Amazingly, growing portable solar market is offering us a range of ultra-convenient gadgets. Solar panel light kits are cool ways you can go to light up your base camps, sheds, homes, and camping tents. Typically, all you need to do is to spread out solar panel under sun. Simply it produces energy and stores in the included power packs. After you can light up your spaces with LEDs and, at the same time, juice up your phones.

Of course, we have lots of solar panel light kits out there. They differ in many aspects like power output, LEDs, battery capacity, solar capacity etc.… We have anyways picked three models here for an analysis. We are sure these products will give you a clear idea on how and what to buy to get your best solar lighting kit.

Usually, a solar light kit includes four main components; solar panel, power bank, LEDs and accessories like cables, wires, adapters etc. Well, below make a look at our picks of solar panel light kits that will empower your lives off-the-grid with good lighting and reliable USB charging. Stay tuned with us after the image break.

Solar Panel Light Kits for Camping Tents and Sheds

Solar Panel Light Kits

On the move, solar panels alone make no sense. Along with efficient solar cells, there should be power banks to store energy. All the solar panel light kits we are talking about here come with power banks. Well, it makes you utilize sun energy during the day and make use of it overnight. By the way, coming with both lighting and powering options, you can brighten your space and juice up your gadgets even when there is no sun in sky.

Apart from battery, solar light kit includes LED lamps. As you know, it is a time we are going to a revolution of low power consuming LED lamps. Fine, with the limited power storing power banks, LEDs certainly guarantee you bright light for longer hours. By the way, in our list of solar panel light kits here, we have the first two kits with three LEDs and the last one with two.

1. GHP 4W Home Outdoor LED Lighting

4w solar lighting kit by globe house product

| Link to Buy: GHP 4W Solar Panel Light Kit |

Let us start with Globe House Product’s 3-piece LED solar kit. Amazingly, its fully charged power pack can light up the lamps for around six hours. It is indeed a period you will essentially need to light up your spaces in a night. Interesting thing is each LED gets an independent switch so that you can control lights to save energy.

Sad thing is its included 4W solar panel is less powerful, but is moderately enough to charge the tiny power bank in certain hours under direct sun. Besides LEDs, the power bank also touts USB charging. Thanks to built-in charge controller, you can safely juice up your gadgets. But remember if you regularly charge your phone from it, you won’t have enough energy left to light up your spaces.

The included power pack sports a battery of 4400mAh capacity. It is a li-ion unit with an output voltage of 5V/1A and input voltage of 5V/1000mA. Interestingly, it touts IP44 protection rating, making it good for mildly rough outdoor use. In the end, its solar panel has a size of 17.2 x 16 cm, while power pack measures at 33 x 20 x 7.5 cm. And the overall pack weighs at 1404 grams.

2. B-right 4W Solar Panel Lighting Kit

4w solar lighting kit by b-right

| Link to Buy: B-right 4W Solar Light Kit |

It is the second pick in our list of solar panel light kits. It is from B-right and is more popular with nice customer reviews and rating. Specs wise, it is exactly like the above model. Well, it comes with three E27 1W LED bulbs that have respective on/off switches. Meanwhile, the included power bank has a 3000mAh lithium battery. And having all need cables, you don’t need any wiring and setting to put together the solar light kit.

The power bank also acts like a controller box. It has USB port to connect your gizmos to charge from it. The kit also packs some mobile phone adapters and so it is quite easy for you to go with it for an outing, camping and fishing. Its solar panel has a size of 17.2 x 16cm. Above all, the B-right solar light kit has received good count of customer reviews on Amazon with an overall rating at 4.4 out of 5 stars.

3. How Fine 6W Solar Charger with LED Lights

solar lighting kit by how fine

| Link to Buy: How Fine 6W Solar Light Kit |

It is the most powerful one in this list of solar panel light kits in terms of both solar and battery. Fine, it touts a 6W folding solar panel with a size of 165.5 x 85.5 mm. The included power pack sports a relatively powerful 8000mAh lithium battery. In around five hours under direct sun, the panel can fully charge the battery. After you have good enough energy in the pack to light up the LED bulbs and power up your handhelds.

The bundled pair of LED bulbs are 2W units. On the power bank, you have 3 USB interfaces to connect LEDs and your gadgets. That said all the USB ports will work at the same time. You can connect multiple devices for charging and lighting. Yes, you can charge an iPhone around 2.5 times. And an LED works for around 12 hours.

solar lighting kit

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our list of solar panel light kits. There are indeed many more such products on market, but we have picked these three items as samples. It is certainly a period people are largely looking for off-grid solar power solutions. During an outing or other outdoor events, it does absolutely make sense to go solar. First, it guarantees a highly reliable energy source outdoors and secondly you cut your carbon footprint a bit, thus saving the future world from the looming power shortage. Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar LanternPortable Solar PowerSolar Panel Light KitsAmazingly, growing portable solar market is offering us a range of ultra-convenient gadgets. Solar panel light kits are cool ways you can go to light up your base camps, sheds, homes, and camping tents. Typically, all you need to do is to spread out solar panel under sun. Simply...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |