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VigorPool Captain 1200: 1.2-2.5kWh Expandable Solar Power Station with Fast Solar Charging

VigorPool is about to launch an impressive mid-range solar power station. Called VigorPool Captain 1200, it is a 1.2-2.5kWh expandable solar power station with fast solar charging and a 1200W inverter.

The highly portable and compact power station has got a 1200W AC inverter and as many as 12 charging outlets, including multiple AC sockets. With its expandable battery capacity of 1.2-2.5kWh, you can rely on it to power up an entire camp and a small household.

You can pair two units of Captain 1200 with the given cable to double the storage capacity and output power by taking them respectively to 2560Wh and 2400 watts. So, it can be an ideal option as a home backup system and emergency power station.

VigorPool is about to launch the product on Kickstarter. We will keep the article updated with the details when it is available for outdoor enthusiasts to pre-order on the crowdfunding platform.

VIGORPOOL CAPTAIN 1200 ($934 BF Price)

VigorPool Captain 1200 Solar Power Station


  • 1200Wh/2500Wh Expandable Mid-Range Power Station.
  • 1200W PSW Inverter with a Surge Power of 2400 Watts.
  • 12 Charging Outlets, Including Multiple AC Sockets.
  • Advanced MPPT Charger for Fast Solar Charging.
  • Chargeable from Solar Panels, Wall Socket, and Gas Generator.
  • Long-Life Grade-A LifePO4 Battery Pack with 3500+ Cycles.
  • Lightweight and Highly Portable Power Station.

VigorPool Captain 1200

The Captain 1200 is a lightweight battery pack with an advanced grade-A LifePO4 battery. Added with its long-lasting battery, you can use it as an ideal way to power up your camping tents, RVs, and cabins.

The typical Ternary cells have a shorter life span of just above 500 cycles.

But the LFP battery inside the Captain is a better battery pack as it can retain 80% battery health even after 3500+ cycles, and that is how it becomes a much more reliable power station in competition to the mid-range models from the brands like Jackery, EcoFlow, and Bluetti.

Faster charging is another attraction. You can charge the power station up to 100% in just 1.5 hours with a combination of solar panels and an AC socket. The included MPPT controller is capable of charging it steadily faster in peak hours.

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