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Zendure SuperMini Go: 10,000mAh Compact Power Bank with Magnetic Wireless Charging

Zendure, the famous vendor of SuperBase Pro solar power stations, has unveiled a highly compact power bank with magnetic wireless charging. Branded as the Zendure SperMini Go, it is a 10,000mAh power bank with some incredible portability features, making it ideal for travelers, campers, and hikers.

The SuperMini GO is a versatile wireless power bank with a stylish and handy profile. It has a 15W wireless charger that integrates a magnetic dock so you can briskly line up a compatible handheld to it and enjoy life outdoors with more fun and freedom.

Though having no solar charging option, it comes with a super-fast 20W USB-C PD port. So you can charge it fully in almost half of the time required for a regular power bank from any portable or household power source, including your solar power stations.

Zendure has launched it on Indiegogo with an early bird pricing of $39. The brand will be shipping it to you by September 2022. Learn more about the SuperMini Go below.

Zendure SuperMini Go At a Glance

Zendure SuperMini Go Power Bank


  • Compact, Stylish Wireless Magnetic Power Bank.
  • 15W Wireless Charging with Magentic Dock.
  • 10,000mAh Battery and Digital LCD Display
  • Super Fast Charging Via a 20W USB-C PD Port.
  • X-Charge Mode for Small Wearables.

Zendure SuperMini Go Overview 

The SuperMini Go power bank is much touted for its wireless charging and magnetic docking capabilities. These features simply make you wirelessly charge a compatible handset while firmly connecting it to the power bank itself. So you can make it into the wild or keep cycling without losing control of the device.

The device is also nice with its look of a retro film camera and the brand avails it in several colors. Though having no built-in solar charger, it can be a real addition to a solar power station on your camping trips and travels. You won’t need to carry the bigger device on the go to keep your handsets charged wirelessly.

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