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Wagan Solar ePower Case 800: Everything to Know About Wagan’s 800W All-In-One Solar Power Station

Are you looking at buying a highly rugged solar power station? Here is Wagan Solar ePower Case 800. It is an incredible piece of the portable solar power station. Of course, taking the cues from its big brothers, it is an all-in-one power station. Coming with a folding solar charger, it is merely an out-of-the-box solution.

The most notable thing with the Wagan power station is its rugged build. Built inside a quality impact-resistant and waterproof ABS case, it is an excellent choice for rough outdoor applications.

Specs-wise, the Wagan is an 800W power station, but that is a modified sine wave inverter, though. And it offers a surge of 1600 watts. The battery inside is a 26Ah lead-acid unit. Anyway, the machine is perfect to ideally power up most of your essential AC, DC, and USB electronics out in the wild.

Wagan Solar ePower Case 800

The Wagan is indeed a highly portable and completely self-sufficient solar power station. Along with the 60-watt solar charger, it could be the best choice for you to rely on for unlimited off-grid power. When it comes to the specs, the device can supply you with 115V AC and 12V DC and USB power.

Design-wise, it has a rugged trunk box-like form factor. The control panel integrates a pair of 115V full-size AC outlets apart from other charging options. They are three 2.1A USB ports, a 12V cigarette lighter charger, 12V DC port, and output and input variants of Anderson Pole ports. Check out its price on the links below.

There is also an attractive full-featured digital display. That is an active backlight illuminated LCD screen. It helps you monitor what happens with the power station in real-time. You can track all the necessary status and system info on the screen and accordingly manage the use of Wagan Solar ePower Case 800.

Overall, you get a brilliant solar power station with a rugged case. However, it is very light in weight at just 11.8 lbs and has a size of 18.5 x 7.5 x 14.5 in. The solid carrying handle lets you manage it easily in the wild.

Compatible Solar Charger

Basically, Wagan Solar ePower Case 800 is a power station only. You need to attach it to a solar panel to make it a full solar generator. The brand bundles it up with a 60-watt folding solar charger, as said above. But that is evidently not enough to recharge the machine in a few hours.

Here you can expand solar output with additional PV panels thanks to the device’s expandable solar input up to 150 watts. Any solar panel is fine for the said expansion, but we recommend you to try out a Nature Power solar suitcase, which is a 120W unit with a higher conversion efficiency.

It is a highly powerful suitcase solar charger, indeed. It has a sleek and compact design that you can take it anywhere hassle-free. Along with a charge controller, the solar suitcase is ideal for charging 12V batteries.

When not in use, you can fold it down to a small suitcase form and take it anywhere easily. But if you don’t like the traditional glass-and-metal panel, you can try a folding solar charger with higher capacity, though. There are indeed many folding and semi-flexible solar panels of 100 watts and above.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful All-In-One Solar Power Station.
  • Rugged and Solid Briefcase-Style Machine.
  • 800W Modified Sine Wave Inverter with 1600W Surge.
  • 26Ah Lead-Acid Battery Inside.
  • Two Full-Size Standard AC Sockets.
  • Three USB Ports, One DC Socket, and One Carport.
  • Input and Output Anderson Pole Port Variants.
  • 60W Folding Solar Charger in the Bundle.
  • Expandable with Additional Batteries and PV Panels.

Why Should You Buy

1. Powerful Self-Contained Solar Generator

The brand touts it as a totally self-reliant solar generator, but you need to add extra solar panels to make it a real solar generator, though. Anyway, what you get is a good powerhouse with an 800W modified sine wave inverter with a 1600W surge capacity.

It sports dual 115V AC outlets for your essential AC appliances to draw in power. They are full-size standard USA AC outlets, which are exactly the same you see on a wall.

2. User-Friendly Control Panel

Once you open up the suitcase-style solar generator, you are welcome to a user-friendly control panel. You have all the controls of the device here and so it is easy to manage everything quickly.

Notably, the control panel has a decently large LCD screen, AC, DC, USB, Anderson Pole, and input ports lined up very neatly. All ports have enough place for the respective chargers to rest perfectly well.

3. Large Active LCD Display

As per Wagan, the ePower Case 800 power station integrates an “Active LCD Display.” That is a backlight illuminated LCD screen. You can monitor all the necessary system information including charge status, wattage, solar or wind input, and etc. in real-time on the screen.

4. Multiple Charging Points

Wagan Solar ePower Case 800 comes up with multiple charging options. First of all, it has got dual 115V AC sockets with a continuous output of 800 watts. That is enough to run most of your emergency appliances like a mini-fridge, medical equipment, power tools, TV, and more.

Further, it has got three USB outlets to recharge your phones and tablets and a regular 12V DC socket for lights, laptops, and other DC devices. There is also a carport for automotive accessories and an Anderson Pole port outlet to operate ham radios, computers, music systems, and more.

5. Expandable Solar Power Station

Well, yet another notable thing with Wagan Solar ePower Case 800 is its expandability. As you guess, you can expand the system with both additional battery packs and solar panels. That is how you could ideally use this system in your RV, camper, trailer, or boats for increased power needs.

6. Strong and Rugged Case

Above all, made for outdoors and emergency, the Wagan solar generator comes inside a rugged and robust case. Built inside a watertight ABS case, all the components of the solar power station are pretty safe and secure. So, you can handle the device roughly outdoors as it can survive the bumps and bruises of travels.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

Along with its upsides, there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t go for the Wagan power station. First, unlike most of its rivaling products, it is featuring a lead-acid battery. That is an old battery, and most of the modern solar power stations come with far better lithium batteries.

Likewise, the power station packs a modified sine wave inverter. It is not a pure sine wave one. That may cause some noise during the operation of AC devices as it offers a less refined current flow. Also, the power station doesn’t have a USB-C or other faster USB charging ports.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Wagan Solar ePower Case 800. It is a calm and handy power station variant to the brand’s famous Solar eCube 1500 power station. The remarkable thing with the Wagan device is its rugged design, but inside it has a more outdated modified inverter and a lead-acid battery.

However, the device is a right choice for outdoor power. Along with a solar panel, it could support most of your AC, DC, and USB devices. So, with a unit of ePower Case, you can make into the wild with confidence. The solar panel will be recharging it all the time as you spend time outdoors. Share your thoughts below.

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