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Suaoki G500 Solar Generator: Powerful Solar Power Station and Strong Alternative to Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium

Following our take on Suaoki S270 solar generator, we would like to review the brand’s high-end portable power station, Suaoki G500 solar generator. As its name suggests, it is a 500Wh power station with solar charging compatibility, of course.

Well, coupled with a reliable solar charger, G500 could be a brilliant partner for your camping trips and off-grid adventures. The G500 power station could power up almost all your portable electronics from CPAP machines, laptops, and lights to smartphones.

Suaoki G500 is evidently designed as a strong challenger to Goal Zero Yeti 400 with both its design and performance. Suaoki G500 is also a powerful machine compared to the new Yeti 400. However, Suaoki avails it at almost the same price as its rival, giving outdoor freaks a chance to rejoice.

Suaoki G500 Solar Generator: All to Know About

Similar to the S270 generator, Suaoki G500 is also a successfully-crowdfunded project. Fine, Suaoki took this project to the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform in April 2018 and comfortably managed to amass up an amount of $33,037 against a flexible goal of $20,000.

As of now, the Suaoki G500 power station is available on all major retail sites including Amazon. If you want to buy a unit of it, check out the link below to get its latest price and other details.

The striking thing that I felt about the Suaoki G500 solar generator is indeed its design similarity to Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium. It looks certain that Suaoki has deliberately posited it against Yeti 400 by blindly copying some of its design cues.

Meanwhile, coming to the power side, Suaoki has well managed to design this machine way better than its Goal Zero competitor. It is designed to offer an output of 500Wh with a battery of 137.7Ah. This is when the equally-priced Yeti 400 could generator only 428Wh at 39.6Ah capacity.

Apart from Yeti 400, Suaoki G500 solar generator also battles other machines of the kind out there. They mainly include Anker PowerHouse, River power station, and Jackery Explorer 500, and more.

They all fall in the same categories of price and performance. Anyway, we have more details below why Suaoki G500 is a piece worth buying.

Suaoki G500 As Solar Generator

Basically, G500 is not a solar generator like any similar camping power stations including a Goal Zero Yeti or Anker PowerHouse. It is only a portable power station with solar charging facility built-in. It becomes a solar generator only when you attach it to a solar charger.

That is, you could certainly recharge G500 from a wall outlet or a carport too. But as a solar blog, we would like to recommend you go for G500 along with a solar charger. Then only you could make use of if ideally in an off-grid or outdoor condition, and with no carbon emissions, as well.

Obviously, it is a fact that charging such a device from a solar panel takes more time than a grid or DC outlet. But Suaoki seems to have done its best to make solar charging faster by integrating an advanced MPPT solar charge controller.

However, getting into the wild for an outing or in case of a power outage, solar is the only practical way to juice it up. That gives you a chance to charge it anytime there is the sun in the sky.

Compatible Solar Charger

You don’t need to look for any other brands for a matching solar charger. Suaoki itself offers a wide range of compatible solar chargers for G500. Here we would like to suggest you a highly powerful Suaoki solar charger. It is a 160W solar kit with a charge controller and basic cables and adapters.

That means you could use it to either charge your G500 and other Suaoki power stations or run your emergency electronics directly in the wild. Check out its latest price by following the link.

The solar charger is a four-fold unit with an IPX3 waterproof rating. The included charge controller is a 10A unit and the bundle also features MC4 connectors and adjustable aluminum kickstands.

Meanwhile, thanks to the included TIR-C chip, it could provide an ideal amperage and maximum charging efficiency for your devices.

Suaoki G500 Solar Generator Specs

Specs-wise, Suaoki G500 solar generator is a 500Wh power station. And it comes with a 300W pure sine wave inverter. That could offer enough output to run a range of your smaller appliances.

It equips a pair of 110V AC outlets that could easily generate enough pure sine wave output to run sophisticated devices like CPAPs, speakers, PCs, and etc. Of course, you have the machine with a rich number of charging ports as well.

