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Soleman Solar Backpack: All to Know About the High-Tech Solar Backpack for Campers

.Soleman Solar Backpack is an impressive solar backpack from Soleman Tech, the famous maker of Solar Notepad. It is an advanced, spacious, and smart camper-friendly backpack. With a stunning design and a lot of practical features, it is really a solar backpack worth having a look at.

Of course, the built-in solar panel alongside a power bank is a key attraction. Yes, the panel and the battery combination lets you harvest and store power from the sunlight to power up your gadgets in an emergency. Therefore, it simply turns out to be a perfect companion for all types of users like campers and hikers.

Put it differently, the Soleman backpack is capable of neatly storing your essential belongings, and at the same time providing emergency juice to your phones and gadgets. Furthermore, it highlights an ergonomic profile, which makes it easily wearable on your shoulders.

Certainly, made with healthy and premium materials, it can give you special back support. And so, you can carry it quite comfortably for a long time on your daily travels as well as weekend adventures.

Soleman Solar Backpack – Specs and Features

Specs-wise, the Soleman is a spacious backpack made out of quality and premium materials. The bag is lightweight and sleek as it weighs just 1.2KG, which makes it an awesome choice for outdoor users.

When it comes to the solar panel, the included unit is pretty larger and highly efficient. The battery pack is a 17000mAh unit so you can enjoy unlimited power out in the wild. Thanks to its custom-designed PCB-A, the solar charger is quite safer to charge your devices. No worries about short circuits.

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With multiple charging ports, you can use the solar backpack to charge a variety of your devices anywhere anytime. All you need to do is to make sure you carry the required cables. As long as there is the sun in the sky, you are ready to go with unlimited portable power.

By the way, besides the solar panel, you can charge Soleman with Rapid Charge technology. So, when going out, you can keep its power bank full, and later top it up from the sunlight for increased reliability.

As a camper backpack, the Soleman touts advanced security features, as well. The included YKK zippers can enhance the safety of your belongings as it couldn’t be opened up from behind. Moreover, it features an RFID pocket to let you store your card for ultimate protection and comfort.

Soleman Solar Backpack Features

Soleman Solar Backpack – Design

Design-wise, the Soleman solar backpack has an amazing finishing and a very sleek profile, as said above. All the materials used to design the backpack are sure of higher quality and so you get an exceptional bag with solar power for your outdoor needs. The brand offers a one-year warranty for the backpack.

Moreover, it has a waterproof design. Covered with a special nylon layer, it can nicely resist water splashes and any other liquids. That is, you can also clean the bag with water after a trip and make your explorations into the wild rather memorable and exciting.

Key Features 

  • Spacious and Comfortable Backpack: Though its exact liter capacity is not available so far, the bag is decently big, as per its maker. Also, its special back-support feature will make you easily carry it. 
  • Decent-Capacity Power Bank: With a 17000mAh battery, it is quite enough to charge your gadgets many times. So, you are really getting into adventures with high-capacity battery backup.
  • High Quality and Healthy Materials: Further, the bag is made of high quality and premium materials to ensure comfort and easiness in carrying. It will surely help you much in carrying most of your essential belongings on your trips and travels.
  • Sleek Design and Waterproof Layer: The sleek design with a waterproof layer makes it a rather cool solar bag for outdoors.
  • High-Secure and Smart Zipper Lock: Moreover, the included smart zipper lock is another point of attraction. It will help secure up your belongings as someone won’t open it up from the backside. 

Soleman Solar Backpack 2

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Solemand Solar Backpack. It maker is currently seeking crowdfunding support for the project Indiegogo. As of writing this, it has collected as much as $4000 from around 30 backers with 15 more days to go for the campaign to end. If you want to buy it, you can also back the product and go with an Early Bird unit at a price of $109. The brand would like to start shipping it by Dec. 2020.

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