Why Portable Solar Generators

From its name itself, you could easily grab what a portable solar generator/charger/panel is. Put it technically, it can be any portable contrivance or gadget that mounts a solar panel to convert solar energy to normal current to fire up any type of gadgets and electronic appliances. Being a portable device, it is typically for outdoors, where you have no connectivity to grid.

In other words, a portable solar generator or charger acts like any power generator, except burning gasoline. Instead it grabs solar power,which is otherwise wasted. It is always a nice thing to rely on sun energy for emergency and camping, instead of the mostly unreliable fuel-based portable power sources.

What’s Portable Solar Power?

What’s portable solar power? Why should you buy a portable solar charger or portable solar generator? How could you use portable solar power during camping or emergency? If you want answers for these questions, keep tuned with us.

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Portable Solar Power – Definition

The major highlight of portable solar power is that it produces green, sustainable energy. It causes no harm to the depleting sources of energy. It discharges no smoke, nor heat. It is completely eco-friendly, which make it usable anywhere including very sensitive ecological areas.

Portable solar generator or charger consumes no gasoline or diesel. It extracts solar energy from sunlight, which is otherwise wasted.

A portable solar power system with integrated battery gives you more freedom and safety. It helps you store energy during daytime and consume it either in nighttime or on days with cloudy skies.

Portable Solar Generators – Size and Power

There is no specific size or form for a portable solar generator or charger. It can be any size. It is a misconception that only a heavy-duty mechanism forms a good solar generator. It can be a simple, fabric-woven, foldable solar charger or a pocket-friendly mobile charger.

By the way, it can be a large-scale trunk box or briefcase-style generator as well. Such large solar generators can produce quite a lot of energy for an entire house or work place. They are large because they are built with high-power solar panels, batteries, inverter and other components.

A portable solar generator has no specific form or size. It can come in any form like a simple backpack, foldable mobile charger or a large solar generator.

There are solar backpacks, folding solar chargers, solar phone cases and a lot of other solar gadgets. Those small solar devices, as you can guess, produce relatively less amount of power.

In terms of portability they are however amazingly matchless. Most of such devices are carefully built with enough technology to make them compatible for small gadgets like mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS systems, music players and more.

How Portable Solar Changes your Life?

| Makes your Camping, Outdoor Life Lively |
| Survives you from Emergency / Natural Calamities |
| Helps Reduce your Carbon Footprint & Save Nature |
| Offers Portable Power for your Gadgets & Appliances|
| Ensures Tremendous Portability  |
| Affordable Availability, Less Maintenance Cost |

Here we deliver exclusive reviews on all types of portable solar generators from heavy-duty solar generators to foldable solar chargers and solar backpacks. Before that check out 7 reasons why you should be a fan of portable power below.

portable solar generator

Why Should you Buy Portable Solar Generator?

1) To Live up your Camping, Outdoor Life

Ideal solution for your energy requirements during an outing is solar. You can’t largely depend on a power pack or a gasoline generator while outside. They have limited energy. Solar energy is free and you can collect it as much as required, depending on the capacity of your solar generator.

Portable solar generator is your best companion for outings and camping. It lets keep your devices charged throughout your trips and trekking.

There was a time campers and sailors headed into the wild and sea with a map and compass only. We have now everything in digital form. Maps and compass can be replaced by a phone or tablet, but you need constant supply of power. It is where a portable solar generator is worthwhile.

The most exciting thing is that solar devices make no harm to the nature. They are eco-friendly and don’t emit any waste that is fatal to the atmosphere. Secondly, you have solar energy for free. If you have a solar generator, you don’t pay anybody to collect the energy from sun.

2) To Survive Emergency, Natural Calamities

A thunderstorm is enough to cut your power lines. Back in 2012 the Hurricane Sandy power outage hit millions of people in USA and Canada. To be powerless on occasion of a natural calamity certainly doubles its effect. The most reliable power solution for emergency is solar.

Following a natural tragedy, electricity would black out for days. To contact rescue force and prepare basic foods, you can use alternative energy from portable solar generators.

To survive an emergency situation, energy is a must-have element. Without power, you will be really in trouble. You won’t be able to contact rescue force on time and even cook some food to keep life.

The scope of solar power is huge here. That is the quickest means to power up your communication devices as well as stoves then. Fine, if you have a decent solar generator, you can keep your life safe always – in the wild or in the aftermath of a natural catastrophe.

3) Eco-Friendly, Green, Sustainable Energy

Hope you have a good knowledge of the dangers of global warming. Natural sources of energy are fast depleting and the nature itself is facing unforeseen threats by uncontrolled mining and exploitation of its resources. Why are we not still thinking seriously about renewable energy? It is a serious question that’s been shaking my head for a long time.

Conventional sources of energy are depleting. Solar energy is the best alternative. Portable solar generators are multi-purpose products. Use at home or office, when not in use at camping.

There are many eco-friendly sources to produce energy and solar is certainly the most reliable and simplest one. You may be familiar with larger solar panels that can be erected on the roofs of houses and get the power generated for the entire household. It’s been there for a while and a lot of people have embraced those solar technologies to cut power bills and save power.

Aren’t we too late to take up portable solar power generators or chargers with that passion? Set aside the camping or other outdoor uses, portable solar power generators can contribute a lot to your household energy use as well. When not in use at a camping, you can fix the generators at your home or office to add some green energy to your regular use, thus cutting down electricity bills.

4) Get Portable Electricity | Energy Anywhere!

Electricity is never portable. It can be transmitted through cables and wires only. But when it comes to portable solar generators / chargers, what they produce, I think, can be symbolically called as portable energy, because that is available anywhere.!!

Solar generator makes electricity portable. Wherever you are you can produce energy from solar devices.

If you own a portable solar generator, you can utilize solar energy anywhere. The only limitation is the availability of sun. If you have sun overhead you can produce your own energy and utilize it to power up your gadgets.

Out on market, a big variety of solar devices are available now.  You have regular solar generators, folding solar panels, solar mobile chargers and many other solar panel-featuring gadgets.

5) Amazingly Portable Sources of Power

Yes, mobility is indeed the soul of portable solar devices. Makers build their products in easily portable designs. That is why we see solar generators in form of briefcase, suitcase and cart. In case of solar chargers, you can easily fold them down when not in use. Ultimately what you get are amazingly portable sources of power. So you can go anywhere with no worry about energy shortage.

6) Free Energy – Cost Effective, Maintenance-Free

Technically speaking, solar energy is free for all. You can collect solar energy without paying anybody. The only cost that is applicable here is the initial cost. That is the product price. Yes, I agree that solar generators are not priced cheap, but they are cost effective.

A solar generator consumes nothing. You don’t need to fill it up with gas or fuel. Moreover, its maintenance cost is also very less when compared to a gasoline generator. Hardly does a solar generator require maintenance because it comes with no complex mechanism inside.

7) Multiple Options – Design and Output

If you look at the shelves you will be wondering to see an awesome collection of solar generators, solar chargers and other solar products. Based on power output, design and price, you can see multiple options to choose from.

Portable solar devices are available in big varieties under various sizes, price tags, output range and more.

A large-scale solar generator is the most powerful option you can find on market. Some products are even capable to power up an entire household. You also have a line of less powerful generators. And for your mobiles, tablets and laptops, you can see many low voltage solar chargers.

Moreover you can see other products like lanterns, torch lights, backpacks and even clothes with solar panels integrated to. A solar lantern can give you light in nighttime at a camping with the energy stored in its battery under the sun in daytime.

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