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Suaoki G1000 Portable Power Station: All to Know About Suaoki’s 1183Wh Portable Solar Power Generator

Suaoki’s new powerful model to its fold of portable solar power stations has hit the public market. Called Suaoki G1000 portable power station, the 1183Wh machine is simply the top-end variant to Suaoki G500 solar generator. The G500 is already one of the most recommended products of its kind.

Interestingly, Suaoki has existed the whole design attributes of G500 with the fresh model. It first unveiled G1000, codenamed Ares solar generator, on Indiegogo for crowdfunding. Though keeping the design and color tone of G500, Suaoki G1000 is a large and high-capacity power station.

Meanwhile, thanks to its compatibility with solar charging like its younger sibling, it would turn out to be an ideal solar generator and a brilliant Goal Zero Yeti alternative as well. Suaoki introduced it as one of the world’s most sophisticated portable power stations with 12 different charging options.

Suaoki G1000 Portable Power Station Overview

Of course, Suaoki G1000 portable power station is going to be yet another high-power solar power station out there. Thus, it would be strongly competing with Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium and Inergy Apex. Surely, it would help you collect unlimited off-grid power during camping, fishing, and tailgating events.

Coming to the specs, Suaoki G1000, as said above, is a high-capacity power station with an overwhelming 1183Wh lithium iron phosphate battery. It is a 26400mAh unit at 44.8V, equivalent to 369,600mAh at 3.2V. It has a size of 13.7 x 13.5 x 12.4 inches and a weight of 22 kg. Check out its price on the link below.

By the way, when it comes to charging ports, there is something special, indeed. Like EcoFlow River Delta, it has got more-than-ten charging options. They include four 1000W high-power AC sockets, three 120W DC outlets, four quick charging USB ports, and one 60W PD port.

That said, you could use Suaoki G1000 portable power station to power up to 12 devices at the same time. Of course, that will help you much in an off-grid or an emergency situation, where you would obviously have to run multiple devices at once for better survival.

Compatible Solar Charger

Like all Suaoki power stations, you could use any solar charger to power up the machine from the sunlight. But Suaoki itself offers a series of solar chargers for its machines. The brand was featuring its 120W folding solar panel with G1000 on Indiegogo during its crowdfunding campaign. However, that is not one and only choice. You also have a more popular 100W solar charger from the brand. Check it out below.

As you see, it is a four-fold highly efficient solar panel charger. Coming up with a 10-in-1 adapter kit, it is also an amazing pick for a variety of power stations from other brands such as Goal Zero, Enkeeo, Jackery, Aimtom, Rockpals, and more. Also, with the built-in dual-USB ports, you could use it to directly power up your handsets and USB devices just under the sun.

Coming to USB ports, the solar charger highlights one Type-C PD USB port and one Quick Charge 3.0 USB port at 18W max. These ports are capable of powering up your handsets four times faster. Meanwhile, the solar charger, as you see, is very portable thanks to its folding design. And with the included kickstands, you could place it anywhere neatly to grab as much sunlight as possible in short hours.

Why Should You Buy

Here let us check out the special features of Suaoki G1000 portable power station. So, you could see if it matches your requirements for off-grid and emergency power.

1. High-Capacity Power Station from Suaoki

First off, Suaoki G1000 marks the brand’s entry into the segment of big solar power stations. With output over 1000 watts, it would be an ideal pick to power your large AC appliances for a pretty long time.

Thus, it would come out to be a highly reliable power solution for both the emergency and off-grid power needs. Also, we get a big brother to the market’s favorite Suaoki G500.

2. Powerful Solar Power Station – Solar Generator

Though the name solar generator is a complete misnomer, Suaoki G1000 is basically a solar-enabled power station. That means, what you get is a backup power station with the solar charging option. So, you could simply use it as a solar generator in the wild coupled with a solar panel.

As per the company, with the 120W charger, the G1000 could accumulate enough power to recharge an iPhone fully from 10-minute sunlight. So, a full day with optimal sunlight could make the machine gather up quite enough power to run most of your electronics in an emergency.

3. Multiple Charging Options – Rapid Charging

As said above, Suaoki G1000 portable power station touts 12 different charging ports. That is a way you could use the device to support nearly all your essential camping and household electronics. The most exciting thing, however, is that it has got four AC sockets with 1000W output each.

Meanwhile, the included USB-C port supports fast-charging 60W PD output. Well, it would help charge a 13” MacBook Pro to 80% in below 1.5 hours. It is when the 18W USB ports could make sure three times faster charging of your handsets with an iPhone Xs Max taking only 45 minutes to reach 85%.

4. Unique UPS Feature

Along with being a solar power station, it integrates a unique UPS feature. Sure, that makes the Suaoki G1000 portable power station even more special. In the case of a power outage, it could automatically switch to the inverter in just 0.01 seconds. That is how you could run your household from its backup.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Suaoki G100 portable power station. It is certainly going to be a very good pick for people who make into the wild for camping, tailgating, and outdoor events. Also, you could use G1000 in your home to take in a potential emergency situation. In both cases, it would immensely help power up your essential electronics with unlimited off-grid power.

Coupled with a powerful solar charger, the device would be an awesome solar generator, for sure. It could store enough power and the included battery is a long-life one with over 3500 charging cycles. Above all, Suaoki G1000 portable power station highlights a host of rich charging options to perfectly cover all your essential appliances and gizmos.

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