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Sungzu 2000W Portable Power Station: Safest Solar Power Station in a Suitcase Form

We have yet another incredible mid-range solar power station on the market. This is from Sungzu, a famous vendor of solar power stations with a range of practical and functional models. Called Sungzu SKA2500, it is a highly portable suitcase-style solar power station with a safe and durable build.

Coming to the specs, the Sungzu 2000W portable power station is a 2000W solar backup system and the battery inside is a 2500Wh long-lasting LiFePO4 pack. Fine, along with its safe and powerful battery, the machine highlights a strong build, thanks to its 5mm whole AL-alloy case.


Well, the combination of alloy and quality ABS plastic makes it much durable compared to its competitors made of ABS and thin AL-alloy casing. In addition, it features the latest scaffold structure inside to further contribute to its solid build. Of course, the product has is out there after rigorous durability testing.

More clearly, the company claims that its new power station could perfectly manage to survive a drop test from a height of three meters and a roll-over test by a vehicle of two tons. Overall, you get one of the most safest and durable solar power stations with quite enough power and output.

Sungzu 2000W Portable Power Station

With the 2000W solar power station, Sungzu has jumped into the fray of mid-range solar power stations. Sungzu SKA2500 is, therefore, a serious competitor to the popular models in the segment like Bluetti AC200P, AllPowers Monster X, LEOCH, Zero Breeze ElecHive, and more.

The stylish device can offer the necessary power to run your emergency appliances and devices.

Well, Sungzu has unveiled its power station on Indiegogo for crowdfunding support. Starting at an early bird price of $1200, it is available for pre-order on the link below. The brand also avails the power station in a handful of bundles with compatible solar panels at the best rewards.

SUNGZU 2000-watt Portable Power Station


Sungzu 2000W Portable Power Station features three 110V AC sockets that can surge at 4000 watts. The other charging options include USB-A ports, a 12V carport, and multiple regular 12V DC ports. Overall, the Sungzu power station has a total of 10 different charging points.

The most attractive thing is that you get it is a suitcase-form with strong wheels and carrying cart included. So, you can easily drag it anywhere and make sure you get unlimited portable power anywhere.

Notable Features

  • 2000W Solar Power Station with Three 110V AC Sockets. 
  • 2500Wh LiFePO4 Long-Lasting and Safe Battery Pack.
  • Suitcase-Style Design with Four Universal Spinner Wheels. 
  • Whole AL-Alloy and ABS Plastic Body. 
  • Highly Portable with Collapsible Handle and Wheels. 
  • Ten Charging Options, Including the AC Sockets. 

Why Should You Buy

1. Powerful Solar Power Station

The Sungzu 2000W portable power station is indeed a powerful and practical device with a 2000W power inverter and a battery of 2500-watt-hours. These specs definitely make it a perfect option for running your bigger AC appliances in an off-grid situation and an emergency.

2. 2000W Power Inverter

Yet another beautiful thing with the Sungzu power station is, of course, its reliable 2000-watt inverter that has a surge of 4000 watts. With three 110V AC sockets, you can much rely on this to run your necessary household and outdoor appliances.

3. Safe Battery Pack

Going with the new trend, Sungzu has an LFP battery pack inside its power station. Made of 48 pieces of 32125 cell batteries, you get a much safer battery pack with a life cycle of 5000+ times.

4. Dust-Proof Case Design

As per Sungzu, its new power station notably highlights a dust-proof case. Made of quality whole AL-alloy and ABS plastic, it is more solid than many of its competitors made out of thin-alloy or ABS only.

Its 5mm thick casing gives it a strong and dust-proof profile. Moreover, the scaffold structure for its battery pack further makes it a stable device to carry in a vehicle, RV, or campervan.

5. Extremely Portable Power Station

Yet another impressive thing about the 2000Wh Sungzu power station is its extremely portable design. Unlike the cubic shapes of most of the power stations, it touts a handy suitcase form, which you can carry on its solid built-in spinner wheels.

Well, as you see, it comes with four spinner wheels, making it the size of a 24-inch suitcase. Of the wheels, two are brake wheels for increased safety. Hence, as per the brand, even a 10-year kid can carry along the huge power station on various terrains.

The telescopic handle is another notable advantage. You can adjust it as per your requirement and take it on your trips and travels at ease. The increased portability can surely make it great for outdoor life.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Sungzu 2000W portable power station. It is indeed an incredible product of its kind with a strong build and suitcase form. As a portable power station, it is a great advantage for the Sungzu to have extreme movability along with its decent storage capacity and a reliable inverter.

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