Well, the G500 sports a unit of QuickCharge 3.0 USB port, which is downward compatible. So you can connect your type-C device or any normal USB device in the absence of a type-C one.

Meanwhile, it separately carries a pair of USB-A fast-charge ports for normal USB devices. Also, it has a pair of DC ports at 12V/3A, a carport at 12V/10A, and an Anderson Power pole connector.

Coming to design, Suaoki G500 solar generator has got a bit large LCD display to show real-time data. The well-built boxy power station features a very sturdy and long handle. That would certainly make it an ultra-portable power station for outdoor and emergency needs.

Why Should You Buy

1. Ideal Output and Power

As said multiple times above, Suaoki G500 solar generator is an ideal portable power station for the outdoor people. Though we have a wide range of products in its category, this comes out to be yet another good choice for off-grid users as well as emergency preppers.

2. Highly Portable and Stylish Design

Absolutely, G500 power station has a perfect design for portable use. By following the design of Goal Zero Yeti, it is doing good in terms of portability with a strong handle and lightweight profile.

But it looks a bad idea to copy the design of a successful brand.

However, you get a good quality solar power station with several advanced features. And when it comes to price, it is available at the same range of Yeti, but it still has more power and capacity.

3. Multiple Compatible Solar Chargers

Yes, Suaoki is a leading brand in portable solar power solutions. The brand hence features a lot of solar chargers compatible with this power station. We have recommended you a 160-watt variant above. That is not the only option you could go with.

You get a lot of compatible solar chargers from Suaoki itself out there. Make sure you buy a solar charger with an output of 100-watt or more. As the device is a high-capacity one, you would need more solar power to recharge it.

Suaoki G500 As a Solar Generator

Suaoki G500 Vs Yeti 400 Face-Off

As said above, Suaoki G500 is a strong competitor to Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium. Yeti 400, as you know, is one of the best-sellers of the line-up as there are several customers for such a handy and compact device for their off-grid and emergency power needs.

Here we check how the Suaoki G500 solar generator performs against Yeti 400 when considering some common parameters. The Suaoki product is actually a clear-cut winner compared to Yeti 400 in terms of output and power.

See, the Suaoki machine is, in fact, a 500Wh mega-capacity power station with a 137.7Ah battery at 3.7V. Meanwhile, Yeti 400 is only 428Wh power station with a 119Ah battery at 3.6V. (Check out the price of Yeti 400 Lithium below. We have the link to buy Suaoki 500 above)

This is when Yeti 400 features a 300W pure sine wave inverter with a surge power of 1200 watts. The Suaoki device, in the meantime, packs up a 300W inverter that could peak at 600W. Overall, both the devices offer almost the same AC output through their built-in dual AC sockets.

By the way, Suaoki G500 solar generator is the biggest of the duo, evidently because it has got more power and capacity. Clearly, Yeti is just 7 x 7 x 11 inches in size and 16 lbs in weight. Meanwhile, G500 is a bit bulkier at 11 x 7.5 x 8.3 inches and it weighs 22.1 lbs.

When it comes to the compatible solar charger, Goal Zero has its series of award-winning Boulder solar panels. You get these rigid metal-based panels in some briefcase variants also to ensure better portability. It is when Suaoki has some awesome foldable solar panels in various power ranges to increase the portability and usability, at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Suaoki G500 solar generator is a new addition to the growing portable solar market. More companies have recently come up with great Goal Zero Yeti alternatives, opening up a way for outdoor enthusiasts to pick from multiple choices.

Well, Suaoki has been dedicated to introducing several eco-friendly and portable power solutions. After the successful launch of its S270, it has also gained in popularity among survival preppers, campers, and tailgaters, and all other outdoor enthusiasts.

The G500 solar generator is, of course, a worthy piece for its price. It stands out the new Yeti 400 Lithium on all grounds except the brand value of Goal Zero. You get G500, the more powerful and handy machine, for a price that is equal to that of Yeti 400. So customers are lucky to get another cool Goal Zero Yeti 400 competition out in the portable solar power industry.

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