No one chooses to stay powerless and in darkness. Well, Waka Waka Base 10 is an awesome solution you can go with if you want power and light all the time out in the wild and on the move as well. Waka Waka, referring to “bright sun” in Swahili, an African language, is an award-winning social venture that looks to change the taxing life of Africans, who are fated to live without energy all through the year.

Waka Waka Base 10

Waka Waka mainly sells two types of products; solar LED light and solar LED light plus charger. Meanwhile, this Waka Waka Base 10 is a first aid kit of both. Fine, the kit includes a folding solar panel, a power bank, a pair of LED lamps and a rugged pouch. By the way, to your info, Waka Waka realized this project through a successful KickStarter campaign that attracted 2,257 backers to amass up a sum of $296,588.

Waka Waka Base 10 is, in fact, an all-in-one compact portable solar kit. Well, it includes both light and powering options to make your outings rather lively. Amazingly, the included solar unit charges up the power bank that sports USB ports to connect your phone and the lamps. One of the included LED lamps sports a rechargeable battery. Hence, even if you don’t have enough power in the power bank you won’t go into darkness.

Waka Waka Base 10 Solar Power and Light Kit

Coming to specs, we need to check each component of Waka Waka Base 10 kit. First of all, it is up with a 10W folding solar panel. It is a unit of highly efficient four solar layers with each offering 2.5W. It measures at 185 x 185 x 35 mm and weighs at 762 grams, making it ideal for portable use once folded down.

The included power bank is a 10,000mAh LiPo unit. Weighing at just around 1800 grams, it is such small (122 x 28 x 80 mm) that you can easily carry it without much burden. Well, it has same size of Waka Waka Power+. By the way, a fully charged 10,000mAh battery pack is quite enough to power up a phone at least three times.

The power bank sports three USB ports that you can use to charge three gadgets at the same time. To juice it up, you can either connect it with solar panel or plug in it to wall outlet. Amazingly, making it stand out of all its rivals, the power bank features a rubber bumper to keep it safe from falls.

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Meanwhile, Waka Waka Base 10 kit further includes a pair of LED flashlights of 40-lumen brightness each. One of the lamps, as noted above, is rechargeable and one works only when you connect to the USB. Finally, you have a rugged pouch to store all the gear together.

Waka Waka Base 10 Solar Power and Light Kit

What Makes it Special

All-in-One Emergency Light and Power Survival Kit

Waka Waka Base 10 is a kit of portable solar gears. Essentially, you require two things as you camp out; gadget charging and lighting. The Waka Waka kit offers you both in a cool kit. You can charge any of your handhelds like phone, digital camera or tablet via USB. Meanwhile, included LED lamps light up your campsites.

Highly Powerful, Great Storage and Better Lighting

You have an amazingly powerful portable solar and light kit from Waka Waka. The solar unit that comes with the kit can generate 10 watts of power. It is enough to charge the power bank in as many as 6 hours under bright sun. Of course, that gives you more confidence while going on an outing or preparing emergency kit. The storage facility is a 10,00mAh unit and you have a pair of brilliant bright LED lamps to light up your nights.

Waka Waka Base 10 Light

Superb, Colorful Design and Amazingly Portable

Waka Waka Base 10 solar and power kit has a really nice design and color. You get all the components in the kit in bright yellow. Moreover, all the items are highly durable and portable, making it perfect for outdoor and emergency uses. Above all, the rubber bumper around the power bank makes it rather safe for outings.

What you May not Like

You won’t like its high price. It costs $199 for the Waka Waka Base 10 solar kit. In fact, you get a 10,000mAh power bank for just around $20 and a 10W solar panel for below $50 on Other than these two items, you have two LED flashlights only in the kit. So you may not like the Waka Waka kit for its higher price.

Waka Waka Base 10 Solar Light Kit

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What Customers Think

By the way, customer response to the Waka Waka Base 10 is really awesome. As of writing this, it has grabbed around 30 reviews with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Most people have liked the product and embraced it as a super cool camping companion. Meanwhile, some reviews have noted its higher price as a short fall. However, as a full-fledged camping kit with solar energy you have the Waka Waka unit with good customer feedback.

Final Thoughts

Waka Waka Base 10 is actually a complete camping and hiking solar kit. For a camper, it is all about comfort in carrying something with him or her. This solar power and light kit has everything in it for an outdoors-man. As you move on, you can hang the solar unit over your backpack or rug it up to your bicycle. And the produced charge goes to power bank that can store enough power to light up all your night and charge your gadgets.

Getting into the wild, you don’t have any reliable off-grid power solution other than solar. It is here Waka Waka Base 10 becomes a brilliant pick for you. However, it is not fit for group camping or outdoor parties. With less output, it turns out to be a cool individual solar power and light solution for anyone who loves to be on move. SwanFolding Solar ChargersPortable Power InitiativesPortable Solar ChargersPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PowerWaka Waka Base 10No one chooses to stay powerless and in darkness. Well, Waka Waka Base 10 is an awesome solution you can go with if you want power and light all the time out in the wild and on the move as well. Waka Waka, referring to “bright sun” in Swahili,...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks