love to it come in a stronMost small solar power banks out there sport only USB and DC sockets. Yes, they only output DC power that you can use to charge only small devices like phone, tablets, lights, and etc. What about a lightweight and small solar power bank with AC socket? Great! That would let you power up your AC appliances off-the-grid. Suaoki 220Wh portable generator is the best answer for such a machine. Stay with us for more information.

Suaoki 220Wh Portable Generator

Why Choose Suaoki 220Wh Portable Generator?

What do you think a perfect portable AC battery box is? I am sure you might expect to come in a handy and lightweight box. And with a high capacity battery and all prominent output ports like AC, DC, and USB. Whats more, you will love it to come in a strong and sturdy case as well as a price that won’t cost you a fortune.

Then, Suaoki 220Wh portable generator is the ideal pick for you, no doubt. It is an awesome battery box that hits right balance between power, portability and price. It’s ultra lightweight and compact, so you can place it  in your car trunk, or take it around without getting exhausted.

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The power is enough for daily use and can be recharged by solar panels and AC outlets. And price point is no doubt one of the best things about it, it didn’t crash your bank account. I spent a lot of time researching different battery banks. In terms of general performance, the Suaoki battery box is as good as you can get.

The Anecdote of Product Name

For starters, even though the company somehow refers to it as a solar generator, it is not technically the case. It doesn’t generate power unless you use a solar panel with it. To be more accurate, it is a battery or power bank. I’m just going to call it Suaoki battery box for clarity.

Suaoki 220Wh portable generator is actually a combination of an inverter for AC output, a USB charger and a DC charger. It can be charged via DC input or AC input. You can use solar panels or wall outlets to recharge it as I mentioned. It’s designed for outdoor or emergency use. For instance, if you live in a city that is vulnerable to hurricanes, you might need a few battery boxes when power supply gets cut off.

For those who live in the midwest, the battery box will come in handy in short outages where you don’t want to crank up the gas powered generator. Unlike normal generators, this battery box works without noise and fume, it’s completely pollution-free.

Off-grid Camping for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Off-grid camping allows you to enjoy the beauty of mother nature and the fresh air, peace and calm with the endless forest separating you from the mundane world. Everything becomes simpler and clearer when you’re on a family camping trip. It just makes you feel alive again. Even though it’s like a very temporary bailout from busy work or study, it’s still something worth doing.

However, camping without any modern electronic device can be challenging, boring or even dangerous. What if you want to take photos to capture the precious moments or to share your happiness with your friends on twitter or facebook? What if you need call somebody when there’s an emergency? If you want to get your cameras, phones, laptops or other stuff working for a fairly long time, you’ll need a reliable power source – Suaoki 220Wh portable generator can get the job done pretty well.

Use the AC output to charge your laptop or run a refrigerator. Or use the DC output to power up your lamp on the go. With the USB ports, it charges everything a normal USB power bank charges. It doesn’t charge very fast, but it does charge.

One thing worth noting is that it is basically designed to run most electronics for an extended amount of time and small appliances for short amount of time, which means you can’t use it for high-power appliances like hair dryers or electric kettles. The product specs says Suaoki 220Wh portable generator supports up to 200W, you get the picture.

Best Backup Power Source for Emergency

Disclaimer: the following paragraph is based on my personal experience, it might not apply to you. Ever since my cousin Lisa’s husband started CPAP treatment 5 years ago, she felt attached to an electric outlet just like her husband did, which can be frustrating. I casually alluded to this battery box. I said it might be helpful. Now, with this Suaoki 220Wh portable generator, she is finally free again to explore wilderness with her husband. She told me she wasn’t sure at first. To be 100% safe, she did a test before they go. She fully charged the battery box and used it to power up CPAP overnight. It turned out to be quite satisfactory, worked to 8+ hours.

What makes it even better is that it has a built-in sine wave inverter which is better for applications, especially those have sensitive electronic components. This inverter is able to convert DC to AC with controlled dips and peaks in power. Other inverters do not control these dips and peaks, making the machine and humidifier susceptible to power related damage. I include a picture of the sine wave through a voltage divider here:

However, if you have the same problem and feel like trying it, I strongly recommend you check the specs first before you apply it to your CPAP equipment. Because these devices can be really picky, you should consult an expert if you are not sure. But if it’s not for precise instruments, I think it’ll be perfectly okay.

Go Solar Go Green

Suaoki 220Wh portable generator is a great travel companion for off-grid camping, but if you prefer a completely off-grid camping experience where you have absolutely no access to any AC outlets at all, you’ll need a solar panel. Also, if you are an environmentalist, solar is made for you. You can connect your solar panel to the battery box to recharge it. Solar energy in and AC out, isn’t that amazing?

What solar panel is the best for the battery box? Of course it’s the solar panels made by the same company for the sake of compatibility. I personally have a Suaoki 60W Sunpower Folding Solar Panel which is also portable. It’s available on Amazon store for below $200. See the link below the image.

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With these two you basically own a little power station. During good sunny days you get to store solar energy and when you need electricity, it’s right there.

Very Lightweight Despite Its High Capacity

The unit is smaller and lighter than what you might expect. It’s about the same size of a car battery, just a tad taller, which makes it easy to tote around. It is much lighter than lead acid battery of the same capacity, because it’s a lithium battery. Portability is also very important if you plan to take it outdoors with you. No one wants to carry around a heavy burden when camping. Travel light is the way to go!

Final Thoughts

If you have the need for a well made high capacity portable power source that is only a fraction of the weight of other expensive items, then this may be what you are looking for. It does have technical quirks like the battery status indicators are a little flakey. But that does not really affect operations, because your common sense and the product specs are enough for you to know how much power it has left.

For CPAP users, outdoor enthusiasts and people who suffer from power failures, Suaoki 220Wh portable generator can play an important role in your life like any other necessities. You’d be like: why didn’t I get this earlier? HammPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PowerSuaoki 220Wh Portable Generatorlove to it come in a stronMost small solar power banks out there sport only USB and DC sockets. Yes, they only output DC power that you can use to charge only small devices like phone, tablets, lights, and etc. What about a lightweight and small solar power bank...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |