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Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000: IoT-Enabled Solar Power Station in Two Variants

The mid-range solar power market is growing very competitive with a lot of fresh products. Here is yet another impressive model called, Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000. This is from Zendure, a California-based vendor of mobile power solutions and charging technologies.

The Zendure power station is to come in two variants of 2096Wh and 1456Wh capacities with the latter branded as Zendure SuperBase Pro 1500. The built-in 4G IoT connectivity is one lovely feature of the Zendure solar generators among a lot of other things.

SuperBase Pro 2000 is actually a 2096Wh high-capacity power station, with its younger sibling packing up a 1456Wh battery. The device integrates a 2000W continuous power inverter that can surge at 4000 watts. However, its patented AmpUp technology helps support devices up to 3000 watts with no disruption.

Update: Zendure has announced the early bird price of SuperBase Pro 1500 weeks before its release on Indiegogo. The younger sibling of the series will go at $999, the brand declared on Facebook.  

Fast charging from a solar source is another key attraction of SuperBase Pro.

Thanks to its PVMax technology, it can pull in a solar input of up to 1800 watts. That will help charge the power station up to 80% in an hour, and it highlights fast charging from an AC outlet, as well.

  • 2096Wh and 1456Wh Portable Power Stations.

    2000W Inverter with 4000W Surge Power.

    AmpUp For 3000W Equivalent Performance

    14 Different Output Charging Ports

    1800W Fast Charging Solar Input. 

    Rugged and Solid Design for Outdoro Use. 

Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000

SuperBase Pro is indeed an ideal power station for any situation. It can ensure uninterrupted power for all your necessary devices and appliances at home or away, thanks to its high-capacity battery pack.

The machine highlights multiple charging options.

We are not sure about the exact charging points as the product is yet to come out. However, its maker says it will feature a total of fourteen charging outlets to support a variety of your devices like laptops, lightings, drones, essential appliances, and more.


It has got dual processors inside. Well, thanks to the ST-ARM and TI DSP processors, SuperBase Pro can ensure a high-performance and super-charging experience.

The included rugged wheels and strong collapsible handle will make it an amazing choice for portable use. You can easily carry the toughly-built machine anywhere on your trips into adventures and camping.

Above all, a 6.1-in large display is another great thing. It can offer you real-time data on its performance,  system info, battery status, and more.

An included mobile app also provides you full control of the power station.

Final Thoughts

Its maker plans to launch Zendure SuperBase Pro 2000 on Indiegogo in June 2021.

It will hopefully be available at attractive prices with the super early bird rewards. We are not sure whether the brand will have its own solar charger to go with the power station.

Of course, the revolutionary power station will come out to be a big challenge to the other models in the mid-range solar power market, including Bluetti AC200P, Jackery Explorer 2000, and more.

By the way, design-wise, SuperBase Pro looks to be very solid and rugged. That will surely make it a superb choice for rough outdoor, emergency, and other off-grid applications.

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