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Togo Power Solar Power Stations: Very Stylish and Highly Compact Solar Power Stations

A lot of brands have on sale ultra-portable and practical solar power stations for outdoor enthusiasts and campers. Togo Power is one of the notable vendors that sell a wide range of stylish, compact, and durable solar power generators. Increased portability and durable builds are the main attractions of the brand.

In our take on the Togo Power solar power stations, we would like to get through the best-seller models of the brand and see how they are different from the competitors. It will help you find the best solar generator to make you explore the wild or go ahead on your next adventure with enough backup power.

Togo Power has nearly half a dozen of power stations under the branding, Advance. Starting with 288Wh  entry-level Togo Power Advance 330 to the 1512Wh top-end Advance 1550, you have multiple options to choose from. A stylish profile with rugged cladding is the first thing to note about all the Togo Powers.

Togo Power Solar Power Stations

As said above, Togo Power features cool solar power stations in all the popular segments of the market. In this article, we would like to have a look at a handful of the popular models of the brand below. Stay tuned.

1. Togo Power Advance 350 – A350

  • 346Wh Entry-Level Lithium Solar Power Station.
  • 330W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with an AC Socket.
  • 10W Wireless Charger, 60W USB-C PD Port.
  • Dual USB-A Ports, DC Sockets, and Carport.
  • MPPT Charge Controller with 60W Solar Input.
  • Highly Compact, Durable, and Lightweight Design.

Togo Power 350 Review

The A350 is a popular Togo Power solar power station and is one of the most reliable compact options you can find on the market today. Being a compact and lite unit, it is an ideal option for powering up your small devices such as laptops, mini coolers, and other small outdoor gear.

When it comes to specs, the A350 is a 346Wh power station with a durable build and amazing portability. It packs up a 330W inverter and you have it equipped with a single standard AC outlet, apart from a number of other options for delivering power, including a wireless charger.

Some of the other charging outlets are a 12V car socket, USB-C ports, USB-A ports, and dual DC outlets. Overall, you get the handy, 10lbs product with a lot of features to make it a perfect camper-friendly solar power station. A strong foldable carrying handle makes you easily handle it out in the wild.

The Advance 350 supports solar, AC, and DC options for recharging. An advanced MPPT controller makes it charge from a solar panel of 60 watts, which the brand itself has on sale. With 60 watts, you can charge it fully in six to seven hours, and rather faster from an AC wall socket.

An LED flashlight with SOS mode, a pretty LCD display, and a rugged design with strong plastic cladding are other key attractions of the compact solar power station from Togo Power.

2. Togo Power Advance 550 – A550

  • 520Wh Compact Lithium Solar Power Station.
  • 500W PSW Inverter and Dual AC Sockets.
  • 10W Wireless Charger, USB-C 60W PD Port.
  • Multiple USB-A Ports, DC Sockets, and Carport.
  • MPPT Charge Controller with 120W Solar Input.
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Durable Design.

Togo Power A550 Review

The Advance 550 is the compact solar power station Togo Power has in competition with Jackery Explorer 500, EcoFlow River, Bluetti EB55, and so on. The compact segment of power stations has always been much competitive with all the brands having incredible products.

But Togo Power has got the 520Wh lithium power station for you with really competitive pricing compared to its rivaling brands. The device is a 500W power station with dual AC sockets and is indeed keeping the strong and durable build, which makes it really special on the market.

Besides the AC sockets, the A550 features three USB-A ports, one USB-C 60W port, a pair of DC sockets, and one cigarette lighter car charger. A 10W wireless charger is another thing that makes this Togo Power model unique in the market of compact power stations.

With an advanced MPPT controller inside, you can charge it with a solar input of up to 120 watts to get it fully charged in six to seven hours, depending on the intensity of the sunlight, though. Apart from solar charging, it supports AC wall socket and DC car charging options, for sure.

The model also features an LCD screen for you to monitor the operational data in real-time and an LED flashlight with SOS emergency mode. The power station is indeed lightweight as it weighs just around 15 lbs, and it sports a large, foldable carrying handle, which is strong enough for you to hold it safely.

3. Togo Power Advance 1550 – A1550

  • 1512Wh Mid-Range Lithium Solar Power Station.
  • 1500W Inverter with Three Standard AC Outlets.
  • 12 Charging Options with Multiple USB and DC Ports.
  • 600W Solar Charging, and AC and DC Charging Options.
  • LED Flashlight, LCD Display, and Solid Build.

Finally, we have Togo Power’s top-end model, the Advance 1550. Equipped with a 1512Wh lithium battery pack and a 1500W power inverter, this is a real competitor to Jackery Explorer 1500. The Advance 1550 is indeed a cheaper mid-range solar generator you can get with a solid build and reliable performance.

The high-capacity power station comes up with 12 different charging options, including three standard AC sockets, a 10W wireless charger, two USB 3.0 60W PD ports, a carport, and more. That is how it becomes a powerful mid-size power station with ample options for running multiple devices in the wild.

Like its younger siblings, you can charge it from three options, which include a 600W solar output apart from an AC wall socket and carport. A strong carrying handle, a solid build, and stylish yellow shade are indeed other attractions of the Togo Power solar generator.

An LED flashlight with emergency SOS mode and an LCD display for live monitoring of its performance are also part of the mid-size solar power station from Togo Power. It weighs as light as 30 lbs, so you won’t feel it much bulkier for carrying along on your trips and explorations.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Togo Power solar power stations. The brand has more models on sale, but we have handpicked the best three models in the popular segments. The main highlight of Togo Power is its strong and solid power stations with impressive features like wireless chargers, LED flashlights, and affordable prices. Share your thoughts about the brand and its products in the comments below.

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