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Hybrid Solar and Wind Power Systems: 5 Best Off-Grid Solar Wind Power Systems

A solar wind hybrid system is simply a combination of solar and wind power sources. That is a brilliant way to produce off-grid power in a more reliable way. We indeed have many hybrid solar wind power systems on the market from brands like Eco-Worthy. Here we would like to take a look at some such systems.

Most of the available solar wind power systems are ready-to-use kits. Anyone with little knowledge about the system could set up a kit and start using alternative power. Thus, you are lucky enough to have access to unlimited off-grid power round the clock as winds may even blow during the nighttime.

Why Hybrid Solar and Wind Power Systems

The best part about a solar-wind hybrid power solution is that it could produce power all the time. Clearly, it is in a way that the solar panels work during the daytime as per the availability of the sunlight, while the wind turbine runs even after the sunset as there would possibly be winds in the evening or night.

That is, such a system could ensure green power for more hours. When a solar-only system is good for the day only, a hybrid one may work all the time around. There are certainly more reasons why you should get hybrid solar and wind power systems. We discuss some more points in detail below.

1. Renewable Energy for All Seasons

Of course, you get power from a solar-wind hybrid system for all the seasons. In fact, it opens up a way for you to generate green power in both windy and sunny seasons. That is, you are lucky enough to get ample green power from solar panels in the summer, while in the winter from the included turbine generator.

In other words, these hybrid solar and wind power systems are capable of covering all your off-grid power needs most of the days in a year. Likewise, they are also quite efficient in producing power for the whole day, thanks to the sunlight during the day and possible breezes late evening or the nighttime.

Moreover, it would be rather amazing to have both solar and wind sources working together to ensure an increased amount of power. Obviously, that will make the systems rather reliable for backup power.

2. Increased Amount of Off-Grid Power

Obviously, a solar wind hybrid solution could offer two times more power than a solar-only system. It is simply because both solar and wind options work together. Anyway, the ideal way to utilize a solar-wind power kit is to mount it over your home, apartment, houseboat, cabin, and more.

Though it is not a great choice for portable use, the system could harvest a good amount of off-grid power in a stationary position. Also, a solar-wind power kit is never an out-of-the-box solution of any sort. You will have to do some basic settings to make it work and start generating power.

3. More Reliable Off-Grid Power Solution

Several researchers have indicated the scope of solar-wind hybrid power as a more reliable off-grid power solution. Alone, both solar panels and wind turbines have some clear limitations. Solar works only under the sun and wind turbines by wind only. Meanwhile, a system that combines both is much more reliable.

4. Increased Scope for Residential Off-Grid Power Projects

The wind-solar power opens up the scope for the use of the systems in residential off-grid power needs. People widely stay away from solar systems due to their ineffectiveness and unreliability. Coupled with a turbine, there is a large potential for the system to be used wisely in residential projects.

Best Hybrid Solar and Wind Power Kits

Here goes our list of the best solar-wind off-grid power systems. We would like to include all the top-seller kits from all leading brands out there. So, it would be easy for you to get a model that matches your needs and budget ideally. Stay tuned for our list below.

1. Eco-Worthy 400W Solar-Wind Turbine Generator

Eco-Worthy is certainly the key vendor of hybrid solar and wind power systems. It offers a series of wind-solar systems in different outputs. Here we have its much-touted 400-watt solar-wind kit. As you see, it packs up the brand’s popular 400W three-bladed residential turbine and a 100W mono solar panel.

Plus, the kit equips a 20Amp PWM hybrid charge controller that could ensure a safe flow of the current to your battery packs. It could automatically identify 12V/24V backup systems and deliver the required power at the right speeds with perfect short-circuit and overload protection.

By the way, the included hybrid charge controller is capable of expanding the system with solar panels up to 500W solar panels at 12V and 1000W at 24V. Check out the button below for its latest price.

The kit doesn’t include a pole to mount the turbine. You need to buy that from a local store. It should have a height of 14.76ft~32.8ft and a diameter of 2.91 in. You could quickly fix the turbine on the pole and place the panel nearby with better exposure to the sunlight. And connect the system to your battery packs.

Eco-Worthy offers the same kit with other solar panels as well. They include the variants with 120W and 195W solar panels. In all the kits, you have the same controller and wind turbine. Follow the button above to check out all the variants of the Eco-Worthy solar-wind bundle.

Why Should You Buy

  • 500-Watt Wind-Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Power System.
  • 400-Watt Three-Bladed Wind Turbine Generator. 
  • 100-Watt Highly Efficient Mono Solar Panel.
  • High-Quality 20A PWM Hybrid Charge Controller.
  • Available in Multiple Power Variants with Different PV Panels.

2. Eco-Worthy 1400W Wind-Solar Power Kit

Here you have another cool Eco-Worthy wind-solar power kit. Fine, specs-wise, it is also the same kit, but it has got a greater number of PV panels to take the total output to 1400 watts. More clearly, it packs eight pieces of 120W mono solar panels apart from the regular 400W three-bladed wind turbine.

That said, with the solar panels only, the system could deliver as much as 1360 watts, and added with the turbine, it goes up to around 1400 watts. With so many items in the package, the wind-solar power kit is rather suitable for stationary applications in the home, apartment, rather than RV, camper, and more.

It has the same 20A PWM hybrid controller. But making it unique from the above bundle, Eco-Worthy has included an inverter as well. That is a 3500W 24V pure sine wave off-grid inverter. Overall, what you get is a nearly complete hybrid off-grid power system. What all you need, in addition, to make it operating are some units of batteries. Or you could just connect it to an existing backup system.

The package also contains one piece of 16.4-feet red cable and one piece of 16.4-feet black cable with MC4 connectors. Y branch connectors are used to chain together the panels. Like the above bundle, Eco-Worthy also avails this in multiple options. Follow the button above to get the best one as per your needs.

