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Suaoki 222Wh Portable Generator: Everything to Know About the Suaoki Power Station

Suaoki S601 is a medium-sized and compact portable power station with a capacity of 220Wh, as its name says. Earlier, we came across the entry-level Suaoki S270 150Wh power station. This Suaoki portable solar generator, as you see, is a more powerful and reliable solution to fulfill your needs on a camping, boating, fishing, or any other outdoor event. This is also a nice solution for emergency power in the aftermath of a calamity or any other bad event in your locality.

The best part about the Suaoki power station is indeed its lightweight profile. Moreover, you get it in a sturdy and strong case, making it a perfect choice for outdoor needs. Anyway, this device could power nearly all your essential gadgets and appliances. Clearly, it could recharge your phone around 20 times and a laptop four times. Meanwhile, its AC power supply is capable to run a mini fridge for around 5 hours and a camping lantern for around 50 hours, as per Suaoki.

Suaoki Portable Solar Generator – 222Wh

Of course, this is a versatile portable solar power station from Suaoki. Though sized very small and compact, it is capable of offering you a good amount of power to charge a variety of your devices off-the-grid. It features a 200W pure sine wave inverter that could peak up to 250 watts. Meanwhile, as you know, its battery has a capacity of 20,[email protected] 11.1V, which could deliver you an output of 222Wh. Follow the button below to order a unit of the Suaoki portable solar generator.

Well, You have all the essential charging ports with the Suaoki portable solar generator. Clearly, it highlights two units of 5V USB ports and as many 12V DC ports. And the real attraction is indeed its two 110V AC sockets, letting you run multiple AC appliances at the same time. By the way, its brick-like boxy design is another point of impression. That lets you carry it anywhere with no hassle at all. You could just hold it on its durable carrying strap and transport anywhere quite effortlessly.

By the way, the Suaoki device is built with high-quality aluminum alloy shell. That certainly adds to its ruggedness, making it an ideal choice for use in tough terrains. Along with its boxy design, this is indeed an extra advantage to the Suaoki solar power station. Above all, you have the stylish Suaoki portable solar generator with a 5-LED light indicator to show the battery status and other info.

Compatible Solar Charger

In fact, Suaoki offers a range of solar chargers compatible with this power pack. Although you could recharge it with the third-party solar chargers, we recommend Suaoki’s 60W folding solar charger if you are looking for one from the brand. As you see, this is a moderately powerful charger that could decently power up your Suaoki portable solar generator in a few hours. Moreover, its folding design makes it perfect for carrying in your backpack and hanging on your backpack or bike on the move.

Fine, the Suaoki folding solar charger guarantees you a higher solar conversion rate. Built with the high-quality SunPower mono solar cells, it could provide you 25% of solar efficiency under direct sunlight, the company claims. Anyway, it is a dual-output solar charger; a USB port and an 18V DC socket. Indeed, this feature lets you directly charge your USB and DC devices from the sunlight.

Meanwhile, the solar charger, like all similar plug and play solutions, highlights a unique smart chip to ensure a stable and safe flow of the current to your gadgets when connected directly. That surely helps protect your devices from all the common voltage variation issues. By the way, the outer layer of the solar charger is waterproof and is highly durable so you could take it anywhere in the wild.

Why Should You Buy

1. Lightweight and Ultra-Portable Power Station

It is a lightweight and compact solar power solution for all your outdoor power needs. Weighing just around 6 lbs, this is easy to carry along as it features a box-design. Certainly, the included carrying strap also adds to its portability. Hence, you can buy a unit of the Suaoki portable solar generator to enjoy unlimited off-grid power on camping, hiking, fishing or off-road trips.

2. Durable Build and Stylish Design

Of course, Suaoki has built the power station with a durable build as well as a stylish profile. As you see, the outer case of the Suaoki portable solar generator is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Moreover, its brick-like design enhances the durability and style of the device to become one of the coolest solar power stations of its kind out there.

3. Good Capacity and Versatile Charging Options

Featuring a 220Wh, 20,000mAh lithium battery, the Suaoki power station is indeed a machine with good capacity. Coupled with a 200W power inverter, it could run most of your essential gizmos and appliances. At the same time, the device features all the essential charging options including dual AC sockets, and as many DC and USB ports to support a range of your electronics.

4. Safe and Consistent Power Output

Above all, the Suaoki portable solar generator features the battery management system (BMS) to ensure advanced safety of the connected electronics. As you see, it would prevent the quick voltage variations as well as over-temperature, ensuring better health for your appliances and gadgets. It also helps improve the life of the included battery, by the way.

Highlighted Features

  • Decent 200W Power Station with 250W Surge Power.
  • 220Wh Solar Power Source with Lithium Battery Inside.
  • Multiple Powering Options to Support all Your Electronics.
  • Highly Durable Build with Aluminum Alloy Body.
  • Handy and Ultra-Portable Design with 9.8 x 6.3 x 3.4 in.
  • Lightweight Profile with 5.51 Lbs Weight.
  • Battery Management System (BMS) for Safe Charging.

Final Thoughts

Well, the Suaoki portable solar generator is indeed an amazing companion to all the campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Along with a unit of reliable solar charger, you could go anywhere in the wild confidently. And survive an emergency situation thanks to access to unlimited solar energy. Compared to many of its rivaling products, this is a very handy and compact device. So, buy a unit of the Suaoki 222Wh power station and enjoy your outings with more fun.

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  1. It’s a nice share and very informative. I just had to comment that apart from the initial installation costs and minimal maintenance costs, nothing that can beat the power of solar energy. So green, environmental friendly and one will also realize that it is economical in the long run.

  2. It would be great if you could test the Suaoki 60W Portable Folding Solar Panel with the Yeti 150 and Yeti 400 and let us know the results. I am a solar newbie but think the yeti gens are great, but solar panels are low power and high in price. This panel would nicely power a yeti 150 quickly and it triple the power of the nomad 20 and the same cost! thx in advance.


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