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Zendure SuperBase V Vs Bluetti AC500+300S: What Are the Differences Between the Home Backup Systems?

The portable solar power market witnessed two massive product releases in September 2022. One is Zendure SuperBase V and the other is Bluetti’s much-touted AC500+B300S. Here, I would like to check out the major differences between these two heavy-duty, modular solar-based home backup systems.

Simply said, both are monstrous solar home backup systems with huge scalability features. The Zendure clearly has an edge over the Bluetti competitor for the maximum storage capacity. The flagship model of the series – Zendure SuperBase V 6400 – can be cranked up to an enormous 64kWh using its additional battery modules, branded as Satellite expansion modules.

It is when the Bluetti alternative can be maxed up to only 18,432Wh using six units of its B300S battery packs. Moreover, the Zendure features an innovative semi-solid state battery in its premium model, while a lower-end model called SuperBase V 4600 is equipped with a standard LiFePO4 battery pack.

One another interesting thing is that the Zendure is a machine with a battery pack inside, and the extra modules add up to its storage capacity further, while the Bluetti, as you know, is a 100% modular power station and it gets the storage capacity only when attached with the extra modules.

Kickstarter Release Update: Zendure was released on Kickstarter on September 29, 2022.  The product is currently available on the brand’s website at the link below. 


Zendure SuperBase V Price Update: Zendure has declared the super early bird prices of its forthcoming SuperBase V power stations. The flagship semi-solid state variant will be up on sale at $3799 and its LFP variant will be available at $2499 for the early takers. 

Zendure SupreBase V Release Date: Zendure is all set to unveil its flagship SuperBase V series on September 29, 2022, on Kickstarter. 

Bluetti AC500+B300S Official Release Update: Following the huge success of its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Bluetti is all set to launch its much-touted AC500+B300S on its website on 24th, November 2022 for the Black Friday sale. The price is to start at $4499. 


AC500+B300S Indiegogo Campaign Update: Bluetti has extended the AC500+B300S Indiegogo campaign duration until October 30, 2022. Rush up to pre-book the heavy solar power station with the best offers before the campaign ends.

Bluetti AC500 Release Update: Bluetti has launched AC500+B300S on Indiegogo with an early bird price starting at $2999 for the AC500+B300S (1X) combo. 

Bluetti AC500+B300S Release Date Update: Bluetti to launch its upcoming home backup power system on September 1, 2022, on Indiegogo. The first batch of the units will be ready for shipping to USA customers by mid-October 2022.    

Zendure SuperBase V 6400 at a Glance

Zendure SuperBase V with Eight Extra battery modules


  • Huge Plug-and-Play Home Power Backup.
  • 6.4kWh to 64kWh Enormous Capacity.
  • 3800W to 7600W AC Output – 120V/240V.
  • Innovative Semi-Solid State Battery Inside. 
  • Six AC Sockets, Four USB-C, 2 USB-A, and Carport.
  • Maximum 6.6kWh Recharging in 1 Hour.
  • One Unit 120V/240V Dual Voltage Output.
  • Fast 6600W Dual Charging Power Station.
  • Huge 3000W Solar MPPT Input. 
  • Motorized Transportation Wheels.

Bluetti AC500 + B300S at a Glance

Bluetti AC500+B300S


  • 100% Modular Home Backup Station. 
  • 5000W Inverter with 10000W Surge Power.
  • 3072Wh Bluetti B300S Extra Batteries. 
  • Expandable Up to 18,432Wh.
  • 3000W/ 5000W Solar and AC Inputs. 
  • 240V Split-Phase Bonding.
  • Three AC, Multiple 30A, and 50A Outlets.
  • Two USB Type-C 100W PD Ports.
  • 24V/10A Carport and 12V/30A RV Port.
  • Two 15W Wireless Chargers.
  • Extra Batteries with Outputs and Inputs.

Zendure SuperBase V Vs Bluetti AC500+300S Differences

Let us explore each aspect of the big-size solar power stations so you can identify the best model to meet your needs perfectly.

Storage Capacity and Scalability

As mentioned above, both the Zendure and Bluetti are two heavy-duty modular power stations and are perfect for use as home power backup systems to fight extended blackouts.

Coming to the storage capacity, the SuperBase Pro V equips a 6.4Wh semi-solid state battery, and you can further add up to four pieces of its same-capacity battery packs. With two units of SuperBase Pro V paired together, the total power capacity you get is an enormous 64000Wh.

Meanwhile, Bluetti AC500 is basically an inverter station, like its younger sibling AC300. It comes with no internal battery pack but is having a heavy 5000W AC inverter inside.

You can add up to six units of the brand 3072Wh B300S extra battery packs to max up its capacity up to a massive 18,432Wh. That is enough power to run your entire household for up to six days.

However, you can pair two AC500s to take the total capacity up to 36,864Wh. In that case, you can pair 12 units of the extra battery packs to end all your dependency on grid power for your home.

Zendure SuperBase V Modular Features

Bluetti AC500 Modular Features

The AC Power Output

The Bluetti equips a large 5000W inverter, which makes it one of the biggest portable battery packs with a higher output. The surge power is 10000 watts and you can pair two units to get 10000 watts at 240V and to make it run your household and workspaces for many days without grid power.

This is when the Zendure SuperBase V packs up a 3800W inverter with a surge capacity of 7600 watts. Though having a higher storage capacity than AC500, the SueprBase V falls short of the inverter output even if it is one of the biggest over there.

By pairing two units of SuperBase V, you can make it a 240V power source with an output of 7600 watts. With this power, the Zendure device looks to be more of a competitor to EcoFlow’s Delta Pro.

SuperBase V Vs AC500 – Charging Speeds

Both the power station features 3000W MPPT solar charging inputs. But when it comes to AC charging, the Bluetti has got a 5000W input, while the Zendure features a 3,600W 240V input port and the combo makes it one of the fastest charging models with a speed of up to 6600 watts.

Compatible Solar Panels

With increased solar charging speeds, both brands have got large-size folding solar panels for their products. Zendure has designed a four-fold 400W solar panel with a lightweight profile and an IP54 rating for water resistance.

Coming to Bluetti, which is known for its PV350 and PV200 solar panels, has launched a 420W solar panel called PV420 for AC500. It is also a lightweight and highly durable solar panel that you can easily take anywhere on your trips.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Zendure SuperBase V Vs Bluetti AC500+300S power stations. We have tried out to cover all the features and specs of the big home-backup-friendly power beasts. Share your thoughts about the devices in the comments below.




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