Why Should You Buy

  • 1400W Wind-Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Power System.
  • 400W Three-Bladed Wind Turbine Generator.
  • Eight Pieces of 120W Mono Solar Panels.
  • 20A PWM Hybrid Charge Controller.
  • 3500W 24V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.
  • Available in Multiple Power Variants.

3. Eco-Worthy 900W Solar Wind Hybrid Kit

The next pick on our list of hybrid solar and wind power systems is also from Eco-Worthy. As its title says, it is a 900W unit with the same turbine and five units of 100W highly efficient mono PV panels. That said, the system could provide an overall 900W with a potential daily output of 4500Wh depending on the sun.

This solar-wind kit is ideal for a variety of applications like the cabin, home, boat, trailer, remote power, and more. If you have a little knowledge about how these types of systems operate, you could just set up the Eco-Worthy off-grid kit right anywhere. Check out its latest price on the link below.

The other items in the bundle include a hybrid charge controller and a power inverter apart from the basic cables and connectors. The included controller is a 20Amp highly efficient unit. Meanwhile, the inverter is a 1000W 12V-110V off-grid pure sine unit and it also packs up four pairs of Y branch connectors.

Well, the controller has got very simple cable color coding to let a DIYer easily set up the system. They are red, black, green, blue, and yellow wires for different purposes. That means it is quite easier for a DIYer to build a great hybrid off-grid system with the kit. All you need to buy in extra are the batteries.

Why Should You Buy

  • 900W Wind-Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Power System.
  • 400-Watt Eco-Worthy Wind Turbine Generator. 
  • Five Pieces of 100W Mono Solar Panels. 
  • High-Quality 20A Hybrid Charge Controller.
  • 1000W Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

4. Eco LLC 800W Wind-Solar Generator Kit

After Eco-Worthy, Eco LLC is another known brand that offers some hybrid solar and wind power systems. Here we have the brand’s 800W off-grid wind-solar kit. It packs up a unit of the 400-watt wind turbine generator and three pieces of 140-watt poly solar panels.

Plus, it includes a 20A 12V/24V hybrid charge controller and a 1000W pure sine wave inverter. Overall, you get a kit that will work as a perfect off-grid power system one assembled. It would be a great way for you to ensure enough power to run most of your emergency electronics. Check out its latest price below.

The Eco LLC off-grid kit is indeed a perfect choice for remote areas, households, houseboats, and more. The included PV panels are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum frames for increased durability. They could endure high winds up to 2400Pa and a snow load of up to 5400Pa.

It is easy to set up the Eco LLC hybrid solar-wind system. You could mount the panels on a roof and fix the turbine on a pole and connect to the battery packs to ensure unlimited off-grid power. Eco LLC also offers the bundle in several other variants and power options, by the way.

Why Should You Buy

  • 800W Wind-Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Power System.
  • 400-Watt Wind Turbine Generator. 
  • Three Pieces of 140W Poly Solar Panels. 
  • 20Amp Hybrid Charge Controller.
  • 1000W Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

5. Eco LCC 2000W Wind Solar System Kit

We have one more Eco LLC product on our list. It is a 2000W hybrid off-grid power kit that packs up 1KW 48V wind turbine and eight pieces of 120W mono solar panels. What makes this kit different from other hybrid solar and wind power systems is the included battery packs. It has four pieces of 100Ah batteries.

The Eco LLC off-grid hybrid kit is capable of producing a maximum daily output of 5.5-6.5kWh power in an ideal lighting condition. The included controller is a specially-designed hybrid model. That could make the system highly efficient for a variety of off-grid power needs. Check out its latest price on the link below.

The included solar panels feature the corrosion-resistant aluminum frames for increased durability. Thus, they could endure high winds up to 2400Pa and heavy snow loads up to 5400Pa. So, you could use the system ideally to set up high-powered hybrid off-grid power systems.

It also packs up a 3500W pure sine wave inverter. Thanks to the included batteries, it is actually a complete off-grid kit. You don’t need to buy anything additionally to turn it into a full-fledged power system to run your electronics. However, if you want to expand the system, you could add more batteries and panels.

Why Should You Buy

  • 2000W Wind-Solar Hybrid Off-Grid Power System.
  • 1000-Watt Wind Turbine Generator. 
  • Eight Pieces of 120W Mono Solar Panels. 
  • 48V Wind and Solar Hybrid Charge Controller
  • 3500W Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter. 
  • Four Pieces of 100Ah Batteries. 

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of best hybrid solar and wind power systems. Actually, we don’t have several brands that sell such systems. Eco-Worthy is a key vendor, which avails hybrid kits in multiple variants and power options. Anyway, these pieces of wind-solar kits are ideal for setting up complete off-grid power solutions in your home, apartments, houseboats, yachts, and more. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I had this very problem. Plus a mate of mine telling me the yellow wire was fro a street light application. So I hooked up the 1000W inverter through its robust cables. The battery overchraged at 15 plus volts !!! Ran it dry !!!!
    So load is the inverter and that the -ve to the yellow wire. Charges at 14.4 now.

  2. I liked the short write-up you did on the Solar Wind Hybrid Power Kit 900W by Eco-Worthy and it helped convince me to consider using the kit in my cabin. The diagram you used though showed the DC to AC converter being directly hooked up to the battery and not the Hybrid Controller. I thought the load line (yellow wire) from the Hybrid Controller might be used for the converter? If not, what should the load line (image of a bulb) wire be used for? I tried contacting Eco-Worthy and of course have not received any information from the Chinese manufacturer. Appreciate any help you can share and if there is anyone stateside that I could call for schematics before I purchase the kit.


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