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Yeti 150 Solar Generator: All to Know About Goal Zero’s Entry-level Solar Power Station

Goal Zero Yeti 150 is a great little solar power generation station. Coupled with a solar charger, Yeti 150 would come out to be a full solar generator for unlimited green power on the go. Meanwhile, you could use a carport or a standard wall power socket as well to recharge it.

Overall, the Yeti 150 solar generator is an incredible companion for both campers and preppers. You get a 100% noise-free solar generator to charge your phones, tabs, and laptops in the wild.

You might be making into an outing with a lot of electronics today, but without a reliable means to charge them. Both the traditional power banks and fuel generators are not reliable solutions. They could all run out of the juice midway, but a Yeti 150 solar generator with a solar charger would be serving you longer.

Yeti 150 Solar Generator: All-to-Know

Yeti 150 is, in fact, the low-end model of Goal Zero’s award-winning Yeti series. That is why you get it at a very cheap price. Also, it is very lightweight and handy. You can easily carry it on your trips.

Of course, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts are its common takers. As you see, this is also an ideal solution for an emergency. In case you come across a power outage in the aftermath of a natural calamity, the Yeti 150 solar generator can do a lot of things to save your life. Goal Zero yeti 150 Solar Generator

This is actually an all-inclusive solar power station. Except for the solar panel, you have everything inside the boxy case. See, it has a charge controller, battery, output ports, and all other components that an off-grid solar generator should have. You only need to buy a solar charger separately. Goal Zero itself sells compatible models. Or you could buy from other sources.

Tech Specs

As its name suggests, Yeti 150 solar generator is a 150Wh machine. It comes with an 80W modified sine wave inverter that could offer 160W surge power. The output ports integrated include one 110V AC socket, two 2.1A USB ports, and 12V DC ports. Meanwhile, it has got three inlets for charging; 12V carport, standard AC plug, and a photovoltaic panel.

The battery inside the device is a 14,000mAh sealed lead-acid battery unit. This is exactly the same AGM battery that you can find in your car. If you keep the battery fully charged, it would last longer. Hence, the Yeti 150 solar generator becomes an impressive backup solution for all your emergency and outdoor power needs. Stay with us for more details about the little powerhouse from Goal Zero.

Design and Size

Design-wise, Yeti 150 solar generator is a great camper-friendly device. The powerhouse comes with a strong and durable case, and you have got a solid carrying handle. You can easily take the 12lbs solar power station right anywhere.

Moreover, like all other Goal Zero products, Yeti 150 has got a very stylish color theme. Its mix of green, silver, and black gives it an extra charm. The dimensions of Yeti 150 go at 7.8 x 6.8 x 5.8 inches, making it one of the best small solar power stations.

Compatible Solar Charger

As said above, you can use any solar charger to juice up the machine. If you have got an MC4 cable, it is easy to connect a solar panel to the power station and charge it under the sun.

However, Goal Zero, being a leader in the portable solar power market, has its own solar chargers for the machine. One such cool pick is Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus solar panel. Use the link after the image to buy a unit of Nomad 28 and stay for more details after the break.

Nomad is actually Goal Zero’s series of folding solar chargers. It is available in different low power options along with a line-up of high-power Boulder glass solar panels. Well, this model, as you can imagine, is a 28-watt three-fold solar panel. It comes with a built-in junction box that features a smart charging chip so you can directly charge your USB-enabled devices from it under the sun.

Meanwhile, Nomad 28 works nicely with the Yeti 150 solar generator. By the way, if you want to charge your power station rather faster, you can chain together more Nomad solar panels.

Coming to specs, Nomad 28 comes up with four arrays of the highly efficient mono solar cells with a superb solar conversation rate. The panel is available at a highly affordable price. It has also got two low power options; Nomad 14 Plus and Nomad 7, which come rather cheaper for sure.

Customer Reviews

No doubt, Goal Zero Yeti 150 is the most popular model of its category. Not any other known brand sells a model that is competitive to Yeti 150. However, some small-time makers and Asian product designers have some models in the 150Wh category. Anyway, since its launch, Yeti 150 has a lot of serious takers from the communities of campers, hikers, fishermen, and emergency preppers.

That is why the Yeti 150 solar generator enjoys a great customer review and rating on all key retail sites out there. For this article, we checked the product’s customer response on Amazon. And came to see that it is one of the most-reviewed solar generators on the market. Hence, you can buy the model with no second thought and enjoy your next off-grid life with unlimited portable energy.

Final Thoughts

As you know, apart from Yeti 150, Goal Zero sells two more Yeti lead-acid power stations. They are Yeti 400 and Yeti 1250. It is glad to see that the company still sells these old-style lead-acid models even after it updated the line-up with brand new lithium models.

However, the new lithium series sadly misses out an entry-level in the range of Yeti 150. It starts with a Yeti 400 Lithium. Maybe, Goal Zero would have done that deliberately because many other small-time players have lithium-based small solar power stations.

Anyway, Goal Zero Yeti 150 solar generator is a wonderful product for campers and preppers. If you are to make into an adventure trip, you should need a reliable source of power. Without that, you can’t stay connected to the world while hiking through remote terrains. Certainly, we recommend you to buy a Yeti 150 because it is very lightweight, and is extremely cheaper too for the beginners.

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