Suaoki, a key player in portable solar power, has come up with a brand new solar generator. Branded as S270, the 150Wh power station has successfully grabbed crowdfunds from Indiegogo in Nov. 2017. The new Suaoki solar generator has so far garnered a sum of $51,632 from its backers. That is over 400% of its expected goal in the campaign. That means we are about to receive yet another cool portable solar solution from Suaoki.

Suaoki Solar Generator

| Image Credit: Suaoki |

Suaoki Solar Generator S270: Overview

Being a reader of this blog, you might be familiar with Suaoki 400Wh solar generator and its 220Wh variant. The upcoming model, though not as powerful as the former variants, looks to be a more mobile and advanced solar power solution. As put it above, it comes equipped with a 150Wh battery and it offers 150W AC and 15A DC to charge a variety of your electronics in the wild.

Of course, S270 looks more compact and portable. You could carry it easily on its comfy handles and use to charge a variety of your electronics. Making it a really awesome pick for campers, it touts a bright LED torch. Indeed, that also acts like an emergency light with two modes; illumination and flashlight.

Update on Availability: Suaoki has released S270 on public market. It is now available on retail sites like Amazon for a cool price. Check the price and buy a unit of Suoaki S270 on Amazon here.

What Makes it Special

There are indeed some brilliant reasons you might love this Suaoki solar generator. Being a camper or hiker, you are actually getting yet another awesome portable solar solution. It is very small and lightweight so that you could take it anywhere with no much hassle at all. At the same time, you could use it to power up a host of your devices including personal electronics to small home appliances.

MPPT Chip Integrated

Yes, though a small solar generator, it integrates an advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking chip. I think you better know why MPPT solar charge controllers are special for solar generators. Absolutely, it guarantees you more power from the connected solar panels with better efficiency. Clearly, here the MPPT chip adapts solar power to optical amperage to recharge the solar generator.

Suaoki portable solar generator new - s270

| Image Credit: Suaoki Indiegogo |

Multiple Output Ports

You have multiple ports and sockets to charge your electronics from the new Suaoki solar generator. First, it highlights four DC outlets that offer a maximum out of 180W/15A. Furthermore, it features a pair of AC sockets and four USB ports to charge and run multiple devices at a time.

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

Well, out of the four USB ports, one is a rapid-charging QC 3.0. That could offer an output up to 18W. The other three ports are 10.5W units, in the meantime. Yes, you could connect multiple devices at a time to charge from the new Suaoki solar generator.

Torchlight and Emergency Light

You might love a portable solar generator for outdoor use if it has LED light as an extra feature. This machine, as said above, integrates an LED light that could also act like an emergency light with two modes. No doubt, you would find it as a worthy feature when you go on an outing for a stay in the wilderness.

Check Price and Buy @ Suoaki S270 Portable Power Station

Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Thanks to its collection of rich features, the new Suaoki solar generator has sooner become a reality in support of contributors. Of course, backers have abundantly funded the project on Indiegogo. Still you can grab its early bird perk for just $129 on That kit, along with a unit of S270, packs up accessories like MC4 cable, DC car adapter cable, and cigarette lighter adapter, and etc.

Meanwhile, the variant you could get it in combo of a solar charger comes for $289. The included solar unit is Suaoki’s 60W SunPower folding solar charger. By the way, Suaoki expects to start shipping the product by Dec. this year. We are not sure when the new S270 will be available on public market, though. Anyway, we are certain that three will be another outstanding solar power station for 2018.

Update: Suaoki has updated on 29th November that it has shipped the first batch of S270 to the backers. And they expect to ship the second batch quite sooner.

Final Thoughts

Being a camper, I am much excited of the new Suaoki solar generator. It is always glad to see new products in the portable solar power turf. Though basically a portable power station, this machine becomes an ideal solar generator only when you buy it with a solar charger. Moving into the wild, you could just keep it fully charged from home or car and then top it up from sunlight. That gives you unlimited access to power anywhere.

Well, wherever you go it will come out to be a good partner for your adventures. Hope you have loved the new Suaoki solar generator. We are expecting your comments on the machine below. SwanPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PowerSuaoki Solar GeneratorSuaoki, a key player in portable solar power, has come up with a brand new solar generator. Branded as S270, the 150Wh power station has successfully grabbed crowdfunds from Indiegogo in Nov. 2017. The new Suaoki solar generator has so far garnered a sum of $51,632 from its backers....Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks