Lighthouse Micro, and Lighthouse Mini, and etc. Follow the link above to check all the available models.

7. LumiUP 4.5W Home Solar Lighting System

This LumiUP is the final one in our list of solar home lighting kits. It has a 4.5W foldable polycrystalline solar panel and a pair of LED lights – 1W and 2W each. Strong pull strings let you hang the lights anywhere.

Battery inside the power pack is a 3.7V 5000mAh unit and it also carries USB ports to charge your cellphone. A fully charged battery can light up both the LED lamps for around 5 hours. Use the link below to buy a unit of the solar light kit.

Check Price and Buy @  LumiUP 4.5W Home Solar Lighting System

Hope you have loved our list of the best solar home lighting kits. We have included all leading solar-based lights and lighting kits in our list. It is very easy to set up these lights and connect with solar panels. What you get is unlimited light anywhere in the wild. With built-in storage spaces, you can store enough power to light up whole your night outdoors with any of the above solar lighting kits. Solar ChargersPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar LanternPortable Solar PowerSolar Home Lighting KitSolar energy is an extensive portable power solution. Here we have a list of solar home lighting kits that let you light up your home, camping tents, and cabins. Out in the wild, you will need not only a solar mobile charger, but a solar light solution also. Of...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |