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Suaoki Portable Solar Chargers: Everything to Know About Suaoki Portable Solar Chargers

Suaoki is a leading vendor of portable solar power solutions. Along with its series of solar power stations, Suaoki also offers a collection of incredible portable solar panels, solar chargers, and flexible solar panels. Here we would like to have a look at all the best Suaoki portable solar chargers and panels.

Unlike Dokio, Renogy, and some other key brands, most of the Suaoki products are foldable and flexible solar chargers. The brand doesn’t offer traditional glass-and-metal solar panels as of now. Of course, the main goal of the brand is to supply the best foldable solar chargers for its power stations.

Hope you have checked out our list of the complete Suaoki portable power stations on this blog. Certainly, in that article, we also had a look at the suitable solar chargers for the products. But here we take a chance to bring to you all the best-seller Suaoki portable solar chargers and panels. Stay tuned after the break.

Suaoki Portable Solar Chargers and Solar Panels

Well, in two types of portable solar panels – foldable and flexible – Suoaki currently offers multiple models. They range from an 18W flexible solar trickle charger to a high-range 160W foldable solar charger.

Each model is up with the required cables and wires and mounting hardware. Below we have a detailed review of all the Suaoki portable solar chargers and panels.

Suaoki 18W Solar Trickle Charger

As the title says, this is an 18W trickle solar charger from Suaoki. We have already included it on our list of the best small solar panels. You could use it mainly for the purpose of battery juice maintaining in your car, bikes, other automobiles, and more. Suaoki has designed this flexible panel with premium quality solar cells with a higher conversion efficiency of 22.5%.

The trickle charger integrates a blocking diode. So, it could block your batteries from discharging through the panel in the nighttime. Use the link below to check out its latest price and buy a unit.

It is a very portable and highly durable charger. With a weight of just 12.50 oz, you could take it anywhere quite easily. Made with water-resistant and heat-resistant materials, you could certainly use it for a longer period. Meanwhile, you could use it to charge your car battery via the cigarette lighter charger socket.

Why Should You Buy

  • 18-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger.
  • Cigarette Lighter Plug for Easier Car Battery Charging.
  • Lightweight and Highly Durable Solar Charger.
  • Built-in Blocking Diode to Prevent Discharge.

Suaoki 28W Solar Charger

It is a regular folding solar charger with USB charging ports. The four-fold 28W solar charger is made with highly efficient solar cells that could convert up to 23% of the sunlight to power. Meanwhile, thanks to the included multiple USB outlets, you could directly charge your handsets and other USB devices.

Well, the Suaoki 28W USB solar charger features three USB ports. They include two 5V USB ports and one Quick Charge 3.0 port. All the ports highlight built-in smart chips to ensure a stable flow of current to the connected devices. Check out the link below to see its latest price.

Of course, the solar charger is powerful and efficient enough to charge three devices at the same time. So, you could take it anywhere on your tripping, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities to ensure real-time charging of your gadgets. Simply, you get portable power anywhere under the sun.

It is a very lightweight and portable charger as well. With a weight of just 1.65lb, the ultra-slim charger is much handy for your use in the wild. It has a size of 10.4 x 6.3 in once folded down. And you could easily attach the dirt-and-waterproof charger to your backpack, bike or anywhere else with carabiners.

Why Should You Buy

  • 28-Watt Folding USB Solar Charger.
  • Four-Fold Solar Charger with Highly Efficient Solar Cells. 
  • Three USB Ports to Charge Multiple Devices at Once.
  • One Quick Charge 3.0 and Two Regular USB Ports. 
  • Built-In Smart Chip to Ensure Stable Flow of Power.
  • Two Sundials to Place the Solar Charger Perfectly.

Suaoki 60W Camping Solar Panel

It is one of the Suaoki’s much-touted 60W folding solar chargers. In fact, the brand offers two 60W folding solar chargers in two different orientations once unfolded. This nine-layered solar charger spreads out to a single stretch and once unfolded it also enjoys a compact and cute briefcase-style form.

Fine, we have already covered it on multiple lists on our blog as it is one of the best folding solar panels for camping. Obviously, this is again on our exclusive list of Suaoki portable solar chargers here. As a powerful folding solar charger, you could rely on it much for portable power. Check out its current price below.

The Suaoki solar charger, as you know, is a dual-port one. It sports an 18V DC socket and a regular 5V USB port. Coupled with a DC adapter kit, it is compatible with most of the solar power stations out there. They include Rockpals, Paxcess, Goal Zero, Enkeeo, and more other than the Suaoki power stations.

Meanwhile, the USB port is secured with the brand’s much-touted TIR-C technology, which is a smart chip to ensure a stable flow of power to the connected devices. So, you could ensure the safe solar charging of your electronics as it could help automatically adjust the flow of power as per the device.

Above all, the highly portable solar charger is just an amazing pick for all your outdoor uses. With a size of just 11.5 x 6.3 in once folded down, you could easily take it anywhere. Meanwhile, it spreads out to 11.5 to 65.7 in once unfolded. In that state, you could just rug it up to your backpack, camp tent, or bike, or more.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 60-Watt Folding Solar Charger.
  • Made with Highly Efficiency Mono Solar Cells.
  • Dual Output Ports – One USB and One DC Outlet Each.
  • Highly Portable, Friendly for Campers and Backpackers.
  • Lightweight and Handy for Outdoor Enthusiasts.
  • Highly Durable and Lightweight for Outdoor Use.
  • Perfect for All Portable Solar Power Stations.

Suaoki 60W Solar Panel Charger

This is another popular model of the Suaoki portable solar chargers. Though a 60W solar charger with nine layers, it has a different layout once unfolded from the above one. Well, as you see in the pic, it spreads out to two rows of five and four layers each. But once folded down, it has exactly the same briefcase form.

In specs, it looks to be making hardly any difference. Of course, it is also a dual-port charger with a 5V USB and an 18V DC outlet each. You could use them to power your USB and DC-based electronics respectively.

Meanwhile, with the included adapter kit, you could rely on the DC outlet to power up solar power stations from different brands. Check out its latest price on the link below.

Like its twin brother, it also doubles as a versatile car solar battery charger. You could just mount it on your car’s windshield and attach it to the battery with the included clamps. Meanwhile, in case of an emergency, you could use the Suaoki solar charger to directly juice your phones and other USB devices under the sun.

By the way, the included TIR-C smart IC chip could protect your USB-connected devices from overcharge and other voltage issues. It would also help the solar charger automatically identify the connected devices and serve them with the best charging speeds for efficient solar charging.

The Suaoki charger, in the meantime, is specially designed for rough outdoors. It touts IPX3-waterproof certification so you could use it roughly in outdoor situations. Whether you are on a camping or fishing trip, you could enjoy the maximum if you have this folding solar charger from Suaoki, for sure.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 60W Folding Solar Charger.
  • Made of Highly Efficient SunPower Solar Cells.
  • Dual Output Ports – 5V USB and 18V DC Sockets.
  • TIR-C Smart IC Chip to Ensure Safe USB Charging.
  • Ideal for all Portable Solar Power Stations.
  • Superb Choice for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers.

Suaoki 100W Solar Charger

This is a 100W two-fold solar charger from Suaoki. It comes up with highly efficient solar cells that could convert up to 22 percent to ensure good solar output. As you see, it is a very thin and lightweight solar charger that you could easily carry anywhere.

Coming to the ports, it is a dual-port solar solution. Clearly, it equips a 5V USB ports and an 18V DC socket. So, you could use it to power up all your USB devices and DC electronics respectively. In an RV, boat, trailer, or boat, it could thus be a cool battery charger, of course.

Meanwhile, like all similar solar chargers, this highlights a smart IC chip to deliver safe power to your USB devices. The integrated TIR-C technology would help the solar charger identify the connected devices and serve with the required amount of power at the right speeds.

Above all, it is a waterproof solar charger. Thanks to its IPX3 waterproof certification, you could just take it anywhere in rain or by poolside with no worry at all. It weighs just 7.7 lbs and you could easily attach it to a backpack, camping tent, or bike on the go.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 100-Watt Folding Solar Charger.
  • Made of Highly Efficient Mono Solar Cells. 
  • Dual Output Ports – 5V USB and 18V DC Sockets.
  • TIR-C Smart IC Chip to Ensure Safe USB Charging.
  • Great Choice for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers.
  • Waterproof, Ultra-Lightweight and Highly Durable.

Suaoki 100W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

We have one more 100W variant on our list of the Suaoki portable solar chargers. This a four-fold highly efficient solar charger with a built-in MPPT charge controller and TIR-C technology for safe and secure charging of your DC and USB devices.

Thanks to the included DC adapter kit, this solar charger is compatible with most of the portable solar power stations. Likewise, it is an ideal pick to power up your laptops, lightings, CPAPs, and other DC devices. Check out the button below to see its latest price and buy a unit.

When it comes to USB outlets, it features three USB ports with a regular 5V port, a Quick Charge 3.0 port at 18W maximum, and finally a Type-C Power Delivery port. Evidently, there is also a DC socket. Overall, what you get is an incredible solar charger suitable for a range of your electronics.

It is also a very durable and lightweight solar charger. Made from durable fabric and PET, you would be getting a really amazing piece of folding solar charger for camping, hiking, and backpacking. The bundle packs up multiple charging cables like a DC Anderson, DC-DC cable, DC adapter kit, and more.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 100-Watt Folding Solar Charger.
  • Made of Highly Efficient Mono Solar Cells. 
  • Built-In MPPT Charge Controller and TIR-C Smart Chip.
  • One DC Socket and Multiple USB Outlets. 
  • One Quick Charge 3.0 Port and One Type C PD Port. 
  • Great Choice for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers.
  • Waterproof, Ultra-Lightweight and Highly Durable.

Suaoki 160W Folding Solar Charger

Here is the top-end variant of the foldable Suoaki portable solar chargers. As its name suggests, this is a 160W powerful folding solar charger with four layers of highly efficient solar cells. It comes up as a ready-to-use solar kit with a 10A charge controller and MC4 connectors.

You could place it perfectly on the included adjustable aluminum kickstands. And use to back up your solar power stations, 12V battery packs, car batteries, and other 12V electronics for real-time charging under the sun. That is how it turns out to be an ideal outdoor solar charger.

Furthermore, Suaoki has included its advanced TIR-C smart IC chip to ensure a safe flow of power to the connected electronics. It could guarantee you an optimal charging voltage and amperage for efficient solar charging. Use the button above to check out its latest price.

It is a very much handy and lightweight solar charger, by the way. With a weight of just 18 lbs, you could take it anywhere without much hassle. Just attach it to your camping tent, vehicle windshield or a tree to ensure access to the unlimited off-grid power.

Why Should You Buy

  • Highly Powerful 160W Folding Solar Charger.
  • Made of Highly Efficient Mono Solar Cells. 
  • Built-In MPPT Charge Controller and TIR-C Smart Chip.
  • Great Choice for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers.
  • Waterproof, Ultra-Lightweight and Durable.

Suaoki Flexible Solar Panels – 100W and 150W

There are two flexible solar panels from Suaoki with 100W and 150W output. Both are regular single-sheet solar panels that are bendable up to some extent (30 degrees) for easier mounting over uneven surfaces. Made with quality mono solar cells and DF technology, these are highly efficient in low light absorption.

If you are looking to set up an off-grid power system in your RV, trailer, or camper, a flexible solar panel is a fine pick. The great thing is that you could neatly place it over uneven surfaces like an RV roof or boat deck for better exposure to the sun. Also, you could chain together multiple units in parallel for a big output.

Of course, the Suaoki flexible PV panels are superior in durability. Also, they are water-resistant and shock-resistant. So, you could place them ideally in any rough outdoor condition. Made with flexible materials, they naturally stand out the glass and metal models in durability.

A unit of 100W Suaoki solar panel weighs just 5.3 lbs. And it is also very lightweight, obviously. Thanks to the included reinforced mounting holes and a unique frameless design, you could fix a flexible solar panel anywhere easily. Check out the link above to buy both the 100W and 150W Suaoki flexible solar panels.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100-Watt and 150-Watt Flexible Solar Panels. 
  • Made with Highly Efficient Mono Solar Cells. 
  • Bendable Up to 30 Degrees for Easier Mounting Over Uneven Surfaces. 
  • Perfect Picks for Camper, RV, Trailers, and Boats.
  • Highly Durable and Waterproof Solar Panels.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Suaoki portable solar chargers and panels. As you have seen above, the brand chiefly offers a series of foldable fabric-based solar chargers ranging from 18W to 160W. Of course, these solar panels are perfect power solutions for your outdoor and emergency life. They are quite friendly for portable use as you could fold them down to the very convenient suitcase forms after the use.

Also, you have a couple of flexible solar panels for easier and quicker mounting over your RV, campervan, boat, and more. Overall, the brand has a collection of awesome solar chargers to support your off-grid life situations. Share your thoughts about the products in the comments below.

Also, check out the complete product lists of other leading brands.

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