We have covered several solar power portable chargers in our earlier articles. Here we would like to invite your attention to a series of other portable solar chargers. Of course, they will attract the hiker and camper in you. We have picked the models for this list from the diverse market. Therefore, there will be something new with each model. Stay with us to go through our list of the best solar power chargers for portable needs.

Solar Power Portable Chargers

5 Cool Solar Power Portable Chargers

A solar charger is simply any device that has a solar panel integrated to it. Well, it could be a solar bag, folding solar panel, battery-carrying solar power bank, solar generator, or etc. We have a mix of solar power portable chargers below. That would indeed make you pick the right option for your next outdoor event. Whether it is a camping, hiking, or emergency, these solar chargers could help you grab enough power to juice your essential devices like handsets, tablets, laptops, GPS, and etc.

1. Suaoki 100W Solar Panel Charger

You might have come across many 100W solar chargers in glass and aluminum. This one, as you see in the pic, is up with a 100W SunPower mono solar cell that is sewn into foldable polyester canvas. Of course, that makes it amazingly cool for outdoor use.

You could easily fold it down to a small unit for easy carrying after use. Being a durable, and weather-resistant solar charger, you could take it anywhere with no hassle at all. One another awesome thing is that you could charge both  5V USB and 18V DC devices with it directly under sunlight.

Let us see what other things make it one of the best solar power portable chargers out there. Well, it features a TIR-C technology, which is a built-in smart chip in its output ports. That lets the ports identity the connected devices easily and charge as needed.

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Of course, that gives an extra care for your devices against high voltage. Another key point is that it is quite lightweight and waterproof. It could survive small levels of water flashes, and thanks to its 7.7lbs weight, you have nothing to worry about its transportation.

2. SOS20K 20000mAh Solar Powered Charger

It is a very strong and rugged solar power bank you could take along while going on a hiking. See, the second image above is a unit of the power bank, which its maker dragged behind a car for around a mile as part of its ruggedness test. It doesn’t have any big impacts, really.

That is, you could certainly rely on this 20,000mAh power bank for all rough outdoor conditions, and tumultuous emergency situations. You could charge multiple handsets from it and top up the power with the built-in solar panel during daytime.

Simply, SOS20K has a monster battery inside. Built for travelling, it has 4 USB ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously. On top and bottom come a 5V/2.1A port and a 5V/1A port each. Plus, you get a carabiner, four sets of braided nylon USB charging cables including 2 micro-USB and 2 Lightning units.

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Amazingly, this device has received good customer reviews on Amazon and other leading sites. A lot of people have bought this unit to make sure their phones had enough juice during the recent Irma hurricane in Florida.

3. Kogalla SSB2210 Solar Storage Bank

Kogalla’s much-touted solar power bank is the next pick in our list of solar power portable chargers. Of course, you will love this product if you are a regular camper or hiker. As you see in the pic, it comes with a 4-layered solar array of total capacity of 22 watts.

Indeed, that is quite enough to charge its included 10,000mAh battery during a bright sunny day. However, its maker claims it could charge the battery pretty well even under varying or shady conditions. That would indeed be an extra advantage for you.

Why should you buy Kogalla solar power bank? First thing is it is highly portable and handy for outdoors. You could unfold it after use and keep in a very less room. Second, what I think is it is very rich in supporting your devices. See, it comes with a pair of high-current 2.4A USB ports that could charge two devices simultaneously.

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With its 10Ah battery, you could fully charge a phone around 4 times. Well, the kit packs up a Lightning and a micro-USB cable apart from a USB flashlight to ensure good lighting for you outdoors.

4. SunKingdom Solar Charger 65 watts

Thinking about a large dual-port folding solar charger? Here you have one from SunKingdom, a leading maker of portable solar panels. This could charge your USB and 15V DC devices at the same time from sun. You could virtually plug in your gadgets to the sun as you roam around.

Well, it maker offers 22% – 25% conversion rate for the charger, which is made of SunPower cells. Certainly, great thing with the large folding solar charger is its ultra-portability. You could fold the 10-layered charger to a very small unit for easy moving.

You get a waterproof outer pocket for the solar charger to keep your devices safe. That would make you use the solar charger nearby pools and on the beach with no worry of getting wet. Of course, with its high capacity and handy design, it indeed is one of the best solar power potable chargers on market currently.

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It has good customers, who are quite satisfied with the way the solar charger works out in the wild. So make sure you get a unit of SunKingdom to make your outings rather lively and exciting.

5. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

Goal Zero Nomad 7 is another best-seller of the solar power portable chargers. It is the low-end variant of the Nomad series. As its name suggests, it is a 7W unit with a pair of folding panels that you could unfold after use. Yes, you could connect your USB devices to it and directly charge from sun.

You get a removable kickstand to put it right for better capture of sun. Moreover, it highlights a weatherproof layering so you could even keep it under rainy conditions. Overall, it is very lightweight and portable, making it perfect for outdoor users.

Hope you have enjoyed our list of best solar power portable chargers. All the above devices are perfect solar chargers that you could take anywhere there is sunlight. Of course, you could connect your handsets, tablets, GPS, laptop, and other devices to charge directly from sun.

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Thus, when you move along your trekking trail in the wild, these machines keep your devices charged. Being a Goal Zero product, it is indeed one of the most popular solar power portable chargers on market. Besides its performance quality, it is very stylish in design also.

Final Thoughts

Hope our list of solar power portable chargers could help you find the best solar solution for your next outing. It is always nice to make your explorations into the wild with perfect gear. Well, moving into somewhere there is no grid connectivity, the finest option is to rely on solar. One of the above solar-based chargers will surely come in help of you in such conditions.

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