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Togo Power Solar Power Stations: Stylish and Practical Solar Power Stations and Solar Panels for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for the most stylish, fashionable, highly practical solar power station and solar panel brand for camping, you’re in the right place.

Togo Power is one of the brands that provide such solutions with a wide range of durable solar power generators and solar panels for you to choose from.

The fashionable black and yellow case design and LED flashlight for an emergency is the first impression that I have of its outdoor battery, after I connect with its Solar Panel, things become more interesting…

Under the brand, they have portable power stations from entry-level 231wh to top-end high capacity 1512wh, and also compact Portable Solar Panels, which are exactly what outdoor enthusiasts and campers need-convenient backup powers that can use in many things like charging mobile devices, lighting up a dark camping site, running a CPAP machine at night while camping, etc.

Today we will get through the best-seller models of the Togo Power brand and see how their solar power solutions can generate enough backup power and help you to explore the wild and support your next adventure without worries.

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Entry-Level 231Wh/346Wh/520Wh Power Station Review

These are Togo Power entry-level Lithium Solar Power Stations, you could see the black and yellow case design, with a folding handle at the top, and on the left side there is an LED flashlight and a floodlight built into the handle, which can help you see clearly at night or in low-light conditions.

With a matte finish handle that is smooth to the touch and easy to grab, this emission-free solar-based power station can certainly satisfy your portable power needs in various outdoor situations like camping, travel, music festivals, emergencies, and more. Use the switch that can turn on SOS mode when you held it for 3 seconds.

The battery is not waterproof, but they have black plastic covers to keep the power station from dust and water.

The only thing you need to do is to make sure that it’s charged before you use it for the first time, you could it up to 100% quickly using an AC-DC power adapter, or other charging options like a 12V/10A car adapter or solar panel.

Togo Solar Power Stations for Off-Grid Life

As entry-level power stations, they have multiple charging options of 5,9, and 10 output ports. Moreover, the 346Wh/520Wh power station has a 10W Wireless Charger design on top of it! You could charge your phone whenever you want, just put it on the top of the power station, and the charging begins.346Wh/520Wh power station also has 2 DC5525 Outputs(12V/10A), which means they can support bigger home appliances such as laptops or electric vehicles.

They all generate lots of power in a compact battery and multiple charging options, as well as its BMS Security Protection that improves battery life and prevents safety accidents.

When you need backup power in a convenient package for easy transport or outdoor use, these 3 Togo Power Advance portable Power Station models are what you’re looking for.

Togo Power Solar Power Stations details:

1. Togo Power Advance 240 – 231Wh

  • 231Wh Lithium Solar Power Station
  • 200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with an 120V AC Socket,400W surge.
  • LED Light & SOS Light Mode.
  • 18W USB-A QC 3.0 ports,60W USB-C PD Port,12V/10A DC car port.
  • MPPT Charge Controller with 48W Solar Input.
  • Highly durable, practical, and lightweight design:2.69kg.

2. Togo Power Advance 350 – 346Wh

  • 346Wh Lithium Solar Power Station.
  • 330W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with an 120V AC Socket,660W surge.
  • MPPT Charge Controller with 80W Solar Input.
  • LED Light & SOS Light Mode.
  • 9 Ports for All: 18W USB-A QC 3.0 ports,60W USB-C PD Port,10W Wireless. Charger, 12V/10A DC car port,DC5525 Outputs
  • Highly durable, practical, and lightweight design:4.29kg.

3. Togo Power Advance 550 – 520Wh

  • 520Wh Lithium Solar Power Station.
  • 500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Two 120V AC Socket,1000W surge.
  • MPPT Charge Controller with 100W Solar Input.
  • LED Light & SOS Light Mode.
  • 10 Ports for All:18W USB-A QC 3.0 ports,60W USB-C PD Port,10W Wireless Charger, 12V/10A DC car port,DC5525 Outputs
  • Highly durable, practical, and lightweight design:6.49kg

High Capacity Togo Power A1550 Review

This Huge Capacity 1512Wh power station is a real power monster and is designed for Outdoor Living, with 3* AC outlets (120V), 2* PD Type-C (60W) ports, 4* USB ports in total, 3* DC ports, and 1* 10W wireless charging station, it can charge Up To 12 Devices, simultaneously.

It has 3 Ways To Recharge:

  1. AC Port Charges in 5-6Hrs;
  2. 600W maximum Solar Panel Charges in 3-4Hrs;
  3. Car Port Charges in 25-26Hrs.

Togo Solar Power Stations for Outdoor Life

Plus, the digital display makes it easy to see how much power you have left, while a top handle simplifies carrying, so you can take it with you everywhere you need to be. Great camping essentials accessories for Hiking, CPAP machine. RV.

Whether the natural elements cut the electricity or some other emergency leaves you without power, Togo power features a Portable Power Station that’s powerful enough to keep your personal devices charged and at the ready so you can stay connected and entertained.

4. Togo Power Advance 1550 –1512Wh

  • 1512Wh Lithium Solar Power Station.
  • 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Three 120V AC Socket,3000W surge.
  • MPPT Charge Controller with 240W Solar Input.
  • LED Light & SOS Light Mode.
  • 12 Ports for AlL:18W USB-A QC 3.0 ports,60W USB-C PD Port,10W Wireless Charger, 12V/10A DC car port,DC5525 Outputs,24V/5A DC7406 Outputs
  • Highly durable, practical, and lightweight design:13.28kg

Togo Power 120W Portable Solar Panel – Folding Style

Togo Solar Power Stations with Solar Panels

Higher Cell Efficiency

With the premium monocrystalline solar cell, it has a higher conversion rate of up to 23%. The solar panel has a built-in smart IC chip. The chip will identify our device and adjust the charging speed accordingly.

Wide Compatibility

This is an amazing Portable Solar Panel that is compatible with almost all mainstreaming Power stations such as Jackery, EcoFlow, Bluetti, and Togo Power solar power stations.

It has 5 different sizes of DC connectors compatible with the most popular solar generators on the market, including 8mm connector for Jackery/Anker, XT60 connector for Bluetti/Ecoflow, 5.5*2.1mm for Flashfish/ROCKPALS, 5.5*2.5mm for VTONCE, Anderson for Jackery 1000/Goal Zero, etc.

Built-in Intelligent Controller

The charging algorithm is upgraded, and the charging efficiency is increased by 20%-30%. Provides multiple protections such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, etc.

Splashproof and Durable

Long-lasting, light-weight, and high-transparent, the superb ETFE-laminated case is durable enough to extend the lifespan of the solar panel. The IP65 waterproof standard will protect the panel from water splash.

The Togo power Advance 120W solar panel is a highly portable, compact, and folding unit, weighing just 9.4 lbs (4.25 kg).

Final Thoughts

We have handpicked the best-selling Portable Power Stations and Portable Solar Panels for you. What I like about this brand is its stylish design, with a strong and compact battery and Multiple charging options, and also they have designs for convenience like wireless chargers, a special design for outdoor emergencies like LED flashlights, and a wide range of output options.

As said above, whether you need entry-level power stations for outdoor or a high-capacity power monster for emergency and essential, Togo Power Advance Series Power Station is always your best choice with affordable prices.

Share your thoughts about the Togo Power brand and its solar power solutions in the comments.


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