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Suaoki S270 Solar Generator: Everything to Know About Suaoki 150Wh Power Station

Suaoki S270 solar generator is the entry-level variant of the brand’s line-up of solar power stations. This compact 100W variant of the solar power station comes up with a host of lovely features. Here we would like to have a detailed look at the base model Suaoki solar power station.

This is a product largely supported by contributors on Indiegogo back in November 2017. Suaoki team managed to collect a massive amount of over $50,00 on the crowdfunding initiative.

The result is that we are lucky to have a really nice and reliable solar power station, which is very handy and lightweight for outdoor and emergency power needs. Of course, along with a suitable solar charger, Suaoki S270 solar generator would be an amazing device worth buying.

Suaoki S270 Solar Generator: Overview

The square-shaped Suaoki S270 is a perfect choice for on-the-go power. It comes with a 100W modified sine wave inverter that could peak at 150W. With two AC sockets, it could power up your small home appliances and other emergency devices.

The device also sports one QuickCharge 3.0 USB port, three regular USB ports, and four DC outlets to support a range of your gizmos and lights. Check out the link below to see its latest price.

Suaoki Solar Generator S270

Coming to storage capacity, you have the Suaoki solar generator with a lithium battery of 40.5Ah @ 3.7V or a 13.5Ah @ 11.1V. Fine, this could offer you a decent output of 150Wh to let you easily juice up all essential devices multiple times.

As you see, it is a very compact and lightweight power station, as well. Clearly, the overall size of the device is just 7.3 x 4.3 x 4.7 in and it weighs only 2.9 lbs, making it a really nice piece of the portable solar power station for all your off-grid and emergency power needs.

Compatible Solar Charger

Of course, you could use any solar charger to power up the Suaoki S270 solar generator from the sun. However, Suaoki offers you a range of compatible solar chargers. Its 60-watt foldable solar charger is indeed an ideal pick for this power station.

This is 9-layered solar charger with an extremely portable design. Fine, you could fold it down to a very small and handy unit that you could easily store in your backpack or even pocket. Follow the button below to check out the latest price of the solar folding charger. 

Moreover, it is a dual output solution with a 5V USB socket an and 18V DC outlet, letting you charge your handsets and other devices just under the sunlight.

The charger features an advanced TIR-C smart chip to automatically identify the connected device and offer the power at the right speeds. The solar charger also comes with a 10-in-1 connector.

Why Should You Buy

There are certainly several reasons why you should go for this Suaoki S270 solar generator. Being a camper or hiker, you are lucky enough to get a brilliant portable solar power solution. As you know, it is a very small and lightweight device so that you could take it anywhere with no hassle at all.

Absolutely, you could use the Suaoki machine to power up a variety of your devices from personal electronics to small home appliances. Sure, you will love this product for any of the below reasons.

1. Lightweight and Ultra-Portable

As you see, this is a very compact and portable solar power bank. Being a base model of the Suaoki S270 solar generator line-up, it weighs just around 3 lbs and it has got a size of 7.26 x 4.31 x 4.67 in.

It is when its elder variant, Suaoki 222Wh, weighs over 5 lbs. That is, you get the square-shaped handy Suaoki S270 solar generator in such a lightweight and ultra-portable profile.

2. MPPT Chip for Increased Efficiency

Though a smaller solar generator, S270 integrates the advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology. That means you get better solar efficiency and performance. Hope you clearly know how important MPPT solar charge controllers are with the solar power systems.

Absolutely, this controller lets you collect more power from the connected panels. Clearly, here with Suaoki S270, the MPPT chip adapts the solar power to an optical amperage to easily recharge the built-in battery and safeguard it from any voltage variation and other issues.

3. Multiple Charging Options

Though a small solar power station, Suaoki S270 features all the essential charging options. Most notably, it comes up with two AC sockets to power up your small home appliances in an emergency.

Furthermore, it has four USB ports and as many DC sockets. The USB ports include a QuickCharge 3.0 unit. Overall, you can run multiple devices at once with the Suaoki S270 solar generator.

4. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Port

Well, out of the four USB ports, one is a unit of QuickCharge 3.0 port, as put it above. That could offer you an output up to 18W maximum. The other three ports are capable to deliver at 10.5-watt maximum each. Thus, you could connect multiple handsets at the same time for recharging.

5. Torchlight and Emergency Light

Wouldn’t you love a portable solar power station with all the essential emergency lights built-in? Amazingly, this Suaoki power station integrates a pair of torchlight lights, which could also act as an emergency light with two lighting modes.

You would certainly love this as an incredible feature when you were on the go and during a stay in the wild. That is why this Suaoki product is again a very much camper-friendly solar power station.

Suaoki portable solar generator new - s270

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

The Suaoki S270 solar generator is a base model, as put it above. Hence, it is not for someone who looks for a high amount of solar energy out in the wild. It is only a 100W power station so it could only support your essential AC appliances for a short period of time off-the-grid. Moreover,

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Suaoki S270 solar generator. This is, in fact, a perfect camper solar power station. Suaoki has ideally designed it with a host of features that clearly cater to the needs of the campers and other outdoor enthusiasts. You can perfectly run all your small gadgets and devices with the power station and light up ways in the darkness.

Along with a reliable solar charger, the Suaoki S270 solar generator would certainly be an added support to the campers. Once in the wild, you can top it up from the sunlight and keep going with the essential power for all your gadgets and emergency appliances. Share your thoughts about the product in the comments.

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1 thought on “Suaoki S270 Solar Generator: Everything to Know About Suaoki 150Wh Power Station”

  1. I have had one of these for 6 months and it’s great.
    Use it for powering a digital piano and amp for busking.
    Also came in handy during a blackout this week.

    A correction to your article. You said it has a pure sine wave inverter AC output. Actually it has a modified sine wave inverter AC output which isn’t as good. It introduces a hum with one of my amplifiers because of this but worked ok with another amp.

    While the US model has two AC outputs, the international 240V one I have in Australia only has one.


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