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WattAnt Portable Power Station: 3100Wh Solar Power Station with Swappable Batteries

Here is yet another superb alternative to noisy gas generators. The eco-friendly, solar-based power station from WattAnt is an incredible product with a lot of brilliant features. The WattAnt portable power station, a high-capacity device of the kind is known for its swappable batteries for extra runtime out in the wild.

We have already come across huge power stations like Bluetti EP500 and Goal Zero Yeti 6000X. Different from those high-power machines, 3100Wh WattAnt has its scalability in a totally innovative style. Yes, as you see, you can swap the battery pack for a fully charged additional one for extra power. 

The WattAnt power station comes in two power variants, though. The 3100Wh one is the higher-end model and it has got a 3000W inverter, while its younger sibling is a 1500Wh one with a 2000W inverter. They are WattAnt A3000 and A2000 respectively and both variants have got swappable battery packs, indeed.

WattAnt Portable Power Station

It is an awesome line of heavy-duty solar generators. Its maker has crafted it with many incredible features with the battery interchangeability as the coolest thing. What you get is, in fact, a ruggedly designed solar power station with supplementary battery packs to make you extend the runtime further.

Well, you can just lock in the upper control part of the power station to the bottom battery pack. The upper part has got six full-size AC outlets with two built-in inverter options – 2000 watts and 3000 watts. As you see, the two inverter variants integrate different battery packs of 1500Wh and 3100Wh respectively.

The next outstanding thing with the WattAnt portable power station is its innovative LiNiO2 battery. Inside the original and additional battery packs, the brand has integrated rather high-density LiNiO2 battery packs than the classic lead-acid or LifePO4 batteries of most of its competitor products.

Its makers have launched the power station on Kickstarter. With the super early bird prices of $1299 and $2297, WattAnt A2000 and A3000 are respectively available for pre-order on the crowdfunding platform. Check out the link above to pre-book your unit of the heavy-duty solar power station.


The WattAnt portable power station comes with a higher solar input of 2000 watts. It makes the machine chargeable quite faster with a powerful solar array. For the solar charger, the brand offers a 240W highly efficient mono solar charger with a conversion rate of up to 23.5%.

Well, the included solar charger is a multi-layered mono unit. You can fold it into a very handy suitcase form after use. Once unfolded, you get a high-power solar charger to juice up the power station.

To achieve the 2000Wh max input, you can chain together multiple units of the solar chargers. So, it is easy for you to ensure a higher wattage output from the sunlight to enjoy a mobile lifestyle.

By the way, you can charge the power station rather faster from a wall socket with the included 600W AC charger. An additional 1500W fast charger is available at an additional cost to cut the charging speed by half.

Why Should You Buy

1. Heavy-Duty Solar Power Station

WattAnt A3000, the higher-end variant of the product, can indeed be a stronger competitor in the segment of the heavy-duty solar power stations, thanks to its 3000-watt inverter. It has got a 3100Wh battery pack to store the power for comfortably running the heavy household and outdoor electrical appliances.

The lower-end variant A2000 is also a decent capacity power station. With a battery pack of 1500Wh and a 2000W inverter, it can be one of the finest choices in the vertical of the mid-range solar power stations.

2. Multiple Charging Options

Including the six 110V AC sockets, the WattAnt power station features a total of 15 charging points.

They include two units of USB-A 18W ports and USB-C 40W outlets, single units of 12V/100W carport and a DC 12V/25A port, and a pair of 12V/5A DC sockets.

The international variant comes with four 220V-240V AC sockets.

WattAny Heavy-Duty Solar Power Station

3. Swappable Battery Pack

Of course, it is the most attractive thing with the WattAnt solar power station. You can replace the original battery of the device in seconds by simply snapping the extra pack onto it.

It gives you a chance to ensure full-time power. When not in use, you can charge the additional battery and get a backup ready for all the time. Well, as you go on an outdoor trip, it simply makes you carry double power to meet your needs in style.

4. New Battery Pack

Besides the swappable profile, WattAnt features a high-density and long-lasting LiNiO2 battery pack. It is a more efficient battery than the lead-acid and LifePO4 alternatives.

The LiNiO2 battery features a higher single-cell discharge rate of 3C. It means the battery won’t get overly heated on discharge as it highlights a lower single-cell internal resistance at 0.7-0.9MΩ. So, you get a 20% to 30% longer lifespan.

Key Features

  • Large Solar Power Station with Swappable Batteries.
  • 3100Wh/3000W Higher-End Variant.
  • 1500Wh/2000Wh Entry-Level Variant.
  • Long-Lasting and Efficient LiNiO2 Battery Pack.
  • Six Full-Size AC Sockets and Other Charging Options.
  • 15 Various Charging Options Altogether.
  • 2000W Max Solar Input with Exclusive Solar Charger.
  • 600W AC Charger with 1500W Optional Fast Charger.
  • Rugged and Strong Design With Full Metal Structure. 
  • Strong Carrying Handles and Portable Profile. 

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the WattAnt portable power station. Absolutely, you get a pair of incredible heavy-duty solar power stations with interchangeable battery packs.

The high-density batteries with high-power inverters will surely make the WattAnt devices ideal solutions for your portable and emergency power needs. The machines feature a rugged and solid build, and you have them equipped with a pair of durable carrying handles for easy moving.

Disclaimer: This product is currently a prototype only. Its maker is seeking crowdfunding support to take it into mass production after the additional R&D required. We are not responsible for the delayed shipping or delivery of a faulty or unfinished product after you back it up on the crowdfunding platform. 

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  1. Not sure if you’re aware but this was/is potentially a massive scam. They have gone completely dark on all of their campaigns and ran off with the money. It’s likely to be on the next American greed or something. They don’t respond to any comments or questions from backers, the website is down, and they are MIA on instagram. Hopefully there’s a perfect explanation. If not there will be a lot of people hunting down the Watt Ant crew to squash them like bugs.


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